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Bosch MegaWatt Crew, New 18V Tools 2019


At World of Concrete 2019 last week Bosch 18V Tools went from a distant horse in the cordless tool race to one of the potential contender again with a large expansion of exciting 18V tools. They’re getting a little cute and naming all the tools which we have mixed emotions on, we’ve all loved calling the SDS-Plus hammer the Bulldog for years, it’s a great trade name, have they gone too far some of the other names, The Goon, The Surgeon, a little bit of a stretch but we’re talking about new amazingly powerful 18V tools so we’re on board. The new Bosch 8.0Ah batteries with 21700 cells and 1600 watts output are really the hidden hero here that allow these 18V tools to compete with other 36V and 54V (60V max) tools. Here is a rundown of what’s coming!


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Bosch Bulldog SDS-Plus Hammer Now 18V Cordless

Today at the World of Concrete our friends from Bosch Tools have announced that the world’s most popular SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer will be going cordless. The first ever Cordless Bosch Bulldog GBH18V-26DK24 $449 will be very similar to the corded 11255VSR with a 1” capacity at 1.9 Ft. Lbs. but reports that it’ll outperform its corded counterpart. Additionally a new 18V HEPA dust collection unit GDE18V-26DN that’ll work with this Bulldog or really any SDS-Plus rotary hammer with similar handle setup. Will this cordless D-Handle unit find similar success to the 20+ years the Bosch Bulldog corded models have, that really depends on 2 big questions which still remain unanswered?


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Bosch Tools at World of Concrete 2018

Bosch Distance Measurer

Last week was World of Concrete and if you’ve ever been to the show you know there is a ton to see! We are going to spend the next few days breaking down some of the top tool manufacturers starting with our friends at Bosch Power Tools. Some pretty exciting stuff coming in 2018 from Blue team including new lasers, GPS tracking on their tools and more cordless technology.

Outdoor Distance Measuring Laser GLM400 ($229) & GLM400CL ($299, Lithium Pack) these lasers are a first of their kind with a build in camera to see where that laser point is even in outdoor light and/or a further distances. Packed with features we expect these to be available late spring / early summer. (more…)

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Brushless 18V Impact Driver Challenge 2016 – Bosch vs Dewalt vs Makita vs Milwaukee

2016 cordless impact compare

The impact driver has really become the go to cordless tool on the jobsite over the last decade. These tools are super compact but can pack a ton of torque without risk of twisting your arm off you will find with a powerful drill/driver. We honestly think the bits & impact accessories for these tools still need to catch up to the power they can all put out. For this test we took the latest and greatest from the top 4 professional brands and used 2.0Ah batteries with each. The contestants are as follows: Bosch 18V IDH182 ($179), Dewalt 20V DCF887 ($110), Makita 18V XDT09 ($199) and Milwaukee M18 2757-20 ($179). We looked at a variety of applications and put them all on the Skidmore for torque testing here is what we found.


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Bosch 18V One Handed Recip Saw GSA18V-083B

Bosch 18V Recip

One of the biggest trends in Cordless recip saws over the past few years has surprisingly been away from the bigger, more beefy saws and more towards the less expensive, compact recip saws. For a lot of jobs these one handed cordless saws really are the way to go. One first glance the new Bosch 18V recip GSA18V-083B ($139, bare) definitely looks like a blue version of the Milwaukee M18 Hackzall ($99, bare) but on second glance, well yeah it still looks like a Bosch Hackzall. That isn’t a terrible thing however because it’s been very popular for Milwaukee cordless users so no reason to think Bosch 18V Cordless users would be any less excited for this addition. (more…)

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2015 Cordless Hammer Drill Challenge – Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee

Hammer Drill Comparison 2015

The hammer drill is the most popular cordless power tool, so no surprise these are the tools we see manufacturers reinvent every couple of years. With constant technology improvements things are changing faster and faster which is also why this is our 3rd comparison test (Comparison Test 1 5/12, Test 2 9/14) we’ve done for cordless hammer drills. Previously we compared these tools drilling holes into concrete, using “hammer mode”. Of course many of these tools will spend only a small fraction of their lives actually working in concrete and some may never touch any aggregate. The hammer drills are also included in most heavy duty combo kits so chances are good that’s what you’ll get even if you just wanted a drill/driver.

For this test we did 3 different comparisons in wood and metal to measure power, speed and runtime. We’ve got the latest tools all running 5.0Ah (5.5Ah Metabo) and their latest hammer drills; Bosch HDH181X-01L, Dewalt DCD995M2, Makita XPH07T, Metabo SB18LXTBL, and Milwaukee 2704-22 (new generation 2 brushless).

*** Added 11/27/2015 Results from Hilti 18V SFH 18-A Hammer Drill 18V Cordless


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Save up to 20% on Bosch Cordless Until 5/21/15

Bosch Cordless Promo


Father’s day is over a month away but it’s never to early to get a good deal! From now until May 21st, 2015 you can take advantage of a $20 off Coupon Code BOSCH20 for any Bosch cordless orders over $100 at Ohio Power Tool. While it valid for all the Bosch 18V cordless tools including the SocketReady Impacts or Wireless inductive charging systems there is a real sweet spot for the Bosch 12V cordless tools that hover just above the $100 price tag for close to 20% savings. (more…)

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Bosch Two FREE 18V Batteries with Most Kits & Power Box 360

This is one of the richest deals we have seen from Bosch in sometime! It is a Mail-in Rebate, see complete Mail-in Form Here for all the detail, and makes a very compelling reason to get into the Bosch 18v System. The 2 Free Battery Deal is good with almost every Bosch 18v kit, combo kit and both Power Boxes, PB360S & PB360D. The deal is good from today until Saturday, June 16, 2012.


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How to Cut Floor Tile with Rotozip Tools

I recently saw a demo of the new Rotozip Tile-Dock and CR18L Cordless Rotozip, which uses the Bosch 18v Litheon batteries. There were several things I though were interesting about the demo starting with the Tile-Dock TD1-10. I’ve never seen anything like it, although I’m not a professional floor guy, but the few tiling projects I’ve done this would have been big help. Lightweight easy to carry, stores all the accessories and has a dust collection hook-up which is becoming more and more a priority these days with new laws and regulations. Obviously the Tile Dock could be used with any tool cutting tile such as a diamond grit hole saw or diamond sawzall blade.


The Rotozip CR18L had some nice features as well. I love that it uses the Bosch 18v Lithium batteries because the last thing anyone wants is another battery system, this way you’ll always have extra batteries ready. Also the fact that the diamond X-bits don’t need to be cooled with water is very convenient with a lot less setup / cleanup. This is not the tool for making the full tile strait cuts but almost every job is going to require several curved cuts, notch outs and/or holes made. This is a great solution.


If you have any questions about any of the Rotozip tools or accessories you can contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email sales@ohiopowertool.com. Special thanks to Dave for doing the demo a second time so I could capture it for the YouTube Video below. Please give it a good rating so he’ll feel good about himself and come back to do more videos we can all enjoy.



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