Top Deals: Milwaukee Titan Work Cart $175

*** Update the Milwaukee Titan Cart is no longer available however Milwaukee is working on new Storage Solutions for 2015 and it’s possible we could see mobile storage solutions again. We will share more information as we hear it!  

The Titan Milwaukee Work Carts came out well over a year ago and has served many of us very well. Around the internet you will see these selling for $300-600+ depending on the model. The main difference in the two models is the 48-60-5015 has a lockable cabinet on the bottom shelf while the 48-60-5010 is open on the bottom. Both carts have a lockable drawer and work with the same add-on accessories. Milwaukee Tool made an entire site to showcase how these carts can be configured and videos to show how well these carts are built.

Ohio Power Tool is selling the 48-60-5010 cart for $175.00, which we can’t find anything for even double that on any site across the internet. These are brand new in the box from the factory and Made in the USA. Checkout the Google Shopping search on this product  for our everyone’s prices. These will move fast at this price. If you have any questions call Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424.


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Way More Than a Stud Finder

dmd4k multi-detector

The relatively new Bosch Multi-Detector DMD4K at first glance looks like a glorified stud finder but this little gizmo does way more than allow you to point it at yourself and make bad jokes. It does detect wood studs however it also can detect metal and let you know if the metal is ferrous (magnetic) or non-ferrous (non-magnetic). In addition it has a zoom feature which allows you to detect material that is deeper in the material (up to 4”). Recently during a job site demo we used the DMD4K to find rebar in concrete barriers several inches deep in concrete. There is a gauge to tell you how strong the signal is and coupled with the zoom feature it is pretty easy to exactly pin point any pipe, wire or stud. Once the material is located it is easy to mark it through the illuminated hole in the center of the detector, large enough for any standard pencil. Note, don’t use a mechanical pencil or metal pen as the metal next to the detector throws off your readings.  The detector also can detect live electric lines and has a separate gauge for the strength of line. This is a big convenience and an even bigger safety feature for demolition work.

The DMD4K is a great tool which you can get at Ohio Power Tool for $89.00. It is also available for free if you buy a Bulldog SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer 11255VSR ($239). It is shipped right with the tool smae day if ordered before 1:00pm EST, no mail-in rebate or anything like that. The DMD4K is very useful for any contractor, handyman, plumber, electrician, you name it.  



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Bosch Lowers Prices & Free Litheon Batteries

Recently Bosch drastically reduced their price on the 36 volt Litheon tools to the point they are actually cheaper than some of their own 18 volt NiCd tools. In addition to these new low prices they have also supplied Ohio Power Tool with an additional FatPack 36 volt battery for every drill/driver kit and 4 piece combo kit sold. (Get the battery with kits, no mail-in rebates) I am having a tough time finding comparable brands that have a better deal on 18 volt NiCd Drill/Driver kit with three batteries.

My assumption is they are basically giving these tools away at little profit or most likely a lose. This is a common practice in other industries such as video game consoles where they lose money to get you into the system but then make up for it over the next few years with video game sales. Bosch makes exceptional power tools and the 36 volt Litheon tools are probably their most impressive line up. These tools have not however made their way into most peoples hands. People tend to be loyal to one brand until compelled to make a switch. I think Bosch is trying to make that compelling argument, a 36 volt drill/driver kit with 3 lithium ion batteries priced at $229.00 is pretty compelling. A full 4 tool combo kit with 3 lithium ion batteries is only $499.

Clearly the goal here is to get more 36V tools and more importantly batteries into the hands of as many consumers as possible. Bosch is looks to the future and plans to expand their Litheon tool line up. Future success with any cordless line is very much dependant on how many users currently have the batteries. Lose some money upfront, gain more users for years to come.

Bottom line is if you are looking to upgrade some older tools or looking for a completely new cordless combo kit, now is the time to take advantage. These tools give you the same power as if you were plugging strait into the wall and with 3 batteries there is essentially zero down time. The Bosch 10.8v tools also get a price drop PS20-2 to $119 and PS40-2 to $169.

If you have any questions about Bosch Tools or any other tools call the experts at Ohio Power Tool, 800-242-4424.  


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Selecting the Right Magnetic Drill Press

There are a small number of people that use a mag drill on a daily basis and you are well aware if you are one of them. These tools are becoming more popular for much more than just working on I-beams. If you are considering a mag drill or an upgrade there are several important things to consider.

Hougen and Milwaukee are probably the two best known and most reliable makers of mag drills. Magnetic drills vary greatly in their size, weight, height, depth of cut (d.o.c.), amp power, RPMs and several other features. Hougen makes the smallest mag drills available, HMD115 & HMD150, which have an extremely low profile. The small sizes makes these incredibly useful for working in tight spaces such as with automotive and trucking applications.

One of the most popular mag drills and a real work horse is the Hougen HMD 904. This model is light weight at 27.5 lbs, powerful with 450 RPM and d.o.c. of 2”. It has a height of 16” and easy to work with if not in a tight spot. This model is also available as the HMD904S which features a swivel base. The swivel base allows you to get the drill close to the hole and then do a more precise line up with the tool in position. This is an especially huge advantage when using a mag drill in the horizontal or overhead position.

For more heavy duty applications consider the Hougen HMD925 with Powerfeed or the HMD505 that has a d.o.c. of 3” and 2 RPM speed options. The Milwaukee mag drills on are larger machines ranging from 57-72 lbs. heavier than any of the Hougen drills available although they do have some good features. These Milwaukee units feature adjustable bases for lining up your hole exactly. Also the Milwaukee drills feature keyed chucks which can use regular drill bits, hole saws or the Milwaukee Steel Hawg Cutters up to 6”. Milwaukee does have a smaller Hougen style mag drill 4270-20 but there are many reasons why the Hougen outperforms it. Please comment if you disagree, this will probably be a future article.

When considering drilling into solid metal the drill bit itself is a large considerations. Hougen features several varieties of Rotabroach Annular Cutters engineered to be one of the best metal cutters on the market. The Rotabroach cutters will work with other mag drills but will not work with chuck type mag drills. The smaller Hougen drills use different cutters all together which are more compact the Rotaloc (HMD115) and Rotaloc Plus (HMD150). If you are looking for cutters that work with a 3/8" chuck, the Milwaukee Steel Hawg Cutters work with traditional chucks and range in size from 7/8” to 6”. For cutting thin metal, such as sheet metal, Hougen makes several kits (RotaCut & Holcutter) which work in a traditional chuck style hand drills.    

Deciding which type of mag drill and cutters you will need is not an easy decision and not something you can determine easily by reading a quick blog post. I would recommend calling the professionals at Ohio Power Tool (800-242-4424) if you have any questions.


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New Lincoln Lube – Grease Gun, Pump & Used Fluid Receiver

Lincoln Lube, the leader in grease and oil tools, provides top of the line products including pumps, hoses, reels, guns, draining and storage equipment. Recently Lincoln added several new tools to their line up that should make your job easier. Three of these products that deserve highlighting are listed below.   

PMV Lubrication Pump 9917Lincoln has introduced a new PMV Lubrication Pump for use with 120 lb drums. Featuring a unique, modular design, wheeled base stand, exceptional performance, long service life and low cost of ownership. The PMV line combines decades of Lincoln design leadership with advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to offer a superior pump with distinct advantages.

Used Fluid Receiver 3601Lincoln has introduced its new Model 3601 Used Fluid Receiver. Featuring a durable, all-steel design and reinforced caster supports, the unit was developed to provide a safe, affordable option for draining, transferring and evacuating motor oils, as well as transmission and power steering fluids. The Model 3601 offers excellent mobility, easy bowl positioning and simple-to-use pressurized evacuation. The dependable unit has a 14-inch telescoping bowl that can be adjusted from 45 to 72 inches high, and its 18-gallon tank includes a preset air regulator that allows the use of standard shop air up to 150 psi. The receiver includes a safety valve and a reinforced dispensing hose that doubles as a sight gauge to prevent overfilling.

Air Grease Gun 1162 – Lincoln has introduced its new Model 1162 Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun to simplify the task of lubrication. Designed with a variable speed trigger, the gun provides superior flow control with the convenience of fully automatic operation. The Model 1162 features a patented pump design that ensures uninterrupted grease flow, and its ergonomic styling provides comfort and balance.

These products are priced extremely competitively but until June 30th the offer is even more attractive with free $5 – $50 gift card with every item purchased. These cards are to the store of your choice: Best Buy, Applebee’s, Starbucks, Lands’ End, Darden (Red Lobster, Olive Garden & Smokey Bones) and Bass Pro Shop.  The offer is also good on other popular Lincoln Lube products such as the 1444 Cordless 14.4V Grease Gun and 83753 50′ Hose Reel.

View the details at Ohio Power Tool or call 800-242-4424 for more information about Lincoln lube tools and equipment.


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Great Deals on NiCd Tools and Only Getting Better

As everyone moves over to lithium ion tools we are seeing some really great deals on the NiCd tools. The manufacturers are producing more and more lithium ion which is great because it drives the prices down. On the other hand the manufactures still have warehouses full of NiCd tools they want to get out the door. What does that mean for us consumers? Great prices! At Ohio Power Tool you can buy a Milwaukee 14.4V NiCd combo kit with Drill/Driver, flashlight, 2 batteries, charger and case for $137.60. These kits retailed a very short time ago for $326.00 and they flew off the shelves. These are great tools from Milwaukee, one of the best manufacturers of Power Tools. Like everything we sell these tools are brand new (no refurbished tools ever) and they have the full 5 year warrants. We have hundreds of customers out there with NiCd tools, rest assured we will be servicing and provide parts for all the NiCd we sell for at least another 5-10 years.

V28 and V18 tools are clearly the future and nobody is fighting that. If you want a V18 Drill/Driver the prices are coming down on those as well (just not as fast) V18 Drill/Driver & Impact Kit for $299.00. If you currently have an 18 volt NiCd Milwaukee system you can easily upgrade to lithium ion with this kit: V18 2 batteries & charger 48-11-1833  

Of course everyone wants the latest and greatest tools; you wouldn’t be reading a blog about power tools if you didn’t take some pride in your arsenal. For $137.60 there is no shame in adding a few brand new Milwaukee tools to your line up. These things will more than pay for themselves over the many years you will be using them. Call Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 if you have any questions about selecting the right Milwaukee tools. 


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New Bosch Accessories – Bits & Blades

Over the past year Bosch has made some serious strides to increase their place as one of the top tool manufactures by expanding their tool and accessory lines. When you think about it, your accessories can make a huge difference in the productiveness of your tools. By improving different specialty blades and bits in the line you can really get the most out of your old tools with a relatively small investment. Of course when you are happy with these accessories you will be much more likely to buy the Bosch Tools in the future and the good people at Bosch may be aware of this fact.  

Additionally the company has made serious advances in the overall marketing of the Bosch Tool line. Just look at the tool & accessory displays they have added to our showroom. It has a built in 27” HD TV which is suppose to run Bosch promos all day but we put on ESPN for “Mike & Mike in the Morning” and maybe a little Sports Center. Of course we stand behind their products 100% for use by diy users, contractors and professionals of all kinds. It doesn’t matter how fancy the displays we will only put products in our store and on our website if they can live up to abuse our customers expect.  


Four of the recent additions to the Bosch accessories line:

Fiber Cement BladesThe 7 ¼” hard body blade features six carbide teeth brazed with C4 ultra-fine carbide that lasts longer than standard carbide. Bosch is one of only two blade manufacturers who produce their own carbide.
The thin kerf design removes less material, which results in a cleaner, faster cut.
The new blade, part # CB706FC, is equipped with deep gullets engineered to minimize dust when cutting. Regular carbide blades will pulverize the material, whereas the Bosch blade chips away the material in larger chunks reducing the amount of dust generated.
Developed for working with cement fiber board, backer board and Masonite, the Bosch
Carbide Tipped Fiber Cement Circular Saw Blade has a 5/8” arbor to fit any standard circular saw and it also features a 13/16” diamond knock-out for worm drive saws.

Carbide Glass and Tile Bits – Starting at 1/8” up to 1” in diameter, the industry’s largest bit size, they are equipped with a 3-flat shank to reduce slippage that leads to more accurate cutting.
These tungsten carbide bits are diamond ground to a precision point that eliminates walking and its reinforced head prevents the carbide from cracking.
The new Glass and Tile bits are best suited for working with glass, ceramic walls, and ceramic floors making it the best solution for cutting glass, bathroom installations, drilling and fastening mirrors or even setting screws in glass furniture.  

Carbide Hole SawsThe diamond-ground carbide teeth are extraordinarily durable and extremely powerful, for fast removal of materials. The drop-shaped chip clearance slots allow for greater chip and dust removal, resulting in uninterrupted cutting.
“Feedback from our customers was overwhelming for the need for a single hole saw that could cut through multiple materials and quickly remove the plug,” states James Mogle, Product Manager, Bosch Power Tools and Accessories. “The new carbide hole saw easily cuts some of the hardest materials and can still make precision cuts in fragile materials such as tile. And users can quickly change hole saw sizes with the quick change mandrel.”
The carbide line has 19 cups ranging from 1” to 4-1/8”. For multiple cutting applications, Bosch has two sets available. Each set contains two carbide tipped pilot bits and the quick change mandrel (1-3/8”). The eight-piece set includes five carbide cups ranging from 1-3/16” to 2-1/4” and the five-piece set has two cups: 3-1/4” and 4-1/8”.

Cement and Masonry Anchor Installation – The 9-piece kit comes in Bosch’s Brute Tough case that is made to withstand even the most demanding worksite conditions. The kit includes a Masonry Screw Drill Bit Holder and Allen wrench, Drill Bit Sleeve, both the 5/32” and 3/16” carbide drill bits that feature a flat shank to reduce slippage, two magnetic nutsetters, and two Phillips Head bits, everything professionals need for drilling and driving concrete screws. Bosch is the only manufacturer to offer the entire line in one package.
The magnetic nutsetters eliminate dropped screws when setting and also reduces damage done to the sleeve, unlike other products that require use of the sleeve when setting screws, which will cause undue wear and fatigue.
The Screw Drill Bit Sleeve allows for a quick and easy change from drilling to driving by working with both 5/32” and 3/16” bits, thus eliminating the need for two drills.

Visit the Bosch home page on Ohio Power Tool to see all of our Bosch tools and accessories. Not all accessories have made it to the website, if you have a specific accessory you would like and can’t find it on the site please email or call 800-242-4424.



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Milwaukee 4201-22 vs. Bosch PS20-2 – Part 2


In a recent post we briefly compared the Bosch 10.8V Pocket Driver PS20-2 and the Milwaukee 12V Micro Driver 2401-22. At the time we had not receive the Milwaukee 12V tools so it was more of an on paper comparison. Now that a few months have past and we have some customers using them it is time to take another look.

I would like to start off by saying both these tool lines have been incredibly successful and I really feel these are professional tools that just happen to be very small. The Sub Compact Tool category has a very legitimate place in many professional tool boxes. An estimated 80-90% of our customers are professionals who come to us for their tools and repairs and we wouldn’t sell any products we don’t stand behind.

The Bosch PS20-2 claims to be able to drive 100 3” screws on a single charge and I though a good comparison would be to see if that was true and then see if the Milwaukee 2401-22 could match it… then though about screwing in 200 3” screws and decided against that particular comparison.  

On paper it looks like the Milwaukee Micro Driver has a serious advantage over the Bosch Pocket Driver.

Milwaukee 2401-22 Micro Driver   –   12 Volt   –   120 ft lb

Bosch PS20-2 Pocket Driver   –   10.8 Volt   –   80 ft lb

Some interesting information on the PS20-2, the rating is actually on their “average power” not the “initial power”. The claim from Bosch is that their starting power rating is actually above 12 Volts and the initial ft lb torque is also higher, presumably around 120 ft lb like the Milwaukee 2401-22. The entire line of 10.8V Bosch tools will actually get a name change to “Bosch 12 Volt Max” at some point in the near future. This explanation leads me to believe their will be no real changes to the components only the name will change to reflect their “Max” power rating. This information is from Bosch so you should consider the source; Milwaukee probably has a completely different view on comparing the two products.

If this is the case essentially these two tools are even more similar than they appear. When you look at the batteries they look almost identical in shape and size. It is not hard to believe the power output would be very similar as well. The chargers and cases are also very similar as you can see in the picture below. I did test these both out on a few screws and from that basic test I couldn’t feel any real difference in power although I wasn’t exactly testing the limits.

Currently Bosch has 4 tools in their line-up while Milwaukee only has the 1 but both companies are planning to have 20-30 tools out for each line in the next year or two. It will be very interesting to see what new tools we will see in the sub compact tool market. Milwaukee for instance has plans to create a product that will compete with the Ridgid Seesnake Micro 25643 so we are going to see all sorts of new tools outside traditional saws, drivers and drills. This makes the comparison much more difficult because you always want to choose the line that will have the most versatility using the same battery system.

Bosch does currently have a special for a free ESPN fleece with all 10.8v purchases until April 11th if that might effect your buying decision.

So who wins the ultra compact driver comparison between the Bosch vs. Milwaukee? I personally would have to give a slight advantage to the Milwaukee 2401-22 and this is under the assumption the power output and torque are more similar than the numbers say, which I can believe. The Milwaukee had a few features over the Bosch that makes it stand out. First, the quick bit-loading 1/4” hex chuck is really nice and easier to use than the Bosch. Second the Milwaukee has a battery gauge, where the Bosch doesn’t. Finally the Milwaukee 12V Driver just looks cooler. Now the Milwaukee did come out 6 months later so they had time to really make more improvements. Both tools have build in light, weight about the same and feel very similar in hand. What would really make the decision much easier is if I knew what 20+ products were going to be added to each company’s line up. These are just the drivers; I can’t wait to see how competitive this gets in the next year.

If you have any opinions about either of these tools or any other sub compact tools feel free to post a comment.  


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Seesnake Micro New Camera Head 9.5 mm

Seesnake Micro Camera Head 9.5 mm

The Seesnake Micro 25643 has been an incredibly successful product. The price is affordable, it’s easy to carry around, extremely useful and just a lot of fun. There have been a few complaints. It is after all a brand new product. Specifically customers have had problems with the heads breaking during heavy use. Also the neck is not always flexible enough for different plumbing jobs. Many of our customers have used the regular Seesnakes for years and know the Seesnakes are durable machines. I think perhaps some users got a little aggressive with their micros and had it doing jobs they maybe should have used something like a Seesnake Compact 95542 instead.   

If you have found yourself in this situation there is good news. Ridgid has come out with a new 3’ camera head that is more flexible and the head is 9.5mm (current model is 17mm). Another big advantage is the new camera head will be made of aluminum, instead of plastic, so it can take more abuse without cracking. There is no immediate plan to replace the heads on all new Seesnake Micros so everyone will still need to buy the regular Micro 25643 and then also buy the 9.5mm 3’ camera head 30068.

Good news is you can pre-order the 30068 Camera Head for $99.95 at Ohio Power Tool. The bad news is it won’t arrive until May and there will only be a limited supply so if you don’t pre-order you could be waiting until mid summer before you get your hands on one.    


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Ingersoll-Rand Impact Wrenches – Lowest Price

IR impacts

For some time Ingersoll Rand has been one of the top names in pneumatic tools. Even when Ohio Power Tool started modestly 25 years ago servicing and selling mostly pneumatic tools they were one of the leaders. In fact before starting Ohio Power Tool in 1983 our company president had spent many years prior as a saleman for Ingersoll Rand products across the mid-west. We have grown tremendously and now offer a wide range of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic products as well as rentals and repair service. Since 2008 marks our 25th anniversary in business we wanted to honor of humble beginnings by making serious efforts to be the lowest price supplier for Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools on the internet; not an easy task with the hundreds of other suppliers out there. I encourage you to do some searching but I think you will find we are one of the cheapest for most products. On top of great prices we also have an extremely knowledgeable staff that will actually pickup the phone and answer your questions, not an overseas call center or automated system… this is done intentionally to provide the best service possible, don’t believe it call 800-242-4424.

Popular Ingersoll-Rand Impact Tools        

2135ti impact 
The ½” 2135 Impact Wrench has been one of the most popular impact wrenches on the market for some time. The newest model is the 2135TiMax ½” Impactool which replaces the 2135Ti. The Ti indicates Titanium Duty, “Max” is the newest line of Titanium Duty which provides additional controls and new triggers, among other improvements. This has become such a popular model because it provides 780 ft. lb. torque and weighs less than 4 lbs. The best power to weight ratio in its class. Our price is $249.72.

For the 1” heavy duty impacts with 6" extended anvils there are two popular models the 285B-6 and 2190Ti-6. Some differences in the models are the 2190Ti is lighter by 11.8 lbs. at 15.5 lbs and provides 200 ft. lb. more power at 1650 ft. lb. torque. It also features a chainsaw style handle specifically made to change large tires on trucks and other equipment. The 285B-6 is an extremely capable machine and if you can handle a little extra weight the price is right at only $399.00, while the 2190Ti-6 is $619.86, also a great price.      

IQv cordless tools
Still fairly new to the Ingersoll Rand brand of tools is the IQv cordless impacts and complete line of cordless tools. Since IR traditionally makes air tools we were pretty skeptical that they would make a cordless line that could really compete with the high end Milwaukee or Bosch lines. I assure you this was not some ill though out re-branded product which we have seen in the past when other manufactures trying to expand their product offerings. The IQv cordless line offers some significant advantages including complete interchangeability with NiCd and Lithium Ion batteries between similarly powered tools. A universal charger and light which work with all the batteries: 7.2v, 14.4v and 19.2v. This line is specifically made for automotive work with size and weight as key factors in design. They weigh up to 35% less than traditional 18v, 24v, 28v and 36v tools but provide 2.4 Ahrs higher than many other cordless tools. The specific tools are also automotive in design with several impacts, drill/drivers, ratchets, grinders, a cutter and the universal light.

There are hundreds of other great products I could go on for days about and obviously IR is extremely well known for more than just impacts. They have so many great pneumatic products including grinders, sanders, cutting tools, drills, air compressors and many more. Find many of our IR products listed on our Ingersoll Rand Home Page. Let us know if you would like to more information on any IR products.

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