New 18V PowerLuber Grease Gun from Lincoln Lube

A new addition to the cordless Lincoln PowerLuber line is the 18V Grease Gun 1844. Currently the 14.4V and 12V PowerLubers are considered the top guns on the market and starting under $200, very reasonably priced. The new 18V will also use the current 14.4V chargers which could be a very nice feature for those that use multiple grease guns. Here is a quick comparison of the 3 cordless models:

PowerLuber 12 Volt1244 ($199)
– (2) 1201 Batteries
– Single Speed – High Pressure (2.9 oz/min)
– 6,000 PSI
– 3-5 Tubes per Battery

PowerLuber 14.4 Volt1444 ($248)
– (2) 1401 Batteries
– 2 Speed – High Pressure (3 oz/min) High Volume (8.5 oz/min)
– 7,500 PSI
– 5-7 Tubes per Battery

PowerLuber 18 Volt1844 ($267)
– (2) 1801 Batteries
– 2 Speed – High Pressure (3 oz/min) High Volume (9 oz/min)
– 7,500 PSI
– 8-10 Tubes per Battery

When looking at the stats it’s clear the 18V is similar to the already very popular 14.4V model but does improve the work time for each battery 30-60%. Which gun is right for you will depend on your specific application. The PowerLubers are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, farm equipment, heavy construction equipment, factory machinery, wind turbines, general maintenance & much more. It is recommended to use the Lincoln Lube Guardian Grease Tubes ($1.99) with the PowerLuber guns but there are many other brands and specialty grease that could work as well.




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