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Stabila Tech 700DA Digital Miter / Angle Finders

Stabila Tech 700DA

We’ve seen digital angle finders before but we have really been impressed by the new Stabila Tech 700DA digital angle / miter finder levels. The 18” level 39018 and 32” level 039032 really hit a wide range of applications and both feature IP54 durability for jobsite toughness. Rich from Stabila shows us how this is a digital speed square, digital miter finder, digital bevel gauge and duel bubble level all in one package.


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Skilsaw 12” WormDrive Slide Miter Saw SPT88-01

Skilsaw 12" wormdrive miter
For years we’ve battled bulky motors sticking out of the side of the miter saw and though why can’t they figure out how to get this thing out of the way completely. It just takes a Worm Drive and BOOM the motors way back there, which potentially more torque. The STAFDA launch was just a sneak preview this thing isn’t going to hit the shelves until April 2019 with a $579 price tag which makes it right up there with other premium miter saw options. It is very light for a 12″ at only 51 lbs and has all the bells & whistles you’d expect for that price. Check out SkilSaw on Ohio Power Tool, Pre-Sale options for the SPT88-01 will be available soon!


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Bosch 12” Axial-Glide Miter Saw GCM12SD

After a 2 day adventure to Bosch Tools North American home office in Mount Prospect, Il it is hard not to still be excited about all the cool new stuff coming. So many new products to such a wide range of fields from woodworking to concrete to metal working to cordless and so on. Maybe they put something in the water but it was very impressive to see so much innovation from just 1 year ago. We will work hard to get several posts up over the next few weeks, in the mean time we will do our best to focus on thing at a time.

Starting at the top, the Crown Jewel of the event would have to be the new Axial-Glide 12” Miter Saw GCM12SD. Available shortly at Ohio Power Tool with a current target price of $799; although no official dates on when these will hit the shelves… we are hoping soon! (Update: 10/1/2010 first shipment ready to go out, as of today units currently available) Of course the new Bosch GCM12SD will share/improve upon some of the great features on the current Bosch 12” Miter 5312 ($599, Ohio Power Tool) including upfront controls and built-in material support extensions.

As you can see in the pictures (more in this 32 Pic Album) the slide arm is the biggest innovation here but if you look close it is actually 2 arms working together, one on X and other on the Y axis. This mechanism is an extremely sturdy feat of engineering, and my last reservations were cleared away when the Bosch product manager started swinging a 2×4” at it like Mark McGwire in ‘98. The bearings are also sealed so no matter how much saw dust or debris gets on the arm, the travel will not become jerky unlike other slide saws where the rails are exposed.

Another great benefit an event like this offers is to have all the competitors’ latest & greatest models in one place to inspect and test alongside the Bosch. It takes great confidence in your products to set up a demo like that and while there were no price tags on the units it was pretty obvious the Bosch offered a clear advantage over the competition in terms of depth of work area used. For more details on the new Axial-Glide Miter Saw GCM12SD read the full Bosch Press Release below.


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