Milwaukee Tools Q3 Promotions and New Tools!

Oh, boy! As we move closer to fall, Milwaukee is pushing out the promotions and new tools! Speaking of fall, Ohio Power Tool just added the new line of Milwaukee Heated Gear. You’ll find a wide selection of Jackets, Hoodies, Shirts and Gloves which was covered in an early post, Milwaukee 2018 Update for Heated Jackets & Gloves. Now let’s dive in and see what else we have here.

You’ll start noticing this Cut Off Tool appearing for pre-order from multiple sites. The M12 FUEL 3″ Compact Cut Off Tool 2522-20 and the Kit (2522-21XC) will be available soon with a ship date of September 1st, 2018.

There has been a lot of excited around these M12 FUEL Stubby Impact‘s, especially the mechanics. These Stubby’s range from 1/4″ to 3/8″ and it’s small compact design can really help with those hard to reach places. Here is a list of all variations of the new Stubby and they’ll all be available September 1st, 2018.

M12 FUEL (2552-20) 1/4″ Stubby Impact (Bare) $149
M12 FUEL (2552-22) 1/4″ Stubby Impact (Kit) $219
M12 FUEL (2554-20) 3/8″ Stubby Impact (Bare) $159
M12 FUEL (2554-22) 3/8″ Stubby Impact (Kit) $249
M12 FUEL (2555-20) 1/2″ Stubby Impact w/ Friction Ring (Bare) $159
M12 FUEL (2555-22) 1/2″ Stubby Impact w/ Friction Ring (Kit) $249
M12 FUEL (2555P-20) 1/2″ Stubby Impact w/ Pin Detent (Bare) $159
M12 FUEL (2555P-22) 1/2″ Stubby Impact w/ Pin Detent (Kit) $249

It’s that time you’ve been waiting for. The next round of promotions are now live! There is a whole lot of savings to be had and Ohio Power Tool is the place to get ’em! You can stock up on 5.0’s or add bare’s to the collection. You’ll find a featured list below of a few promotions available now!

The string trimmer promotion was a BIG promotion last quarter. This quarter, it’s changed up a bit. This time around, you get to choose a FREE Battery or Radio with purchase of either a String Trimmer (2725-21HD), Hedger (2726-21HD) or Blower (2724-21HD).

This one is pretty straight forward. You’re pretty much buying a 5.0Ah Kit at the price of a Bare. Only a few options available here, but all great options.

You want a FREE Grinder? You were already planning to get this Hammer Drill so why not!

See where you’re going and get a FREE 3.0Ah Battery. I may suggest the M18 Radius light, It’s light, compact and puts out 2200 lumens. It’s a really nice accessory for onle $149.

Following the promo above, this One-Key promo offers a FREE 5.0Ah Starter Kit with the purchase of 2 Select One-Key Bare’s. If you’re just now getting into a Milwaukee Tool collection, this is a great place to start.

Now that you’re out of reasons to hold off on Milwaukee Tool, head over to and let these guys help you find the right tool for the job.



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  1. Charles says:

    Milwaukee should have a trade – in rebate for older out of production Milwaukee tools and maybe intice owners of different brands to change over. I use only Milwaukee power tools & find them to be exceptional by far to most other brands.

  2. Mike says:

    Where is you company located? A number i can contact you

    • Nick Gohring says:

      We’re a blog sponsored by Ohio Power Tool. Are you interested in buying a few Milwaukee tools? If so, you can reach Ohio Power Tool at 614-481-2111 or visit However, if you’d like to reach out to us directly, email us at Thanks!

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