RIDGID microExplorer Digital Seesnake Inspection Camera 30063

Most people at this point have heard of the Ridgid Micro Seesnake and some of the very positive reviews of people using this tool. The Micro has a very wide appeal not specific to plumbing or any other one industry like the traditional Seesnake. The Micro has even picked up some competition in the form of the new Milwaukee M-Spector and probably additional companies looking to share it the success of this type of product.

To stay ahead of the competition and really take the Seesnake Micro to the next level Ridgid is introducing the Micro Explorer. This unit answers every possible complaint about the Micro and takes Ridgid way above any of the competition trying to copy the Micro.  Potential weaknesses from the first generation design are now all but gone with the Micro Explorer. The Explorer is fully digital with the ability to capture images (1280 x 1024) and video (320 x 240) onto SD cards which are very easy to then load onto any computer. The new camera also features zoom and the ability to pan left or right. I am assuming the pan and zoom are digital features. The Explorer also has built in Self Leveling which some of the larger $10,000+ Seesnakes don’t even feature. This feature is truly impressive and very very useful as it’s easy to get disoriented when the camera head bends around a corner as to which way the camera is actually headed. Some other key point is the screen is now larger at 3.5” and the kit comes with it’s own lithium rechargeable battery and charger.   

The Ridgid microExplorer will not replace the existing Seesnake Micro as the list price is $784.45, well above the Micro. It will however give professionals the ability to choose the features they need. For a plumber this might be a really great solution as opposed to adding the second or third full Seesnake setup.    

Now for the bad news, these are not set to be in stores until September at the earliest. I would be happy to see them by Christmas time. Ohio Power Tool is taking *Pre-Sale* orders for Seesnake microExplorer at $690.32 which basically means you will receive your Explorer in the order it was placed, like a reservation. Your credit card will not be billed until the item is ready to ship.
RIDGID microExplorer™ Digital Inspection Camera 30063Display ………………….3.5" Color LCD
(320 x 240 resolution)
Image Capture……….JPG Images (1280 x 1024)
AVI Video (320 x 240)
Recording Medium …Internal Memory or SD Card
Image Controls ………Pan, Zoom, Self Leveling, Low Light Vision
Lighting…………………4 Fully Adjustable LEDs
Camera Diameter…..0.7" (17 mm)
Cable Reach …………3′ (expandable to 30′ w/optional extensions)
Waterproof…………….Camera & Cable to 10′ (when properly assembled)
Power Source ……….Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
(4 Hours of Continuous Run Time)


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Power Tool Pinup Calendars

Having grown up around power tools and repair mechanics all my life I have very fond memories of going to the shop and playing with huge equipment I probably had no business near. Luckily I made it out with all my fingers. Part of those memories involves a strange phenomenon where each of the repair guys would have dozens of calendars at their benches. Why would anyone need more than one calendar? Perhaps it was the different tools showcased each month but most likely it was the nice young ladies modeling the tools that might have gotten their attention.

These days the number of annual power tool calendars printed by companies has dwindled greatly. With the consolidation of some of the companies and the increase in political correctness some companies have opted to stop printing calendars all together. I don’t think it was because they were ineffective marketing tools, as a high percentage of these calendars do end up on walls and many even stay up long after December 31st. This is much more than I can saw for any other 12 printed page of marketing material you might get on any other given day.  Ridgid Plumbing Tools continues the pinup calendar tradition started back in 1935 which many other have given up. You can order a Ridgid Calendar from ridgid.com for $10. Years ago these sat in the showrooms stacked up by the hundreds and every tool customer got one. Hopefully the tradition will continue for Ridgid and the few remaining companies that still print the pinup calendars. Plus I don’t want to see Miss Makita of get fired.        

View Full Size Calendar Image


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Top Deals Bosch and Ridgid Free Shipping

Ohio Power Tool is having a Free Shipping special for the month of July on all Bosch Power Tools and Ridgid Plumbing Equipment. In addition to the free shipping there are many other deals that really make July a great time to get some new tools.

Bosch CPK42-36 – 36 volt Litheon 4 Tool Combo Kit with Free 3rd Fatpack Battery (Good while supplies last) – $497.


Bosch PS40-2 10.8 volt Impactor with Free 10.8 volt PS20 (mail-in deal, good until July 15th) – $169


Bosch 4405 Slide Miter Saw with the T4B Stand, Plus a Free Jigsaw JS5 (Good while supplies last) – $699  

Don’t forget to use the Free Shipping Coupon Code – JULY31 or it won’t show the free shipping price. If you have any problems using the code or would rather just call, no problem. Call 800-242-4424 and the nice people at Ohio Power Tool will take the order and give you the free shipping on Bosch and Ridgid tools.  


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Power Tools to Anywhere in the World – International Checkout

In today’s global market and with the help of the internet, consumers are equipped with more knowledge and purchasing options than ever before. In the quest for the best power tools at the lowest prices many people from around the world have found that a weak American dollar and the highest amount of online price competition, the United States is a great place to buy tools and equipment. Even with a higher shipping cost and a few days longer wait for shipping it is often still much cheaper to purchase from the US. A big problem many international consumers face however is that most US companies will not ship outside the US or the company will only accept wire transfer payments and not foreign credit cards or paypal. From the retail side even if they take the order many companies even the largest ones are not familiar with proper international shipping practices to every country and many mistakes are made.

For years customers from around the world have used the company International Checkout to purchase a wide variety of products such as shoes, clothing, electronics, musical instruments, house ware and more from well known US based companies. The company has built a strong reputation over the years and received very favorable press, including being named on a list of the 50 Great Ideas of the 21st Century. Recently International Checkout has partnered with Ohio Power Tool as their one and only source for name brand Power Tools such as Milwaukee, Bosch, Ingersoll Rand Makita, Ridgid, Power Team and many more.

The ordering process couldn’t be easier. Simply find the item you would like to purchase at www.OhioPowerTool.com and click the “Add to Cart” button. Once you are in the shopping cart choose the “International Checkout” button at the top or bottom of the page. This will import your entire Ohio Power Tool shopping cart to International Checkout. They allow for a wide range of shipping options at the lowest rates available and will accept almost any form of payment known to man.              


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Power Team Hydraulic Pullers – Grip-O-Matic

The Power Team Hydraulic Pullers Hydra Grip-O-Matic line has some serious advantages over previous models and most of the competition. These hydraulic pullers have a built in ram and pump assembly which eliminate the need to attach a hose and use a separate pump, saving time and just making things that much easier. There are 4 models of the Grip-O-Matics including 6 Ton PH63C, 8 Ton PH83C, 15 Ton PH113C and 30 Ton PH303C. All the models feature 2 and 3 jaw settings and the pullers design actually tightens as it pulls to increase the holding force. The size and jaw spread increase with cylinder capacity.

The hydraulic pullers have a wide range of heavy duty applications on bearings, gears, couplings, axles, pulleys, wheels, break drums, shafts and anything else you might need to pull. These pullers are built for one man operation, although the PH303C 30 Ton Puller does weight about 70 lbs and is a pretty good sized piece of machine. The Hydra Grip-O-Matic Pullers currently serve industries such as railroads, shipyards, aircraft, steel mills, repair and maintenance along with many others.   

Ohio Power Tool stocks and supplies a wide range of Power Team hydraulic equipment including all shapes and sizes of cylinders, pumps, hoses, couplers and specialty tools. SPX Power Team is a true leader in hydraulic power equipment and typically our recommendation for most applications. If you need any help selecting the right hydraulic puller or putting together a full hydraulic system feel free to contact the experts at Ohio Power Tool.      


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Bosch Acquires CST/Berger Measuring Tools from Stanley Works

On June 11th the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire CST/Berger from Stanley Works. The purchase price amounts to $205 Million for the tool division that had $80 million in sales for 2007 (excluding $10 million in certain European sales). The CST/Berger is primarily focused on laser leveling & measuring tools in the North American markets.

So why is Bosch Tools interested in this contractor oriented brand of laser products when Stanley has apparently lost interest? There are several takes on this, first Bosch is extremely diverse around the world and therefore less impacted by swings in the US construction market. If Bosch can capitalize on the success of CST/Berger in the US and duplicate it around the world they should see a solid increase in sales. Secondly, Bosch has only recently introduced its first professional/consumer measuring tools. If they were to incorporate the products of CST/Berger into the Bosch Tool family and make the price more reachable they could see serious increases in sales from contractors and consumers alike.

What is Stanley going to do with all that money? They actually already spent it and then some to acquire 100% of the Sonitrol Corporation for $275 million. The Sonitrol Corporation provides security services, access control and fire detection to commercial clients. The transaction will bring a new commercial customer base to Stanley’s Convergent Security Solutions business.

John F. Lundgren, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented: "These two transactions are important steps toward advancing our growth strategy and repositioning the company to be less dependent on construction and DIY markets. We continue to be strongly committed to shifting the company’s portfolio into higher-growth, higher-return areas such as electronic security. The addition of Sonitrol, with its iconic brand and strong franchisee and direct sales network, expands the scale of our existing North American monitoring operation, increases our recurring revenue and adds breadth and depth to our electronic security product offering."

The recent down turn in the US construction market has not been an easy situation for many tool companies. It is completely understandable for a company such as Stanley Works to want to diversify their exposure. Stanley’s Bostitch line of air nailers is facing hard times as well with the slow down in new home building. Bosch has not only limited their risk with global reach but they have been in many diverse industries for years including security systems, car parts and even kitchen appliances.    

Bosch is committed to strengthening their power tools brand and there could potentially be additional acquisitions to make in the near future. The immediate slow down will most likely turn around but it has made some companies much more interested in selling it appears.

CST/berger Press Release

Stanley Works Press Release

Bosch Press Release  


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Simplex Jacks for Railroad Cars & Heavy Equipment

Have you ever tried to lift a railroad car or change a tire on a 200 ton earth mover? Most people luckily will never have to attempt such a task but for those that do, the job has gotten much easier thanks to a new line of Simplex jacks. Lifting heavy equipment such as this requires very special kind of tools. The jacks need to be portable, maneuverable, have a large stroke and even larger weight capacity. The Pow’r Riser II fills this tall order with several very customizable options.

The Power Riser comes in 4 basic models 60 ton, 100 ton, 150 ton and 200 ton. Each model is available in two heights 26” or 37” with the option of air-hydraulic or electric-hydraulic power sources (200 ton is air-hydraulic only). A 20’ remote control is also available on most air-hydraulic models. To reach even larger heights there are a series of Sup’r Stack Extenders and spacers which can add an additional 21” max height to any Simplex Pow’r Riser 2.

If you have questions about the Pow’r Riser 2 or any other Simplex Mechanical or Hydraulic Jacks feel free to call the pros at Ohio Power Tool and they will help you find the right tool for the job.  


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Milwaukee 2301-21 M-Spector vs. Ridgid 25643 Seesnake Micro

Milwaukee recently announced the introduction of their 2 new inspection cameras the 2301-21 and 2300-20. We had a chance recently to get our hands on the M-Spector 2301-21 and compare it with the Ridgid Seesnake Micro. Here are some of my comparisons.

The basic feel of the M-Spector is that’s actually a little larger than I previously though. The handle is thicker than the Seesnake Micro and the vertical design makes it much taller than the Micro. The thumb locations do make it much easier to change light settings and the new digital zoom feature is an advantage over the Micro. The screen sizes are the same but the Milwaukee has better resolution at 320×240 vs. 234×160 with the Micro. The case for the Milwaukee 2301-21 is the typical red hard plastic case Milwaukee makes for each product. The case is also very large because it houses the charger and battery as well. The Ridgid case is a much smaller cloth case with foam lining.

In terms of performance I felt both did a very similar job actually viewing items. I couldn’t see any difference in light strength. One problem I still have with both cameras is there is no way to change orientation of the camera so the image is constantly sideways or upside down. I did see on the Milwaukee M-Spector that it says it only allows a 9’ reach with extensions (which is only 2 extensions). The Ridgid allows up to 9 extensions for a total of 30’. The Milwaukee is digital so in theory it should be able to handle many more than 2 extensions without image loss but there is no way to test it until it comes out. I was also told the 3’ extensions are not interchangeable between Ridgid and Milwaukee. The Ridgid Seesnake, unlike the Milwaukee, does come with 3 attachments (mirror, magnet and hook) which are good for pulling wires, picking up items, etc. The final big advantage for the Milwaukee is that it works with existing 12 volt lithium ion system that includes the 2401-22 Micro Driver and many more tools to come.

Overall I think it’s a pretty even match. The Milwaukee 2301-21 is $20 more than the Seesnake but you can use the battery with your other Milwaukee tools. I think the deciding factor for me would be if I were also going to put a 2401-22 Micro Driver in the tool box than I am going with the Milwaukee. The 2300-20 (M-Spector that comes out in Aug-Sept) works off regular batteries like the Ridgid Micro and in that case I would stick with the Seesnake Micro.  

You can *PRE-ORDER* the Milwaukee 2301-21 M-Spector at Ohio Power Tool for $239.99. The pre-order means you will receive the product when we receive it. There is no promised date (because these are often delayed) but the credit card or paypal will not be fully processed until the product is ready to ship, so the pre-order is similar to a reservation.                     


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Bosch Dust Extraction Grinder Attachments

Recently Bosch Tools added several products to their Dust Extraction line which should make many peoples lives easier and healthier. Working with concrete specifically can create Crystalline Silica or Silica Dust. When this substance enters the lungs it can cause the lung disease Silicosis. Silicosis can be disabling or even fatal as it blocks the lungs from absorbing oxygen when inhaling. There is no cure at this time for Silicosis but there are many ways to prevent breathing in the Silica Dust in the first place. Simply keep it out of the air as much as possible and that is just what Bosch has made much easier and cheaper.

Bosch’s SG-Series (18SG-5E & 18SG-7) attachments are designed for concrete surfacing applications where aggressive dust removal is a must. Optimized for use with Bosch’s AirSweep vacuum system, the SG-Series attachments keep concrete dust out of the air and off of the work surface. A removable nose piece enables up-to-wall surfacing, while a replaceable brush ring maximizes the attachment’s lifespan in grueling environments. The SG-Series attachments are ideal for concrete restoration work and other surfacing applications.

Bosch’s DC-Series (18DC-5E & 18DC-6E) attachments are designed for efficient dust removal in masonry cutting applications and keep worksites dust-free without sacrificing performance. Featuring a large, stable footplate and fast single-screw depth adjustment, the DC-Series attachments allow for a full depth of cut and outstanding line-of-sight in precision concrete cutting applications. Like the SG-Series attachments, the DC-Series attachments are optimized for use with Bosch’s AirSweep system.

The new lines of grinder attachments feature vacuum outlets that are made to work with the Bosch Airsweep Vacuum 3931A. This system previously has worked amazingly well with the Bosch Tuckpointer Grinder 1775E and the 5” Concrete Surfacing Grinder 1773AK. These tools are both great to have on the job site but neither one is cheap or multipurpose. The new grinder attachments simply add function to your existing tools and for relatively little cost. If you don’t currently use Bosch Grinders they start at $75 at Ohio Power Tool.


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Selecting the Right Air Compressor

Air tool systems have some significant advantages and disadvantages in comparison to electric tools. The main advantage of air tools is there is only 1 motor which is on the compressor where as with electric tools each tool has its own engine. What this means is the individual air tools last longer, are more durable, cost less, weigh less, have smaller size and can provide more torque. The disadvantage is they require a compressor to operate which can be very large in size and inconvenient to move around. Once you have decided to commit to buying an air compressor you need to pick the right one that will work for you.

There are many factors in selecting the right air compressor including horse power, tank size, pounds per square inch (PSI), cubic feet per minute (CFM), noise, portability and power source. In addition to the stats of the air compressor you also need to make sure you are buying a quality product. A good compressor should last you years and years so make sure you can get a quality machine from a known manufacturer and that it will be easy to find maintenance supplies and replacement parts.   

Horse Power is typically the first consideration when selecting a compressor but it is only part of the whole equation. In electric compressors it’s important to also look at voltage and amp ratings to see how much power the unit is truly able to produce. For instance, a 3 hp Ingersoll Rand compressor using 230 volts can probably out perform many import 5 hp compressors using standard 110 volt. In another case you are may be comparing two models of portable compressors each rated 2 hp 110 volt but if you look at the amp rating one may be 12 amp while the other is 15 amp.

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) is also very important but again don’t over look the basics here. You only need enough PSI to power the tools you operate or plan to operate. If all your tools are 90 PSI a 110 or 135 PSI compressor is more than enough power and you don’t need to purchase a 175 or 200 PSI compressor.

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) perhaps is the most telling single stat for compressors as this measures how much air is flowing in a minute. CFM is used interchangeably with the terms Actual Cubic Feet per Minute (ACFM) or Inlet Cubic Feet per Minute (ICFM).  Check your tool owner’s manual it should clearly provide your CPM for the tool. It is important to remember air pressure can change based on environmental variables such as temperature.

Tank Size is also an important factor however it is almost counter intuitive as a larger tank is actually more beneficial when using a smaller motor. The larger tank is used to store air so that the tool can actually use more air than the motor is able to produce for short periods. When a more powerful motor is used there is less need to store compressed air so the tank can actually be smaller in size. You would think the larger machines would need equally larger tank but that just is not the case.

Portability can be another big factor and often a disadvantage for air systems. The best environment for an air system is a shop or garage where there is room to permanently place a unit in a controlled environment. If you need a portable unit there are some options that do work well. A smaller electric unit such as the Ingersoll Rand DD2T2 works well with portable tools such as air nailers which typically have lower CFM. For a heavier user there are the air sled designs good for up to 14 CFM. For real power on the move the best solution is a truck mounted gas compressor which is capable of 25 CFM.

Hopefully this post will help you select the right air compressor for your needs. Ohio Power Tool carries a wide range of compressors from Ingersoll Rand and Chicago Pneumatic. Ohio Power Tool also offers free shipping on all compressors anywhere in the continental United States. If you have more specific questions about air compressors or air tools in general feel free to call the experts at 800-242-4424.


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