The Epic Battle Between Red & Yellow Wages On!

M18 vs flexvolt

Back in 1990’s Dewalt owned 50% the professional cordless market which is a staggering thought. To get there they constantly came out with new tools, the deals were aggressive and market became saturated with yellow NiCd batteries. The downside for consumers of any power tool company getting too big is frankly that they get lazy, the deals become less aggressive and the new product development slows greatly or goes off in directions that don’t make sense. In the late 2000’s Milwaukee really reinvented themselves and their big investments in brushless technology paid off. Over the past 8 years the underdog in cordless tools became the leaders in technology, market share grew and their aggressive deals were very reminiscing of the yellow team from a decade earlier.

Up until yesterday it seemed as if Dewalt was going to simply sit by and let the Red team lead the way in cordless and be happy to release “me to” products a year later. With yesterday’s launch of Dewalt’s FLEXVOLT line of 60V brushless tools it seems like that is not the case anymore and they are again getting aggressive and ready for a head to head battle in brushless tools. Continue reading

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Dewalt FlexVolt Cordless 20V, 60V or 120V Power

FlexVolt 20V or 60V

Today Dewalt’s campaign for #WorldsFirst is officially underway and it delivers on its promise to be a pretty huge deal. The new 15 cell FlexVolt 60V/20V batteries DCB606 ($150) can go from 20V to 60V depending on the tool they connect to. Nominal voltage, that’s 18V to 54V if anyone is paying attention to that. These new batteries have the same number of cells as the Milwaukee 9.0Ah high demand batteries and are both intended to create long lasting power for tools you typically would need a cord to power. Dewalt isn’t hesitating on taking this platform and running with it by announcing a ton of new cordless tools all at once today!

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Ingersoll Rand IQv 20V Brushless Impacts W5132 & W5152

Ingersoll W5132

For the folks at IR the focus for their IQv cordless tools is clearly very much automotive. It’s no secret cordless tools are cannibalizing much of the pneumatic tool business so to stay competitive traditional air tool brands are going to need to figure out how to compete with products designed for the trade. We like what Ingersoll Rand has done with these new brushless impact tools, 3/8” W5132 & 1/2″ W5152 which will replace the W5130 & W5150 respectively.

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 7” Variable Speed Polisher 2738-22

M18 Cordless Polisher

Once upon a time, many moons ago, I spent a summer as a car detailer for a high-end car wash. Just by chance the guy who had done their detailing for several years had quit and without any formal training I was head of detailing first week on the job, literally was detailing a new Porsche on day 1! (just a warning if you ever thought by paying $100+ meant you were getting a seasoned pro it does not). Detailing 5-6 cars/day was the expectation and everything from high end sports cars to rusted out station wagons that smelled like someone died inside. Burned a lot of paint that summer learning how to buff out scratches and what you can’t fix.

One of the big frustrations in detailing was the power cord, with the polisher/buffer the cord is possibly more of a problem than any other power tool we can think of. First the cord is getting dragged around the shop floor getting covered in dirt, grease, compound, wax, tire cleaner, etc. Then you’ve got to work over top of the car you are trying to keep clean so you keep the cord out of way by throwing it over your shoulder, now you’ve got the dirt stick cord rubbing on your neck… The M18 FUEL Polisher 2738-22 ($449) is a no brainer for those in the detailing business. Also available as a multi-pad kit 2738-22P ($499) or as a bare tool 2738-20 ($249), all available in July.

M18 Polisher Kit Continue reading

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The M12 Rover Compact Floodlight Is Made to Move

m12 flood light

The Milwaukee M12 LED Rover Floodlight is as powerful as a 250W halogen while being safer and more portable.

THe M12 floodlight is a great light for on-the-go use, perfect for replacing 250w halogen for the trades that go from jobsite to jobsite throughout the day like service MEP users and remodelers. The M12 Floodlight’s compact size paired with it’s variety of integrated hanging features allow the user to stick, clamp, hang, or carry it in multiple orientations. Continue reading

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The Milwaukee M18 Rocket Tower Is Also a Charger

rocket light

The new Milwaukee M18 Tower Light has integrated AC Power and charges batteries.

The older Milwaukee M18 Stand light was a reasonable success, largely due to its runtime, brightness, and the fact that it collapsed down into an easily transportable package quickly and without tools. In September of 2016, Milwaukee will be launching their update to this product with a couple of key feature changes. Continue reading

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The Milwaukee FUEL Sawzall with One-Key Knows More Than Me

One Key Sawzall

Milwaukee’s newest M18 Sawzall will use One-Key to optimize the tool for the material being cut.

When linked to the One-Key app, the user will be given the option to manually select a ramp-up speed and a maximum strokes per minute. The app will also give users the ability to choose the material they are cutting from a list provided by Milwaukee, then select the thickness of the material. The app will then make a recommendation for which blade the user should use, and dial in the ramp-up and speed accordingly. It wall also have all of the great One-Key tracking ability, which can act as a theft deterrent and help you find lost tools. Continue reading

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The M18 Radius Site Light Wants to Show You the Way


The Radius light from Milwaukee is engineered to provide an area lighting solution that replaces its halogen and fluorescent predecessors.

The M18 radius light  can be used as a cordless light or using Milwaukee’s M18 batteries, features a maximum output of 4,400 Lumens and a maximum runtime of 10 hours (with 9.0 high output batteries). The AC on the light is pass through, so at the worst you don’t totally occupy a cord you may want to use for something else (providing that other thing has low amp draw, like a radio or charger) and at best you are able to string multiple lighting solutions together.  Up to 12 lights can be strung together. However, the light is not a charger, and no power comes from the AC outlet when the light is running off of its battery.  Continue reading

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Milwaukee Hardline Pocket Knives Feature D2 Steel

D2 Steel Pocket Knife

We were teased with a premium line of knives at Milwaukee’s 2015 event but the 2016 New Product Symposium made it official. Milwaukee has had great success with their FastBack Knives with utility blades and fixed blades and the recently launched FastBack Compact 48-22-1906 is the best knife we’ve ever owned for under $9. It is this exceptional value which gives us great hope for this new higher end line of pocket knives, Milwaukee’s Hardline Knives are intended to be the next step-up with high end D2 steel and premium features but a price point of $59-$79 which is about half the price of the competition they will be going against. Continue reading

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Milwaukee Has Made the Most Powerful Single LED Rechargeable Flashlight

M12™ LED<br /><br /><br /> Metal Flashlight Kit

Milwaukee Tool has created the brightest single LED flashlight on the market and powered it with their versatile M12 system.

The Milwaukee 2355-20 LED Metal Flashlight should be a great addition to the tool kits for automotive, mechanical, MRO and utility worker, and particularly those who already use M12 or M18 tools. The new M12 Metal Flashlight has an innovative one-handed mechanism to adjust from floodlight to beam lighting, and a 6000 series aluminum housing to stand up to punishing drops. Boasting 5 hours of runtime on its high output (800 lumens) setting and 7 hours at low output (325 lumens) this tool, which ships at the end of June 2016, exceeds the light output of nearly every competitive flashlight on the market.  Continue reading

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