Next Generation of Milwaukee M18 FUEL Nailers

Milwaukee has completely outdone themselves at NPS 2019. There is just a laundry list of teasers with items coming out from now into 2020.  We are going to kick off our coverage with some long-awaited nail gun announcements, Pre-sale going on NOW at Ohio Power Tool.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Framing Nailers – They continue to expand their line of cordless solutions from frame to finish with the introduction of their very first cordless framing nail guns, the M18 FUEL 21° (2744-21Framing and M18 FUEL 30° (2745-21) Framing Nailers. Delivering the power to sink nails in engineered lumber, these framing nailers can also fire up to 3 nails per second with no gas cartridges. It is clear the future of nail guns is cordless, looking ahead we’d see no reason to continue to invest in compressors and hoses. They’ve still got a few more slots to fill but seeing this power and speed we are not worried! Bare tools $349, Kit with 5.0 $449, 700 nails per charge with that 5.0Ah battery.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Gen 2 Brad Nailer 18GA (2746-20) – Milwaukee has listened to its end users and have responded with a second-generation 18GA brad nail gun in which every piece has been replaced and revitalized from its predecessor, with the new M18 FUEL 18ga Brad Nailer (2746-21CT). This tool delivers clean, consistent nail holes in a compact size and with zero ramp-up time. It has been optimized to consistently sink nails sub-flush in all common materials and orientations, with reduced recoil and a reduced hole size left by the nail and striker. In addition, the front of the tool has been streamlined to improve line-of-sight to the work surface and access to tight spaces, and the overall weight has been reduced for better balance and less fatigue. It’s truly amazing what Milwaukee is doing in the world of nail gunning. Having the ability to operate these guns without the hassle of gas cartridges and air compressor hoses is next level.

This thing is sleek and efficient making it a must for all nail gun users.

Check out the extended mag below 21° (48-08-2744) 30° (48-08-2745). Coming to OPT soon!

Stay tuned to see all of our posts about Milwaukee’s 2019 NPS, and check out the comprehensive Milwaukee product line from Ohio Power Tool here.



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  1. Robert Little says:

    Love to win one of these !!!

  2. This is a great tool making task so easy. Thanks for sharing the article.

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