Top Deals: Hein Werner Jacks, Lifts & Presses


During the month of February if you order over $1300 of any Hein-Werner equipment you will receive free shipping to anywhere in the continental US. At first glance that might seem like only a modest deal. Then you realize some of the larger floor jacks weight in at 400+ lbs while the larger shop presses can weight almost as much as a small compact car. Freight would differ by location but this could probably be several hundred dollars in savings.


Hein-Werner is a well known name in automotive equipment from floor jacks, air lifts, engine lifts, transmission jacks, shop presses, jack stands and many more. In additional to being top of the line equipment, all our Hein Werner products are manufactured right here in the United States of America. If you have any questions about any of the Hein-Werner equipment contact the professionals at Ohio Power Tool and we would be more than happy to help.





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Women Vs. Men – Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day seems to be more about doing stuff for the woman in your life. As a guy there are lots of expectations, you are suppose to take her to a great dinner or do something romantic in addition to nice gifts. Maybe you will buy extremely overpriced flowers that were 1/3 the price the week before or maybe you are going to step it up this year and buy her jewelry. Perhaps her standards are not that high after several years of marriage so she is just going to go out and buy herself something with the Master Card then say thanks for her valentines present.

Women are great and they deserve lots of appreciation, gifts and praise. As guys we should be celebrated as well for our contributions made to our respective relationships. With all the commercials on TV it might be easy to think this is a holiday for women but valentine’s day is really for everyone willing to put in the time to make a relationship work. Flowers and jewelry might not be exactly the ideal gift for most men but power tools are always the right choice for any occasion.  

Here is a simple little comparison of Men & Women valentine gifts:

Dozen Roses  = Wright Socket Set  | Girl’s though: “At least he remembered but that’s not very creative” Guy’s though: “Wow I didn’t even remember it was valentines until my way home from work and now I have an awesome socket set”

Large Vermont Teddy Bear = Infrared Laser Thermometer | Girl’s though: “That’s sweet but what am I going to do with a huge teddy bear” Guy’s thought: “Lasers, that’s sweet there is so much I can do with this IR-100”  

Diamond Earrings = Milwaukee V28 3 piece set + add another tool free | Girl’s though: “Wow these are really nice, what did he do wrong now” Guy’s though: “Wow these are really nice, what did I do so right”


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New Ridgid Hi-Tech Tools & Gadgets

Over the last year Ridgid has come out with several great new products that take some fairly advance technology and make them cheap enough for use by anyone. Three good examples of these are the IR Thermometer, Micro Seesnake and the Gas Sniffer.


The IR-100 infrared thermometer is probably my new favorite toy around the shop. This is a great technology with an extremely convenient application and after using it for only a few times you’ll think, how did I get along without this before. There are many obvious applications for HVAC, plumbing, mechanic, electrician, home inspectors and the list goes on and on. Then of course there are those age old questions man has struggled with for years which can now be answered such as… how hot is this McDonalds coffee really?   

micro seesnake

The Micro Seesnake, which hopefully everyone is pretty familiar with by now as we have mentioned it several times is another gret new hi-tech gadget. Really there was nothing around before this for the price that was so versatile. Great for plumbing, HVAC, home inspection, electrician, mechanics and everyone else, it has a million uses. For plumbing it can’t really replace the larger Seesnakes for most plumbing work but with up to 30’ of extensions and at a fraction of the cost it does save lots of lugging around the big equipment for the smaller jobs.  

Gas Sniffer CG-100

The CG-100 Gas Sniffer is another great new Ridgid product. This tool makes finding combustible gas leaks very simple with an easy to read LED meter and audio or vibrate modes. Again this is a great technology with a very simple application to making many people’s job not only easier but also much safer. And at the price of only $242 it should be an obvious choice for many toolboxes.  

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Best Place to Talk Power Tools


Where can I go to talk about power tools? Obviously the internet is full of great resources about all sorts of things but what are the best forums for talking about power tools? It’s not always easy to find what you want when using the search engines; sometimes it’s best to ask the questions in a forum full or knowledgeable people.

There really are not many forums specifically for Power Tools however there are many good places to discuss topics about what the tools are used for. For instance, if you are looking for information on Bosch Routers your best bet would be to look for woodworking forums which there are several great forums.

The best forum to talk strait power tools would have to be the Ridgid Forum  which is probably a little bias towards Ridgid seeing as all the moderators get their paychecks from them. That being said they still allow people to talk openly and don’t remove negative reviews, from what I’ve seen. There are all sorts of threads on Bosch, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, DeWalt and many other brands as well. The forum also has great discussion topics for Plumbers, Electricians, Construction and Woodworking.

The Thomasnet Forum is another good forum which is starting to reach critical mass. A little spammy at this point but I think it’ll shape up and be a good resource for many of the industries they currently serve such as Aerospace, Automation/Robotics, Machine Shops, Fabricators, Manufacturing and many others. Thomasnet is a huge directory resource for many companies.

If you would like to mention any other good forums for talking power tools post a comment and let everyone know! 


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Car Guys – Power Tools and Discount Accessories

It may be too late to shop for Christmas gifts on the internet, unless you are willing to pay for overnight shipping but I got an email discount code to a few days ago and looking at their prices I think it’s a good deal. The coupon code OMKS9 is good for 10% off everything and lasts until the 31st. I can’t use it but maybe there is some people that can. They have all sorts of stuff for Hummers, Cadillac, GMC, Chevy, Pontiac and all the other GM brands. I actually don’t have a GM car or truck, I got on their email list from buying a trailer hitch bike carrier for my Jeep and they were the cheapest so you can probably find stuff for any car. Maybe they should change their name.

If you are looking for tools to work on your car, you can find those on Ohio Power Tool. Recently we created an automotive page specifically for these products. It’s funny because for the past 25 years our focus was always professional mechanics and we never went after home mechanic. Auto Zone, NAPA and others all sell cheap tools made for home users which we would never carry but now that we have many of our products on our website it’s really surprising how many calls we get from home mechanics that really want top of the line Ingersoll Rand or Chicago Pneumatic air tools. If you have any questions about power tools feel to give us a call and see if we can’t help you find the right tool for the job.


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Holiday Gift Ideas Part 2 – Dream Gifts



What do you really want for the holidays? Here are some ideas for dream gifts for those who want to do a little more around the house… or perhaps build another house. Personally I’m obsessed with tools and I’ll look for any excuse to get all the new tools. The Micro Seesnake is a good example of that. How did anyone ever live without this thing? Some of the things on the list are defiantly overkill but for the most part pretty reasonable, in my mind.

First off everyone needs a good set of cordless power tools. The Bosch Litheon 36 volt 4 tool combo kit CPK40-36 should work nicely. At $642.50 with the $100 off tool trade-in deal, these tools are within reach. The Bosch 36 volt Litheon tools are some of the most powerful on the market today and with 2 FatPack batteries you’ll be able to work all day long without waiting for batteries to recharge.

In addition to a good set of cordless tools you’re going to need a really good saw that is portable enough to travel but still make extremely accurate cuts. Most likely you will already have a circular saw and reciprocating saw so the next step would be to get a miter saw and/or table saw. If you have a nice big work shop you might as well get both. On the other hand if you do need to do some work away from home base it’s great to have something that travels easily. In the past a table saw was not a good option for portability.  This is not the case today, check out the Bosch 4100-09 10 inch table saw. It is extremely portable and sets up in about 5 seconds. Bosch also makes several amazing 12 inch miter saws checkout the 4212L and 5412L models.

For working at home an item many of us would like to have in their garage is a lift. Is that really out of the question? Not with the Norco 2.5 ton air lift jack. These fine lifts have wheels so you can store them away when not in use and move them into position when you are ready to turn your garage into a full blown mechanic shop. For $865.33 each these are a great investment for any garage.

Once you got that hot rod up on the lift you are going to need to get some work done. Ohio Power Tool sells a wide variety of other automotive tools and everything you might need to really make a lot of noise in the garage. Obviously the first place to start is a good air compressor to run all your new pneumatic tools. No need to mess around with a wimpy little compressor for the garage that can barely keep up. Ingersoll Rand makes a nice 5 HP, 80 gallon, two stage compressor that will ensure you never run out of juice. For only $1807.20 this monster will power your home workshop all day long. 

For those people that really what to get serious the perfect gift to have under the tree would be a Power Team shop press. I don’t know if Santa can haul the 600 lb unit into my garage or shell out $3936 but it would make for one sweet Christmas morning. This unit is a 25 ton press with a 6.25 inch travel and provides plenty of punch for any home or shop.

These are just a few suggestions for under my dream Christmas tree. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious like a light weight portable magnetic drill and new 35lb jack hammer which I would easily find some uses. See some more reasonable gift ideas on Ohio Power Tool where they have a list of 12 more reasonable items and thousands of other tools that will make great gifts.      

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Holiday Gift Ideas Part 1 – Cordless Power Tools

This holiday season give the gift that keeps on giving, Power Tools. When it comes to power tools the most popular gifts and probably the most fun are cordless power tools. Cordless power tools are however a tricky gift to give. Many people are very loyal to their favorite line of tools (i.e. Bosch, Milwaukee, etc) and it’s not always the cheapest option on the list. Also there are a lot of discount cordless tools you can pick up next to the checkout at any big box home improvement store which aren’t even worth the plastic they are made of. Seriously be careful some cheap cordless saws can only make 3-5 full powered cuts on a charge? Who know why they even make these things other than to trick uninformed buyers. You would be much better off giving a nice quality corded model that will last for years. Power Tools are not like that store brand cereal that’s almost the same as your Lucky Charms you can buy for half the price.

Cordless drills are a safer bet as they normally hold a charge a little longer, but again don’t go cheap. There are several models of compact cordless drills that are relatively inexpensive, are very compact (i.e. Bosch Pocket Driver or Milwaukee Micro Driver)and hold a charge much longer than the discount brands. If you want to give a quality cordless tool gift at a low price this would be the way to go. If you have a little larger budget there are great deals on multiple tools and combo kits.  

Recommended Cordless Lines to look at: Milwaukee V18, Milwaukee V28, Bosch Litheon & Ingersoll Rand IQV

Visit Ohio Power Tool to see their top 12 holiday gift ideas as well as all the other thousands of tools they supply.


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Future of Construction & U.S. Green Building Council

Recently the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) made some significant changes to their website as well as launched a new site which is intended to make education that is accessible for all. The USGBC has been an incredibly successful non-profit organization responsible for the LEED certification program, the standard for rating Green Buildings today.

Why is this important to absolutely everyone in the construction industry? It is important because the U.S. market in green building products and services has gone from about $7 billion in 2005 to nearing $12 billion in 2007. I can tell you for certain the entire building industry has not gone up 40% over the same two years period. Consumers are demanding Green Buildings, which basically translates to LEED certified buildings. Large companies like Tuner Construction have lead the way in adoption and found ways to build green at equal or even reduced costs. The benefits of building green are huge; these companies receive tons of great PR, bid on project with less competition and make people feel good about helping to reduce effects on the environment.  

Small and midsize construction companies should all be getting involved at this time. LEED certification is not just for “specialty environmentalist builders” this is the trend of the entire construction industry. In the next 10 years, it is likely every building will be given a ranking on the LEED standard. The USGBC currently offers several low priced ($80 or $200 for series) courses to educate industry professionals through seminars at the Green Building Expo or online courses you can find on their website. These courses also count towards continuing education for many professions.

This is the future of the construction business, time to get ahead of the competition.      

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PowerLuber Cordless Grease Gun

A little over a year ago Lincoln Lube introduced its line of PowerLuber, cordless grease guns. These tools have become incredibly successful and are now one of the favorite for many people. Designed for virtually any lubrication application, these professional quality tool features a two-speed switch for high-pressure or high-volume delivery and a cycle indicator pin to monitor grease output.

The PowerLuber 1444 features two long-lasting 14.4-volt batteries which provide maximum working time between recharges, and its “Smart” charging system recognize battery condition when not in use and keep the battery fully charged. PowerLuber’s balanced design and padded grip provide operator comfort during use, and its heavy-duty compact case is molded from impact- and stain-resistant plastic.

In addition, the PowerLuber has a built-in hose and coupler holder to keep the hose and grease coupler secure when not in use. Other features include a machined and hardened piston, Lincoln’s exclusive flip-over follower, an accessible check valve and a threaded opening to accept an optional filler nipple.


If you have any questions about any of the Lincoln Lube products, please contact the professionals at Ohio Power Tool.


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Most Popular Power Tool Blogs

power tool blogs

This is a list of the most popular Power Tool blogs on the internet today. Sure these guys are the competition (as they mostly represent retail sites) but they are all good resources for anyone interested in power tools, DIY projects and industry news. If you subscribe to RSS feeds we have put together a RSS Feed which includes all of these sites. VIEW THE ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE POWER TOOL BLOG RSS FEED – Obviously you’ve already found us and know this is your number one source for power tool news. We focus on top manufacturers of professional tools and equipment so we don’t cover many of the discount DIY power tool lines. Blog posts have been every few days but we are adding some good people to the team and will be blogging daily very very soon. Visit Ohio Power Tool to purchase tools and equipment. – Tool Monger is a great site! Multiple posts per day, good projects, and wide variety of topics covered. As far as I can tell there is not a close association with any one retail outlet so I feel they have fair reviews. 

Ridgid Forum – This is a great forum for power tools and especially for plumbing tools (for those that don’t know more than the Home Depot line, Ridgid is king of plumbing tools). The power tool section is extremely useful as well on all makes and models; you can talk about whatever is on your mind. There is a blog section where users can create there own blogs which hasn’t taken off yet but could potentially be very interesting moving forward (similar concepts work well for careers like Real Estate Agents). 

Power Tool Geek – The first really popular power tool blogger, Brian has been at it for several years. They represent so probably should be our mortal enemy but these guys are pretty good, although we haven’t seen many articles from them recently. – Mostly focused on woodworking tools this blog is fairly well written and useful. It appears to have some active users who comment frequently. New posts every few days and they must have a referral account with Amazon because they have lots of links to Amazon to sell tools. – This blog is alright but all over the place. Run by blogpire which appears to be a large network of random blogs, it looks like it writes about who ever is paying them at the moment. Never the less there are some good posts in here from time to time.

As I mentioned above, all of these blogs are available in a single RSS feed: Get it Here



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