New Hilti Tools, Milwaukee String Trimmer and more! – Coptool Week In Reivew – 6/21/19 EP 213

We come back from Hilti, and end up in Mexico! It’s such a slow tool news week, we turn to a gadget blogger to tell us about a cultivator. Those stories & more, coming up next! This is your CopTool Week In Review!

Last week Sarah and I had the pleasure of visiting Texas for the Hilti Innovation Day 2019, where we learned about a plethora of new Hilti tools including a new ¾” impact wrench, pipe press, and a cool new concrete saw. We spent the event hanging with the likes of Joe, Murry, Eric, Paul and most importantly, Paul’s beautiful wife, Mrs. Tool Pig. You can find all of our Hilti coverage in our Hilti Innovation Day playlist on youtube.


The guys at Workshop Addict decided to review a new 21″ electric lawn mower from Craftsman. They loved the blade speed and lift, and couldn’t stop talking about the quality of cut and excellent bagging! You can see it all for yourself at Workshop Addict on Youtube. 


As long as we’re out in the yard, we might as well enter the Tool Review Zone where Clint decided it was time to take another look at the Milwaukee String Trimmer. If you don’t have time to watch his typical informative video, you can just read the thumbnail and move on. 🙂


This week he expanded his already large EGO collection, with the purchase of their new Cultivator attachment for the EGO powerhead. This compact collection of steel teeth turn out to be excellent at cultivating. His only complaint was the 22lb weight when combined with the power head and battery. Although he found a solution for that with a simple strap. If you lack the skill to till, you should check out Maraksot78 on youtube.


DrywallNation got their hands on a new set of DeWalt Skimming Blades, which to someone who’s never seen one before, looks like a 48” long squeegee. I’m not gonna lie… I suddenly want to be a drywaller. But if you’re still on the fence, you can learn everything you need to know at DrywallNation on youtube.


While we were at Hilti last week, we made several new friends, including JAIR who’s youtube channel features tool reviews, and a ton of wood and metalworking projects. Why had I not heard of him before? Well, because his content is created in Mexico, and presented in Spanish. For my project of the week, we’re watching him build a dining table with a butcher block top and a simple yet beautiful set of steel legs. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish… so I have no idea what Jair is saying, but fortunately for me, he speaks with his hands, in the universal maker language. Spanish or not, You should really check him out at Jair Dominguez on youtube.


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Ok we finally got to use the @skilsawstaytrue Capentry Chainsaw to its full capacity. There was quite a bit of gang cutting going on today! So here are some quick thoughts on it. Time saver for sure! Even though it has a cord! Sorry had too. Having the special chain with cutters on every link made for some clean cuts. It makes some nice square cuts with minimal deflection (1/16th). It definitely was bogging down through the 3 1/2” joist simply because I didn’t strap them so they were pretty loose. Definitely a different result when you ratchet strap them tight. The tool doesn’t have to fight as hard. Also one thing that annoys me is the auxiliary handle. I wish it was reverse threaded because if I push hard on the saw I end up unscrewing the handle. Either way it’s bad ass and looking forward to using it more in the future. – – #skilsawstaytrue #skilsaw #wormdrive #saw #sawsquatch #chainsaw #carpentry #woodworker #framers #framing #timberframer #contractor #timber #tools #gangcut #tji #engineered #joist #production #workefficiently #timeismoney

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