New Tanaka Gas Drill TED-270PFR

Recently Tanaka Equipment updated their most popular gas drill the TED262R. The engine gets an upgrade with a lower emission cleaner burning 27cc motor. The power output is now 1.4hp, up from 1.3hp. Some other improvements include the heavy duty fuel tank protector on the bottom of the tool, beefier handle grips to control vibration and easy access to the air filter. The high quality production and 2 year commercial warranty continue from the previous model. If you need the ultimate in portable power this is your gas powered drill. The price at Ohio Power Tool for the TED-270PFR is $521.99.    

Engine Type: PureFire® Two-Stroke
Displacement CC: 27 
Output H.P.: 1.4 
Fuel Tank Capacity FL. OZ.: 22.7 (670cc) 
Cylinder: Chrome Plated, Stress Relieved 
Connecting Rod: Forged Steel 
Carburetion: Walbro® Diaphragm w/ Primer  
Starting System: Standard Recoil 
Ignition System: Transistorized Electronic 
Clutch System: Heavy-duty Centrifugal 
Reduction Ratio: 20:1 
Chuck Capacity – In. (mm): 1/2 (12.7) 
Max Bit Size – In. (mm): 1" (25) Wood, 1/2" Steel, 1/2" Concrete 
Dry Weight / LBS. (KG): 12.3 (5.5) w/o chuck 13.4 (6.0) w/ chuck 
EPA Phase 2 Compliant: Yes 
C.A.R.B. Tier II Compliant: Yes 
Gas / Oil Ratio: 50:1 

Warranty: Two-year commercial use warranty / Three-year consumer use warranty / One-year rental use warranty


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New Bosch Lithium Ion 14.4V & 18V Tools

Back in July we posted on these tools in their European versions (see here). Finally the Bosch Brute Tough Lithium Tools are here, well soon at least. These have been long anticipated and probably not a coincidence these tools will be released almost exactly at the same time as the new Milwaukee M18 line of tools. The Bosch Brute Drills have been the preferred cordless drill of choice by many for some time. The delay in coming to market with a Brute 18V may have caused some to switch brands but hopefully not too many. Bosch is making up for lost time with one of the most powerful 18 volt tools we have seen. The new hammer drill has 650 in/lbs and 0-475/2,050 RPM well above the current competition. The battery system will be similar to the 36 volt tools with SlimPacks and FatPack options.

The only down side of the release of new Bosch 14.4 and 18 volt tools is this means no more amazing deals on Bosch 36 volt which we have seen all summer long. Since Bosch didn’t have an equivalent 18 volt product they rewarded all their loyal users with 36 volt tools at 18 volt prices. A hammer drill kit for instance can still be picked up for $249 while a 4 tool combo is still only $497. These prices are part of a limited time promo and will go back up in September before the new tools are released.    

The new 14.4 & 18V tools both Brute Tough and Compact Tough can be pre-ordered at Ohio Power Tool and will be shipped in early October. We will all patiently wait for the different saws, lights and other tools that will work with these systems to be released.          

Read The Full Bosch Press Release Below:

Mount Prospect, Ill., August 25, 2008 Building on the success of its award-winning 36-volt and 12V-Max Litheon cordless tool platforms, Bosch Power Tools and Accessories today unveiled its first Litheon-powered offerings in the popular 18V and 14.4V size ranges. The core of Bosch’s mid-range Litheon™ launch is a full range of cordless drill/drivers and hammer drill/drivers purpose-built to offer the best runtime, battery life, durability and performance in the industry.

“With our launches of 12V MAX and 36V lithium ion tools, Bosch brought compact power and corded power innovation to the category at both ends of the cordless spectrum.  With our renowned Brute Tough™ drill design we brought unprecedented durability to the category. And with our Litheon™ system we brought the most unique battery technology to the category” says Edwin Bender, Bosch’s group product manager for the cordless tool category. “Now we’ve combined the best of these innovations to deliver the best-built lithium ion tools in the business. Guaranteed.”

Whether you’re an all-day, everyday user who demands uncompromising toughness or a lighter duty user who prefers light weight and value, Bosch has developed six new tools to give each user exactly what he/she needs.

Bosch’s Brute Tough lineup boasts best-in-class speed and runtime, perfect for the most demanding professional users and applications. All of the new BruteTough products deliver phenomenal increases in speed and runtime versus the competition, especially in tough applications such as spade bit drilling, hole saw cutting and large fastener driving.

But that’s just half of the story. Bosch’s Brute Tough tools have always been known for unparalleled durability and toughness, and the new lineup takes things a step further. The combination of distinctive Bosch unibody motor construction, all-metal gear train and DuraShield housing yield a tool that will last long-term and even withstand drops from 10 feet. Additional durability-enhancing features include a sturdy 25+1 clutch and tight-gripping ½” metal chuck.

In addition, Bosch has improved the tools’ ergonomics – better balance and more comfortable grip surfaces – to minimize user fatigue and increase long-term productivity. The new Brute Tough lineup, equipped with Bosch FatPack batteries, includes:

17618-0118V Litheon BruteTough Hammer D/D
17614-0114.4V Litheon BruteTough Hammer D/D
37618-0118V Litheon BruteTough D/D

37614-0114.4V Litheon BruteTough D/D

For users who desire comfort, convenience and value, Bosch has upgraded its popular Compact Tough lineup. Known for lightweight, maneuverable performance at a friendly price point, Bosch’s Compact Tough tools still deliver great speed, power and performance. Even when using the SlimPack battery, the Compact Tough Drill/Drivers feature up to 50 percent greater runtime than the competition.

The new Compact Tough tools also deliver improved ergonomics, a versatile 20-position clutch and a robust ½-inch single sleeve chuck. Bosch Compact Tough tools come standard with Bosch SlimPack batteries. The lineup includes:

36618-0218V Litheon CompctTough D/D
36614-0214.4V Litheon CompctTough D/D

At the heart of the new tools is Bosch’s outstanding Litheon™ battery technology. Offering up to 35 percent more runtime than the competition and two times more recharge cycles over the life of the battery, the Litheon system keeps users moving forward in any application. Bosch’s patented Electronic Cell and Motor Protection, meanwhile, protects both the battery and the tool by preventing the three main causes of battery failure – overheating, overloading and deep discharging.

Another key feature of Bosch’s new mid-range Litheon™ family is the Flexible Power System, an option first made popular by Bosch’s 36V Litheon tools. The FatPack option delivers maximum runtime, while the SlimPack option offers light weight. All of Bosch’s Brute Tough and Compact Tough tools are compatible with both options.

Bosch is so confident in its Litheon system that it backs the platform with its Provantage 3-year Tool Protection Plan and 2-year battery replacement plan. “Our Provantage Protection Plan is the best cordless tool program in the industry,” says Bender. “No questions asked, no worries about number of charge cycle
s, no fine print. We guarantee our system – period.”

Bosch’s new Brute Tough and Compact Tough 14.4V and 18V offerings will be available nationwide October 2008. Also launching later this fall will be an impressive lineup of complimentary Litheon tools, including an 18V circular saw, an 18V reciprocating saw and an 18V heavy duty jobsite flashlight. All tools in the system will be compatible with both FatPack and SlimPack battery designs.

Each of the new Brute Tough and Compact Tough tools comes with two batteries and a 30-minute charger.


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GM Employee Discount on Accessories

You are probably familiar with the GM Employee pricing promotion that is going on right now. I just got an email from the GM Accessory Store for Employee Pricing on Accessories as well. It didn’t specify the discount but when I used the code it was a nice discount somewhere between 5-10%. I’m not sure if it varies by product or not. Also there is free shipping on orders over $1000. Pretty good deal if you are looking to pick up a Truck Bed Tool Box for your Silverado or whatever you might need. It is good on all GM brands including Hummer, GMC, Chevy, Cadillac, Buick and Pontiac. Use the promotion code: GMEMPLOYEE.    


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Wright Tool Sets

A master tool set is a big investment and in most cases you are going to be buying your own tools, which you need to out last you. That being the case wouldn’t you want tools made in the USA that you can take pride in and you don’t have to over pay? Take a good look at the Wright Tool sets made in Barberton, Ohio. They have been in business for 79 years making high quality hand tools. The large 561 piece master set (image above is 374 piece set) which includes metric sizes and large 42” cabinet is just over 9K. This is defiantly a large investment and worth considering your options but it may be considerably cheaper in the long run than making weekly payments to the guys in the trucks. There is a wide range of Wright Tool Sets on    


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In-Depth Look: Milwaukee M12 Hackzall & Copper Cutter

Earlier this week we took a quick look at all the Milwaukee Tools launching in October which included several new M12 tools. In this post we will take a more in-depth look specifically at two of the new M12 tools, the Hackzall and Copper Tube Cutter. The whole M12 line is aimed at Tradesmen specifically plumbers, HVAC, electricians and remodelers. The tools are very lightweight and compact, perfect for working in confined spaces.

Overall I am very happy with their strategy and glad they found creative new product for professionals to use with the M12 battery system. My initial fear is that we would be hit with a bunch of cheap consumer products and that Milwaukee might lose focus on their professional customers. That is not the case with these tools at all.   

M12 Copper Tube Cutter 2471-22

This is the first product of its kind and will directly compete with the Ridgid manual pipe cutters which have been very successful. The battery powered M12 unit should save a large amount of time for anyone that is continuously cutting copper pipe. On a ½” copper pipe the 2471-22 can make a cut in 3 seconds and do up to 200 cuts on a single charge. The same cut might take 20-30 seconds with a manual cutter. The tool also automatically adjusts to different sizes from 3/8” to 1” tube.  

Of course when you talk about electric pipe cutting tools one of the first concerns might be working with pipes full of water and getting it wet. Certainly the tool is not waterproof so don’t take it in the bath tube with you but Milwaukee has make serious efforts to keep the unit’s electronics sealed as well as built the head with corrosion resistant metal.

M12 Hackzall 2420-22

This is not Milwaukee’s first effort to build a smaller cutting tool. Milwaukee had the NiCd 18V Hatchet which was a smaller version of the Sawzall that bent 90 degrees in the middle was very popular among plumbers. The Hatchet has since been phased out along with the rest of the NiCd tools but the idea or a compact reciprocating saw is very much alive in the new Hackzall. The Hackzall however goes way beyond a compact Sawzall. The smaller size and new tool configuration are not only intended to make regular cuts but also to use for detail work of a Rotozip or jigsaw. The small unit has 0-3000 SPM and can cut wood, drywall, PVC, fiberglass, plastic and ever galvanized pipe.

The Hackzall can use any Sawzall blade but will also accept New Hackzall Blades specifically made for the unit. The new blades are smaller 3.5”-6” and include scroll saw blades and other blades specifically made for the Hackzall. The unit also features similar preventative measures to keep water out of the internal parts of the tools when using on pipes that may have recently been in use.



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Largest Product Launch Ever for Milwaukee Power Tools

In October Milwaukee Power Tool will launch its largest release of new products ever. The 2 lines of products currently exist but this will greatly expand on both of these lines and truly give them a foothold into several new markets. The new products will be part of the new M12 (12 volt) & M18 (18 volt) tool lines.



The Milwaukee M12 tool line currently features the Micro Driver 2401-22 and M-Spector Camera 2310-21. Soon to be released (October 1st – target date) are an Impact Driver 2450-22, Copper Cutter 2471-22, Flashlight & Hackzall 2420-22. These new tools will be very popular among plumbing and HVAC contractors. The copper tube cutter especially will be a huge time saver and can handle 3/8” to 1” copper tube. The Hackzall is ideal for cutting pvc tubes or putting boxes in drywall and plywood. It will be a handy tool to have but will not replace your Sawzall for all jobs. You can find a few extremely well priced M12 combo kits available on Ohio Power Tool which will be available in very limited quantities to promote the new tool launch.


The Milwaukee M18 line expands on the current battery system used by the compact 18 volt model 2601-22. The 2601 however has a slim battery which is light weight but not powerful enough to use with the new hammer drill 2611-24, Sawzall 2620-22 or circular saws 2630-22. A new larger M18 battery will work with all the tools and will be called the XC battery. The new M18 line features a light weight hex impact that outperforms the competition in speed, torque and run time available with compact batteries 2650-21 or XC batteries 2650-22. The new line will also add additional tools in the following months such as a grinder, jigsaw as well as other new tools. The new M18 will eventually replace the current line of V18 tools as the only Milwaukee 18 volt tools but that will not happen until some time in 2009 and the batteries and accessories will of course be available for at least 5-10 more years.


All the new M12 & M18 tools are available now for Pre-Sale from Ohio Power Tool. The Pre-Sales will be fulfilled in the order they are received so if you want to be the first kid on the block with the new tools you should probably make a pre-order ASAP. On the other hand if you are looking for a great deal on great tools you can get a V18 4 tool combo 0920-29 for $426.36 or a V18 Hammer Drill & Hex Impact 0824-24 for $299.


Look for several in-depth tool reviews and more information on the M12 & M18 tools over the next week.



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A Great Web Hosting Company

We wanted to take a minute and apologize for not updating last week. We are 100% committed to daily posts however some technical difficulty did not allow for this last week. I would like to say special thanks to the guys at for taking us on and fixing the problems so quickly. If you are ever looking for Website Hosting these are your guys. Really great customer support from their team, they went way beyond what most other companies would do. For Web Hosting these are your guys.

These next few weeks however should be some of the biggest news weeks in a while for power tools so check back regularly, we will be updating at least once per day.    


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Selecting the Right Kett Saw

At first glance it appears that there are many Kett Saws that all look very similar and it can be difficult to know which is right for you. Hopefully we can give a brief description that will make the process much easier.

The first thing to look at is the basic motors and for the saws there are basically 4 types: 2 pistol grips, a D-handle and a pneumatic model. From there you will select the head which there are 7 different types. Each of the heads work with multiple blades and there are 36+ different blades to choose from. The easiest thing I’ve found to do is work backwards. What type of material do you need to cut?

Continue reading

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New Bosch 12V Max – PS30 Drill/Driver

There is a new addition to the 12V Max Litheon line. The PS30-2A which is a drill/driver with a 3/8” three jawed chuck, instead of the hex type that is on most other models. The obvious advantage is that this will use any standard drill bit, hole saws in addition to all the standard driver bits. I am happy to see this option finally available in the line up. These ultra compact are certainly powerful enough to handle basic drilling and consumers having been waiting for a compact drill like this for some time. The advertising from Bosch last holiday season said “4 now, 12 models in 2008” with the flashlight FL11 and this new PS30 drill we now have a total of 5 by my count so hopefully we will see some additional tools periodically through the end of the year. Ohio Power Tool has the new 12V models available now: Pocket Driver PS20-2A, i-drive PS10-2A & Impactor PS40-2A. Read the full Bosch PS30 press release below.   

Bosch Press Release

The latest foray into ultra-compact tool design from Bosch Power Tools and Accessories has yielded what may well become the ideal do-it-all tool for users looking for maximum versatility in a small package. Bosch’s new PS30 12V Max Litheon™ Drill/Driver takes the company’s successful ultra-compact platform one step further with best-in-class speed and torque and a host of new features.

The most immediately noticeable feature is the PS30’s 3/8” three-jawed chuck. The new single sleeve chuck is designed to accommodate almost any need a typical user might encounter in a day’s work – simple drilling, drilling with spade bits, cutting with hole saws, socket fastening, screwdriving and more. To keep users moving in all of those applications, the PS30 delivers a robust 220 inch-pounds of torque, more than twice the torque of any other ultra-compact drill/driver on the market. And, to keep all of that torque under control, Bosch utilizes a 20+1 clutch.
Bosch’s PS30 also offers users the flexibility to choose between speed and precision based on their specific needs. The tool’s two-speed drivetrain delivers between 400-1,100 rpm. At full speed, the tool delivers 2.2 times the speed of any other drill/driver in its class.

With a weight of barely 2.4 pounds, an ergonomic soft grip and a profile that is 50 percent slimmer than a standard 12V drill/driver, the PS30 is both maneuverable and comfortable. The tool is small enough to reach into tight areas and corners with ease and light enough for all-day use and sustained overhead work. In cramped quarters, a robust built-in LED light offers outstanding visibility.

As with Bosch’s previous ultra-compact tools, users can count on quick 30-minute charge times and unparalleled battery life from the proven 12V Max* Litheon battery platform. Bosch’s 12V Max Litheon batteries are compatible with all other Bosch Ultra-Compact tools (PS10, PS20, PS40 and FL11).

The PS30 Two-Speed Ultra-Compact Drill/Driver comes with two 12V Max Litheon batteries, a 30-minute quick charger and a sturdy canvas carrying bag. The PS30 is covered by Bosch’s standard cordless power tool warranty and is eligible to be registered in the Bosch ProVantage Protection Plan. It will be available through authorized Bosch distributors nationwide this fall.

* Bosch now refers to its ultra-compact Litheon battery platform as “12V Max.”  The change is due to lithium ion battery voltage ratings that have been adopted in the marketplace since Bosch first introduced its ultra-compact Litheon products in 2006. The new terminology, which replaces 10.8V, is meant to reduce confusion in the marketplace by clearly identifying tools that are rated at maximum voltage (i.e. 12V) rather than nominal voltage (i.e. 10.8V) by using the “Max” designator. Bosch’s 12V Max Litheon batteries are 100% compatible with all past and future Bosch ultra-compact tools..





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Superjacks from Simplex

Simplex is a very well known brand of hydraulic systems but they are also the top manufacturer of mechanical jacks. There are many cases you might choose a mechanical jack over a hydraulic system. Mechanical jacks by design are simpler machines. They require no power source, there is little maintenance, easy to repair and typically last a long time in rough environments. The line of SuperJacks is one of their most popular lines of mechanical jacks for many good reasons. To start there is absolutely no creep and they can hold a load for days, weeks or indefinitely. These jacks are popular among bridge builders, structural steel work, shipbuilding, and any other industry where powerful, all-position jacks are required.

The Superjacks are made to take abuse you wouldn’t dream with other heavy lifting equipment. Extended outdoor use or near weld splatter these jacks can handle the toughest jobs. Lifting from 15 to 50 tons and models available with 4” to 9” travel.


Above is a look inside the jacks to their simple mechanics. Obviously these jacks have their limits and there is a good amount of manual labor in continued use. In most cases a hydraulic system will easily out perform the Super Jacks but if you need bulletproof tough this is it.

Ohio Power Tool carries many of the Simplex Mechanical Jacks, including the Superjacks, in-stock. This is important because due to high demand these jacks can often be hard to obtain on short notice.     


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