Milwaukee is Standing Out Like a STUD

When we say Milwaukee is standing out, we mean it both figuratively and literally. Not only have they taken the tool world by storm at their 2019 NPS to stand apart from their competitors, but they announced an innovative line of tape measures with record-breaking standout. Tapes with a solution for every user, and their STUD measures now deliver best-in-class standout at 14′.

Milwaukee’s popular STUD tape measure has come back with a vengeance. Coming in September of 2019, the second generation STUD will not only include the 14′ of standout, but EXO360 Blade Technology for the longest-lasting blade that is both rip and wear resistant. This technology is combined with a fully reinforced frame and impact-resistant overmold—which means you can add the most durable tape measure in the industry to your arsenal. With double-sided printing and a Finger Stop, for controlled blade retraction, it’s clear Milwaukee designed these things with you, the end user, in mind. And like I said they have a solution for every user so these will also be available with the Magnetic option.

Along with the new STUD, Milwaukee has announced new Wide Blade Tape Measures (Magnetic or not) and new Compact Tape Measures. The Wide Blades will have the longest, straightest standout—again at up to 14′. The anti-tear blade coating reinforcing the first 6 inches of the blade, along with the Finger Stop and double-sided printing, make this measure useful for any jobsite. Milwaukee’s new Compact Tape Measure will deliver up to 12′ of standout. These tapes will also feature the anti-tear blade coating reinforcing the first 6 inches of the blade and the double-sided printing for an easier read when measuring.

Check out all of the current offerings from Milwaukee Tool at Ohio Power Tool and be on the lookout for more to come.



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