Milwaukee STEELHEAD Cut-Offs, New Lower Price

Last year at the Milwaukee New Product Symposium, we caught a glimpse of the new STEELHEAD Diamond Cutting Wheels for Metal and Stainless Steel. So far we have received some really good feedback from those making the switch from using bonded abrasives to cut metal. These diamond blades offer huge advantages in durability and cost as well as safety. Just recently we have seen a dramatic price drop for the STEELHEAD wheels which looks to be here to stay, the 4.5″ wheel 49-93-7805 which could replace a whole box of abrasives wheels now under $15!

When cutting with diamond wheels, the diameter of the wheel remains constant and does not wear down like abrasives do, allowing for more accurate cuts, safer operation, and faster cuts due to larger blade diameter. This nearly eliminates the possibility of the cut-off wheel breaking apart and injuring the user. The dust and debris can make it messy to use these abrasives and a concern for what you are breathing in. Since the blade itself does not deteriorate, Milwaukee states that they can last up to 50-75 times longer than bonded cut-offs wheel.

Until now, one of the big issues with these types of cut-offs was the price point. Many people could not justify spending the extra dollars per blade in comparison to the very cheap and available bonded cut-offs that are traditionally used. While there is a big difference in price per blade, users were already benefit from how long diamond blades last when cutting metal with cost savings. Now at the new lower prices, up to 60% cut, these savings are really impressive!

Milwaukee STEELHEAD Blades are available at Ohio Power Tool as well as any other metal cutting tools or accessories you may need. Check out their selection online or give their expert staff a call at 800-242-4424 today to get your hands on the latest and greatest!



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