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Portable Bandsaw Blades – Milwaukee Extreme Metal

You saw the title, Portable Bandsaw Blades, and decided that’s an article worth reading, you’re my kind of people. It’s admitably not a topic that’ll keep most people on the edge of their seat but for those who’ve spent 10+ hours straight hanging strut and threaded rod, a faster cutting blade with 1/3 the blade changes may hit close to home. Milwaukee has been the most popular tool brand for portable band saws for decades, offering a full line up; corded Deep Cut 6232-20, M18 FUEL Deep Cut 2729-21, M18 Compact 2629-20 or even the newer M12 Sub-Compact 2429-21XC which is great for threaded rod or rebar.

Extreme Metal Milwaukee Bandsaw

While Milwaukee has been the leaders on the tool side, MK Morse and Lenox have been more popular on the actual replacement blades with standard bi-metal and high performance options like the Lenox Wolf-Band or MK Morse Cobalt 811 band saw blades. Milwaukee hopes to change all that with their new Milwaukee Extreme Metal Blades which fit all sizes of their saws with Thick Metal 8/10 TPI and Thin Metal 12/14 TPI options that will be added to their current standard bi-metal options. (more…)

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Milwaukee M12 Band Saw 2429-21XC vs Hydraulic Rebar Cutter


At first glance we thought what could we do with a Band Saw that only has a 1-5/8” capacity? Our thought with any tool in our arsenal is never how many things can this tool do a medium job at. We look for 1 thing the tool can do a great job at, then any additional tasks it might do is a bonus. We had to build several concrete pads with rebar inside for training event so it was the perfect opportunity to test out the M12 Band Saw 2429-21XC ($199, Ohio Power Tool). We also happened to have access to a $1700 Multiquip Rebar Cutter which we did some comparison bench marking.


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