Irwin Vise Grips – Tell Us Your Story, Win Cash & Prizes

Irwin has been sponsoring a “Tell Us Your Story” Contest since July 1st, if you were not aware. The contest itself will end at the end of this month (October 31st) so there is still some time to enter if you haven’t had a chance yet. The stories are basically 100 words or less about how your Irwin Vise Grip tools have saved the day. Each story includes an image which you can upload your own image or use one of theirs. It’s really pretty simple and there are many great prizes including Irwin tools, trips to New York, Cabela’s gift cards and a grand prize of either a Custom Chopper or $25,000 cash.

If you are worried your vise grip stories are not that good don’t worry there are still two other chances to win through the sweepstake you can enter until November 15th, the 5 winners are drawn at random. Also you can win instant prizes by voting for the stories from November 16th – December 19th.

See Full Details Here:      


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Top Deals: Ingersoll Rand IQv 14.4V Combo Kit

The Ingersoll Rand IQv Cordless power tool line has found a serious following among the automotive crowds and many others. These tools are engineered for use in professional shop and manufacturing facilities. The whole system is very intelligently designed with cheaper NiCd and Lithium batteries that work with each voltage of tools, all which share the single charger and flashlight that work with all of them.  

The IQv charger automatically detects battery voltage and chemistry and chooses the correct charge algorithm. By reading the battery, the charger can optimize its charge to improve performance and longevity. The chargers renew feature deep cycle restores the battery to like-new condition and calibrates onboard battery electronics. For nickel-cadmium batteries, the renew feature eliminates memory effect, extending the usable battery life up to five times and significantly decreasing the number of replacement batteries over the life of the tool.   

Previously these tools could only be purchase individually or with a single battery, charger and bag. The new Ingersoll Rand IQv Kit IQv144K however is much more robust. The kit includes the W150 3/8” impact, D550 drill, TL10 flashlight, 2 14.4V lithium ion batteries, BC10 universal charger and an Ingersoll Rand tool bag. Total cost on the kit is $398 which compared to buying the components (even with a W150 kit) would still be over $538. Check out all the Ingersoll Rand air & cordless tools at Ohio Power Tool.  


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Video – Dremel Multi-Max & Bosch PS50 Multi-X

Here is a quick YouTube video we had a chance to shoot when we got our hands on the new Bosch and Dremel multi purpose tools. Unfortunately we did not have a lot of time to go through all the features or test the grout remover which I had hoped to try. It will give you a pretty good idea of the size and what it can do. Obviously you can get the Dremel Multi-Max or the Bosch Multi-X (PS50-2A or PS50-2B) at Ohio Power Tool. Let us know if you have any questions about either tool.     

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Ridgid Seesnake Micro 2nd Generation

The incredibly popular Seesnake Micro 25643 is saying good bye, however it will be replace by the 2nd generation Micros. The new Micros features two versions; the Seesnake Micro Camera 17mm 31118 & Seesnake Micro Camera 9.5mm 31123. These new models both share the 3’ (31128) & 6’ (31133) cable extensions with the Seesnake Explorer. I am not sure many people would need to use both a Micro & Explorer but it could come in handy if you were going to upgrade in the future or for companies where there may be several units floating around.

Some of the new features for the Micro include new thumb controls which make the units much easier to operate, new hard case to protect the units, obviously the option of 17mm or 9.5mm heads and probably the most compelling new feature which is Video Output. The cameras come with a 3’ RCA cable which can be hooked up to a VCR, DVD, larger monitor, computer, or any other device that can receive the yellow video imput from an RCA cable. This would allow you to make videos or capture images using the Micro. I am not sure why you would select the Micro over the Explorer if you need to capture video, as the Explorer has built in recording with much higher resolution (320×240 Explorer vs 234×160 Micro). Lugging around a full size VCR might be a pain as well. If however you just need the video-out feature 1 in 20 times certainly this would be handy.

The new Seesnake Micros are coming in now but in the 1st generation Micro 25643 is also currently still available and with a bonus of a free 3’ extension (mail-in rebate). If you do not need the video-out feature I would recommend picking up the current model with the extra extension but you better do it quick because these units are almost gone.           


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Blogger’s Choice Awards 2008 – Hobby Blogs


Hopefully there are some of you out there that enjoy reading about the different power tools and equipment we have written about. We are very excited to watch our blog grow and have some exciting things we hope to accomplish in the near future. We are working on developing some exciting new video content for our YouTube portal, currently we do have some product demonstrations but this will be greatly expanded in the months to come. Please also feel free to send us any suggestions or requests to this email.


In the mean time if you enjoy reading our blog posts please take a few seconds and vote for us on this years Blogger’s Choice Awards.


Vote Here


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Bosch Enters Heavy Demolition Saw Category with RS35


In the world of reciprocating saw users, there are three groups – light-duty handymen, heavy duty contractors and then there are the extreme, cut-through-everything, demolition users. This is the user Bosch Power Tools & Accessories had in mind when it designed the powerful RS35 Demolition Reciprocating Saw. Featuring a robust motor, the fastest cutting action, and lowest vibration in its class, the RS35 is an impressive entry for Bosch into the heavy-duty demolition saw category.

The Bosch RS35 is ideal for demolition contractors, plumbers, remodelers – users who need powerful, consistent cutting action all day, everyday. The saw’s outstanding performance begins with a high performance 15-amp motor that delivers authoritative cuts through even the toughest materials. Bosch’s Constant ResponseTM circuitry, which maintains consistent, controlled power,  combined with adjustable aggressive orbital action provides superior cutting performance over a broad range of materials. The easy-to-use variable speed control gives users the power to dial in the saw for outstanding cutting performance in any application. These features make the Bosch RS35 the fastest-cutting saw in the category.

Despite the RS35’s aggressive cutting power, the saw boasts the lowest vibration levels in its class, thanks in part to a unique Bosch Anti-Vibration system. The shock absorbing handle, combined with a Bosch designed counterbalance mechanism, allows the RS35 to produce vibration levels 80 percent lower than some competitive models.  The Anti-Vibration system is custom engineered to isolate the user from tool vibration while also providing all-day comfort and outstanding control.

The Bosch RS35 was not just built for power and speed. It also includes the little details that users will appreciate throughout the work day. The proprietary LockJaw™ blade holder enables quick and simple one-handed blade changes and includes a blade ejection feature. That means the user never has to touch a hot blade. The foot system is engineered for quick and easy adjustment, long-term durability and reliable performance while in use. 

All of the RS35’s innovative features add up to a recip saw with the power to get the job done. Bosch’s RS35 comes complete with a sturdy carrying case and one demolition blade. The saw is covered by a one year warranty and will available shortly through Ohio Power Tool.


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Milwaukee Tool M12 & M18 Launch Programs

We are continuing to be happily surprised with some of Milwaukee’s decisions for launching the new M12 & M18 tools. After launching several Pre-Launch kits which were really great deals and they have committed to start shipping these units next week, although none of us are going to have these in hand tomorrow waiting an extra few days still beats my initial expectations.


The whole deal has just been sweetened greatly, both the M12 & M18 tools receive extra bonus mail-in rebate for free stuff which is also good on all pre-orders that haven’t shipped yet.


Milwaukee M18 – Free XC Battery



View the M18 Mail-in Rebate for full details but basically any single tool kit or combo kit gets a free XC battery (48-11-1828). Models include Hammer Drill 2611-24 (already includes a free impact), ¼” Hex Impact 2650-22, Sawzall 2620-22, Circular Saw 2630-22, 2 Tool Combo 2690-22, 4 Tool Combo 2690-24 & 2691-20. These batteries are selling currently for $119 so it is a really good bonus.


Milwaukee M12 – Free Impact Driver


View the M12 Mail-in Rebate for full details. This deal is if you purchase 2 M12 tool kits you will get a free Impact driver 2450-20 (tool only) for free. These units currently sell for $99. You can mix and match any of the tools listed however the multiple tool combo kits are not apart of the deal. Tools include: Micro Driver 2401-22, M-Spector 2310-21, Hackzall 2420-22, Tube Cutter 2471-22 (or 2471-21) and Impact Driver 2450-22.


Again if you have pre-ordered any of these tools you will be automatically eligible to complete the Mail-in rebates and get your free stuff. If you need to make any adjustments to your order with Ohio Power Tool simply email them and they will be happy to make any adjustments.


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Top Deals: Bosch 36 Volt Litheon Tools


As the new Bosch 18V Litheon tools hit the shelves over the next few weeks the prices of the Bosch 36V Litheon will be going back to normal. Some of the tools have already gone back such as the CPK41-36 4 tool kit at $781.00 or the Bosch Hammer Drill 18636-01 at $404. If you are still looking to get your hands on the best 36V tools for really cheap no fear there are still a few deals out there.

CPK42-36 – 4 Tool Combo Kit with free 3rd Fat Pack Battery – $549

18363-02 – Bosch Hammer Drill with 2 Fat Pack Batteries – $199

A Bosch 36V Hammer Drill for $199, are you kidding? This is defiantly a contender for the best drill on the market, as far a heavy duty drills go. Each battery alone sells for $148. This is the final push to get people hooked on the 36V system once October hits this drill will be $450 again and you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting one.

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Tanaka Power Augers

Tanaka makes several of the most powerful and lightweight gas motors which they use to power a wide range of products. Two of their more popular models are the Power Augers, available in one or two man configurations. Both the TIA-350S (one man) and TEA-500 (two man) use the same attachments which range from 2” to 12” auger earth bits, pengo clay bits and ice bits. The TIA-350S is the perfect tool for installing fence posts, setting footers, planting trees or ice fishing. The TEA-500 is made for the larger jobs including utility work and construction.  


  • 32 cc, 1.6 h.p. Tanaka two-stroke engine
  • S-Start system reduces the amount of pull-force required by 40 percent
  • 33.2 output torque (ft lbs.)
  • 17.6 lbs – empty


  • 50 cc, 2.5 h.p. Tanaka two-stroke engine
  • 33:1 gear reduction
  • 55.2 output torque (ft lbs.)
  • Dual safety throttles
  • 37.5 lbs – empty

Checkout the video below to see the Tanaka Power Augers in action. Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of the Tanaka gas powered drills & augers as well as all the accessories needed. If you have any questions about the Power Augers give the pros a call at 800-242-4424.

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Bosch 18V Lithium Ion Combo Kit – CLPK40-180


Recently we have had some questions about the release of the Bosch 18V Litheon Drills and when the saws and other tools would be available. The answer is they will be available at the same time as the Drills in early October… sort of. The 4 tool combo kit with the hammer drill 17618, circular saw CCS180, reciprocating saw CRS180 and flashlight CFL180 will be here in October. The individual units will however not be available for sale until sometime later, probably next year. Below is the basic info on each tool:  

Hammer Drill 17618

  • High torque mode produces over 650 in.-lbs.
  • High speed mode produces 2,050 RPM, up to 30,750 BPM
  • Durashield™ Housing & unibody powertrain provide optimum reinforcement to withstand real world conditions
  • Bosch Litheon™ Batteries – State-of-art Lithium-ion battery technology coupled with Bosch’s proprietary ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) system guarantees the optimal performance of tool and batteries even for tough work conditions.
  • Bosch Litheon™ Batteries – Designed for maximum cyclelife, minimum self-discharge and no memory effect
  • 1/2" Metal Chuck for increased durability
  • High Strength Metal Collar enhances tool durability and protection when dropped on the chuck
  • Newly Designed Powertrain and Gears increases tool life and durability
  • LED Light is great for dark or enclosed areas
  • Ergonomic two-tone soft grip handle – For extended comfort and control
  • 25 Position Clutch
  • Variable speed trigger for complete control

6-1/2” Circular Saw CCS180

  • 6 1/2" Saw Blade can completely cut through 2x material even at full depth of cut
  • Exclusive anti-snag lower guard for easing into the work piece
  • Easy to read depth of cut gauge maximizes cutting performance
  • 50 degree bevel gives you a wider range of applications
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum foot and upper guard for enhanced durability on the toughest jobsites
  • Spindle Lock allows for faster and easier blade change
  • No Load RPM: 3,900

Reciprocating Saw CRS180

  • Compact size makes it easier to get into tight spaces
  • Lightweight tool equals less fatigue
  • 2-speed allows you to adjust to the material your up against
  • Lock-Jaw™ blade holder is the easiest blade change system
  • 1 1/8" stroke allows for more material to be removed per stroke
  • Variable Speed Trigger helps you ease into the material without an kickback
  • No Load RPM: 0-2,400/0-2,700

Flashlight CFL180

  • Easy to fit into tight spaces with this compact flashlight
  • Handle has 2 screw holes for mounting/positioning light from above – Easy to position to light your work space
  • The wide angle beam allows you to cover more area
  • Litheon technology enables up to 4 hours of continuous run time
  • With 7 detents and 360° handle rotation you are able to place the light anywhere you want it
  • Tool-less bulb change

The CLPK40-180 4 tool combo kit is $549, priced exactly the same as the new Milwaukee M18 kit 2690-24 which also has a hammer drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw and flashlight. The tools are very evenly matched in performance and both tool systems feature the 2 different size batteries (both kits have 2 larger batteries). We will do an in-depth head to head once the tools come in but from the numbers it looks like the decision would be some what based on brand loyalty. You can pre-order the CLPK40-180 from Ohio Power Tool as well as any of the other new Bosch 14.4V or 18V Litheon Drills. 


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