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Bosch MegaWatt Crew, New 18V Tools 2019


At World of Concrete 2019 last week Bosch 18V Tools went from a distant horse in the cordless tool race to one of the potential contender again with a large expansion of exciting 18V tools. They’re getting a little cute and naming all the tools which we have mixed emotions on, we’ve all loved calling the SDS-Plus hammer the Bulldog for years, it’s a great trade name, have they gone too far some of the other names, The Goon, The Surgeon, a little bit of a stretch but we’re talking about new amazingly powerful 18V tools so we’re on board. The new Bosch 8.0Ah batteries with 21700 cells and 1600 watts output are really the hidden hero here that allow these 18V tools to compete with other 36V and 54V (60V max) tools. Here is a rundown of what’s coming!


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Bosch 18V Cordless – Smokin Deals from Ohio Power Tool

New Drills – We have gone over the second generation Drills and Hammer Drills that we watched actually get thrown out of a helicopter 500ft in the air and still worked. These new hammer drills are now available in two really agressively priced kits with the impact driver: Compact Tough Hammer Drill & Impactor CLPK232-181 ($199, Ohio Power Tool) and Brute Tough Hammer Drill & Impactor CLPK221-181 ($299, Ohio Power Tool).


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