New Butterfly Impact Wrenches from CP

cp7711 butterfly impact

The demand for lightweight and maneuverable air tools has driving Chicago Pneumatic to come to the market with ultra-compact butterfly impact wrenches. The ¼” CP7711 and the 3/8” CP7721 both weight less than 1.5 lbs, offer 80 ft. lbs. of torque, and are less than 6” long.  These smaller and lighter tools were recently unveiled at the SEMA show, and would likely find a home with any technician who has to perform delicate transmission, engine, or body work.

Despite their small size, these tools are made to be durable with an aluminum housing and single hammer mechanism. Both tools have three adjustable speed/power settings as well as the forward/reverse butterfly lever. The 7721 will be available soon, while the 7711 is scheduled to be shipped at the beginning of December.

You can find the full press release from CP below, and be sure to call the Ohio Power Tool Pros at 800.242.4424 if you have any questions about air tools or impact wrenches.

Chicago Pneumatic unveils light weight ultra-compact butterfly impact wrench CP7711/21 for vehicle service

The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7711/21 ultra-compact butterfly wrench is the lightest tool of its type on the market and 15% smaller than its predecessor, which means it offers mechanics and vehicle service professionals’ unrivaled access and maneuverability in tight spaces. The mini butterfly impact wrench has been added to Chicago Pneumatic’s portfolio in response to user demand for smaller, lighter tools and is the perfect tool for transmission and engine repair works, body panels, oil pans, ignitions, motorcycle repair and vehicle seats.

The CP7711 and CP7721 butterfly ultra-compact ¼” and 3/8” wrenches weigh just 1.16lbs (0.53kg) and deliver 80 ft-lbs (110Nm) of maximum torque in reverse, giving an unsurpassed power to weight ratio. As a result, users can be sure the wrench will easily remove or tighten fasteners in the most difficult-to-reach applications.

Ultra-compact in size at just 5.5 inches long (140 mm) and 1.5 inches wide (40 mm), the butterfly impact wrench is exceptionally ergonomic and fits neatly in a user’s hand. Its light weight and small size make it incredibly user-friendly and more comfortable to operate than alternative tools, and as such can be used for longer periods of time without causing strain to the user. The forward and reverse butterfly lever is placed on the top for easy operation, while the built-in 180° air inlet swivel and the three speed power regulator are positioned at the back of the tool.

In line with Chicago Pneumatics’ ethos of high quality and rugged reliability, the CP7711 and CP7721 are constructed with an aluminum housing and a high durability single hammer mechanism, ensuring the tools can be used in the tough environment of the workshop. Our new ultra-compact range brings users small yet exceptionally powerful tools that really are the perfect companion for the workshop toolbox.




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