Southwire 240′ SIMpull Fish Tape FTSP45-240FMLT

Push or pulling fish tape can be tedious and frustrating. However, it doesn’t always have to be. The SouthWire SIMpull spiral extruded polymer Fish Tape reduces the amount of effort required to push through EMT and/or PVC conduit. The new FTSP45-240FMLT ($149) is packaged different from their other fish tape models. Notice that it is coiled in a tube, rather than the plastic case. This is also the largest Southwire Fish Tape available with a 240′ length and 4.5mm thickness.

We’ve built a simple rig to test and see if this could be feed through ten 90 degree elbows, don’t try this with metal or fiberglass fish tapes. Very little struggle and it had no problem feeding all the way through.

Flexible metal leader on one end and non conductive leader on the opposite, the SouthWire SIMpull combines the strength of a steel fish tape and greater flexibility than fiberglass fish tapes. No question the SIMpull tech will take over nearly all fsh tapes moving forward.

You can learn more about the whole lineup of SouthWire SIMpull Fish Tapes from our previous post, “Southwire Releases New SIMpull Fish Tapes.

If you’re pulling long lengths, this SouthWire SIMpull Fish Tape is a very smart investment. Especially with a retail price of only $149. You can order yours today at

What do you use to pull cable now? Would this Fish Tape make your job easier? Let us know!



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