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Metabo WP 9-115 4.5″ Angle Grinder – Power Tool Showcase

Wp9-115 Grinder

In 2017 Coptool had the privilege of visiting the Metabo factory in Stuttgard, Germany and really get an inside look as to how all their Grinders are made and tested. This same assembly line builds the W9-115 Quick and WP9-115 Quick (paddle) as well as all their high-end models. We were truly amazed at their operation from casting aluminum to grinding gears to winding motors and extensive quality testing, their operation ensures the highest level quality.


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Metabo 5” Tuck-Point Angle Grinder W12-125HD & ASR 35 ACP HEPA Vacuum

Another overview with Josh from the Metabo truck. This time he gives us a brief over view of the Metabo 5″ W12-25HD Tuck Pointing Angle Grinder (600408690) and 35 ACP HEPA All-Purpose Vac (US602057800)(more…)

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Bosch 18V Brushless Angle Grinders GWS18V-45 vs Corded

We had a great time playing with different Bosch Angle Grinders in the metal working room at the Idea Foundry! We took some time to discuss the new GWS18V-45C/PSC Brushless Angle Grinder to see how it matches up to their corded models, such as the 1375A and GWS10-45PD. Also looked at the new Bluetooth connectivity options available with these new grinders. (more…)

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Bosch Brushless 18V Connected Grinder GWS18V-125SC

GUEST POST – Dwain is one of the experts behind OZToolTalk, from Australia . You can find more of their video tool reviews on their Youtube Channel.  

Bosch Brushless Grinder GWS18V-125sc

Bosch are making some waves this year, putting out some seriously premium 18v tools. Most importantly they have released their CORE batteries with greatly increased power ouput, enabling a host of more powerful 18v tools. These include their incredible new sabre saw GSA18V-125K, their 1″ Bulldog SDS GHB18V-26K and now their first brushless grinder, the GWS18V-125SC (note that is the European model number, may not be same in the US when released). Bosch claim it has the power of a 1,000W electric grinder when paired with a CORE battery!


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Flash Sale, Gold Metabo Grinders with Slip Clutch

Metabo Grinder Gold

Last year was Metabo’s 50th anniversary so they came out with special edition 4-1/2” & 6” grinders with gold trim and some extra wheels in packaging. Well it’s no longer their 50th anniversary year while the 6” gold grinders are all gone you can pick up the few remaining Metabo Gold 4-1/2” Grinders for a steal at $99!!! That’s a huge savings, over 30% for a typical WP9-115 Quick, won’t last long!


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Milwaukee Grinder Deal on 4.5″ to 6″ – Buy 3 Get One Free

We have posted on the new Milwaukee Grinders a couple of times; see here and video comparison here, with pretty positive results. We continue to see excellent professional performance and probably the best value in the grinder category as they are very well priced vs other pro grinders. For the high volume grinder users this promotion is pretty attractive and works for almost any of the 4.5”-6” Milwaukee Grinders you will find at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424.

See the full Mail-In Rebate for complete details. Offer good until June 30, 2012.

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18 New Grinders Launching this Summer from Milwaukee Tools


It was not that long ago (about 2 years) Milwaukee Tools launched a full line of brand new 4.5” to 9” grinders and they are at it again. With 18 new grinder models just in the 4.5” to 6” category Milwaukee is serious about reclaiming a larger portion of this market. It looks as though the new Milwaukee grinders will replace the existing units with several key improvements including tool free accessory changing, improved internal electronics such as overload protection, soft start and Constant Power Technology. The other critical improvement everyone always wants to see is more power output, which is achieved through either a compact 11amp or 13amp motor. These new grinders will be released a few at a time between June and August.


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