SDS-Plus vs. SDS-Max vs. Spline Drive – Hammer Drill Bits

There is sometimes a little confusion as to what bits work with which hammer drills and what bit is best for each job. In the beginning there were a ton of different styles of hex and tapper bits, lots of manufacturer had their own, we won’t even get into that. Spline was introduced here in the US as a universal shank everyone could use, around the same time SDS bits started being introduced from Europe (Hilti & Bosch) which allowed the bits to be locked into place better but still move up and down.

SDS-Max vs SDS-Plus

Later the SDS-Plus was introduced to improve upon SDS which works interchangeably with regular SDS and simply offered a better connection. Spline was a good solution for the larger bits but then the SDS-Max was introduced which was supposed to replace Spline Drive for larger drills, with equal strength and capacity but improved connectivity similar to the smaller SDS bits. While SDS-Max has caught on it unfortunately never replaced Spline and now we have both types of tools and bits on the market for really no good reason we can see.

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New Ingersoll Rand 2115TiMax 3/8″ Impact

A short time ago Ingersoll Rand released the 2115TiMAX an updated version to the incredibly popular 2115Ti. In the tradition of the 2135TiMAX, market leader ½” impact, the new 2115TiMAX redefined the 3/8” impact category by setting the bar even higher for “power-to-weight” and “power-to-size”. With 300 ft-lbs of torque in a titanium body weighing less than 2.5 lbs and shorter than 6” it will be near impossible for any other impact to improve upon this design.  

So what changed for the new 2115TiMAX vs. 2115Ti? The new tool features an improved air flow system with 7-vane design, over the previous 6-vane design. The improved air flow also increases total power to 300 ft-lbs of reverse torque, about a 10% improvement. In addition the tool also gets new power controls, more ergonomic handle and new feather trigger.

“The new 2115TiMAX is the perfect blend of power and size, but we didn’t stop there,” said Mike Walker, vehicle channel business manager for Ingersoll Rand. “Technicians asked for a tool that was easy to handle and could stand up to frequent use on stubborn bolts. Once again our industry leading engineers were up to the challenge improving the feather touch trigger, enhancing the settings on the power regulator and improving the overall durability of the tool components. We’re confident technicians will find this tool suitable to use as their primary pneumatic impact wrench.”

We couldn’t be happier with these design improvements; I can’t wait to see what is next. Of course all the IR tools are backed by a free extended two-year limited warranty, available with registration of the tool online at


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Final Cut Saw Blade Sanding Paper

We received an interesting product in the mail which I was skeptical of initially but recently became a believer. The product is the Final Cut Saw Sanding Disks. These are sanding disks that can be attached to your saw blades ranging in size from 7.25”-12”. My concern was that the pads might come off or tear and flap around but so far I have not had that problem, the pad really is stuck on there, even after some use. This is a great idea for a table saw but I might be hesitant to put it on my circular saw. I don’t think these would handle PVC or an occasional nail very well, but you may be much easier on your tools than myself. I am a big fan of saving time and making things easier.


The sanding discs fit most standard saw blades from Bosch, Irwin, Milwaukee as well as others. To purchase the final cut sanding disc to attach yourself or their 10” saw blade which already has the sanding disc attached checkout their website at



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Milwaukee V28 FREE Batteries

If you are looking for cordless tools with real power behind them a great choice would be the Milwaukee V28 line of tools. Now is a great time to get a real deal on the V28 line of tools because Ohio Power Tool is offering a free 3rd battery with Any Tool Kit or Combo Kit. The high powered V28 battery’s current sale price is $150 but with good reason not only do they have superior power and capacity but they also carry a 5 year/ 5000 charge warranty, better than any other battery on the market. This deal is for an instant battery, NOT a mail-in rebate.

If you are looking for additional batteries for your existing V28 tools you may want to consider adding a new tool such as the ½” Impact, Grinder or Bandsaw which are all included in the FREE 3rd battery deal.

If you have any questions about any Milwaukee Tools please feel free to contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email


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Top 8 of 2008 – Tool Blog Posts

2008 was definitely a big year for going from a few posts per month to almost everyday. Below are the top 8 most popular posts from 2008 based on page views, feedback & popularity. It’s pretty funny to read the older posts and see how things have evolved. Hopefully 2009 will be as kind to us as we hope to continue to grow and improve the website.

8. Guide to Buying Power Tools Online – This article is about buying power tools online and things to look for to make sure you are dealing with knowledgeable legitimate companies.

7. Milwaukee M18 Tools – Making the Switch – This article was written as the new line of Milwaukee 18 volt tools was being released. In the article it compares the new M18 to comparable models of Dewalt, Makita and previous Milwaukee V18 tools.

6. Power Tools From Around the World – The very first look at the possibility of Bosch (and/or Dremel) releasing a tool to compete with the Fein MultiMaster. The PMF 180 is a Bosch corded version of the tool which I would still like to see the Bosch release a corded version in the US.    

5. Ridgid Calendar 2009-2010 – This was intended to be a very short post simply letting everyone know the new Ridgid Calendars were available but the post received a tremendous amount of traffic. Who knew pretty girls would get traffic on the internet? P.S. There are plenty of calendars still available, free with any order, just ask.

4. Milwaukee Seesnake Micro Killer – The first article written about the Milwaukee M12 M-Spector camera and how it compares to the Ridgid Seesnake Micro (or at least how it was supposed to compare as at the time we had not gotten our hands on the model).

3. Ridgid Micro Explorer Digital Inspection Camera 30063 – The first look at the Micro Explorer and some of the advanced features it had over the first generation of micro Seesnake.   

2. Milwaukee 4201-22 vs. Bosch PS20-2 – This post was one of the first real comparison tests we did back at the beginning of the year. The post had a fair amount of pictures and really gave readers a good feel for the differences between these two products.

1. Some Fein Lookin’ Tools – Bosch PS50 & Dremel Multi-max – The most popular post of 2008 was not surprisingly the first official post announcing the new Bosch PS50 & Dremel Multi-Max tools. These tools were probably the most hyped tools for the 2008 holiday season and were also the topic of our most popular YouTube video from last year.  

Honorable Mention: Future of American Automakers – Congressional Motors – This was a pretty funny post which got an incredible number of hits unfortunately it was because we were credited as the authors for a short time on even though it clearly said we were not the authors.   


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Ohio Power Tool – Construction Distribution Cover Story

If you would like to learn more about Ohio Power Tool as a company read the cover story from Construction Distribution for the December/January issue. The article highlights some of the reasons we are different as a company and why you may want to do business with Ohio Power Tool. The “We Need it Now” article is a look at a few of the local customers and their perspective on what Ohio Power Tool does for them.

Distributor Spotlight: Be quick, be efficient! The future is now.
By A.D. "Butch" Horn

‘We need it now!’
By A.D. "Butch" Horn


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Custom Building Hydraulic Pumps

At Ohio Power Tool you can get a wide variety of Power Team Hydraulic Pumps powered by hand, air, electric or gas pumps. Pumps can be configured with small reservoirs, large reservoirs, single acting, double acting, different types of valves, remote control switches and so many other features. You can find many different model configurations available in the Hydraulic Pumps section which should handle most needs and is likely to be in-stock.


However if you need a pump to do something specific that is not handled by one of the standard models available do not worry. Everyday we work with factory to custom configure hydraulic pumps for customers with very specific needs. Large or small pumps, 1 unit or hundreds typically we can get these pumps built by at the factory within a matter of weeks. These would all include full factory warranties and are similar in price to equivalent models.


If you have any questions about hydraulic pumps, rams, tools, hoses, couplers, specific jobs, configurations or anything else related to hydraulic systems give Ohio Power Tool a call at 800-242-4424 or email Get pro help to custom configure the right pump and system for your needs.



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Ridgid SuperFreeze & Pipe Thawers

When it comes to pipe maintenance the easiest thing to do is obviously shut the entire system down and work at your leisure to fix any problems. Of course this not always an option. In some cases work needs to be done without shutting off the water supply. In these cases a very handy tool to have around is the Ridgid SuperFreeze. The SuperFreeze pipe freezer unit allows you to keep the water system operating while making repairs. The RIDGID SF-2500 is a mini-refrigeration unit that circulates self-contained refrigerant to its aluminum freeze heads. These heads form ice plug in as little as 5 minutes in copper tube up to 2 1/2" or steel pipe up to 2". The ice plugs remain frozen while the unit is on allowing ample time to repair any sprinkler head, valve, leaking pipe, etc. 
The Ridgid pipe thawers units KT-190 & KT-200 do just the opposite; they thaw pipes that may have frozen. Recently we’ve seen a bit of a spike in interest for these units with colder weather and ice storms shutting off power in some areas. Not a good combination for pipes full of water. Thawing Units provide continuous heating to quickly thaw 1/2" to 1 1/2" frozen metal pipes. With these lightweight, versatile units, there is no need to dig or tear apart walls. Simply attach the clamps to the metal pipe on each side of the frozen section and the pipe is thawed within minutes.  

Both of these types of units can be very handy for any contractors. For more information on these or any other Ridgid Plumbing Tools contact the experts at Ohio Power Tool (800-242-4424) and they will be happy to help you find the right tool for the job.  


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Workshop of the Future – Instructables

I have many regularly visited websites for tools, gadgets, projects and building stuff but one of my favorites has got to be Instructables. The basic idea of the site is it is a place where anyone can post a “How To” on building anything. It has a huge fan base of active uploaders for everything from fully working electric cars to simple cooking recipes.

Recently Craftsman sponsored a contest for the “Workshop of the Future” where the winner gets a $20,000 gift card from Sears to get all new tools for their workshop. Unfortunately the submission portion is over however the voting begins today, Jan 5th – Jan 11th. Help determine who should get the money from the 172 entries; there are some pretty good ideas here.    


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What’s New from STAFDA 2008? – Construction Distribution

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Construction Distribution Magazine and report on some of the new products that were featured at the STAFDA trade show. In total there were 6 of us “Roving Reporters” and it was interesting to see the different products that were mentioned in the article. I personally could have gone on forever with so many new products, if only I had the time and patience, there were easily 100 products which should have been mentioned.


Some of the products highlighted in the article are: Milwaukee M12 Cordless Tools, Spyder Scraper, Recipro Tools, Ridgid MicroExplorer, Malco TurboShear FC, Bosch Laser Levels, Dremel Multi-Max, CP Hydraulic Power Pack, Wright University Online Courses, Bosch Laser Range Finder, Concrete Destroyer from DiTeq Diamond, Joy Jaw saw guards, Grill-N-Chill tailgate BBQ, Gear Keeper Tethered products, Bosch PS50 Multi-X and portable CO2 tank from JacPac.  

Read the full article with pictures now on the Construction Distribution website, also the article will be in the December/January issue of the magazine which should be available this week or next.


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