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Bosch Bulldog SDS-Plus Hammer Now 18V Cordless

Today at the World of Concrete our friends from Bosch Tools have announced that the world’s most popular SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer will be going cordless. The first ever Cordless Bosch Bulldog GBH18V-26DK24 $449 will be very similar to the corded 11255VSR with a 1” capacity at 1.9 Ft. Lbs. but reports that it’ll outperform its corded counterpart. Additionally a new 18V HEPA dust collection unit GDE18V-26DN that’ll work with this Bulldog or really any SDS-Plus rotary hammer with similar handle setup. Will this cordless D-Handle unit find similar success to the 20+ years the Bosch Bulldog corded models have, that really depends on 2 big questions which still remain unanswered?


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Bosch 36V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer RH328VC-36 & 4.0Ah 36V Batteries

Bosch RH328VC

One of the first new Bosch 36V tools we’ve seen in a while is this 1-1/8” SDS-Plus RH328VC-36 ($749) which will feature the same power output as the very popular corded Bulldog Xtreme RH228VC ($259) and almost identical to the RH328VC ($299). This new 36V rotary hammer will also come with the new 4.0Ah 36V batteries for one of the largest full tanks available for a cordless power tool. Additional features include the Active Response Technology (ART) a nice safety feature which keeps the tool from spinning out of control when it binds up. The Electronic Precision Control (EPC) utilizes soft-start and a reduced output for more precise drilling in cinder block or fine chiseling.

Interestingly we saw this tool demoed against the popular Milwaukee M18 FUEL rotary hammer 2715-22 ($549) which sports the same 1-1/8” rating and in testing seems to be able to hold its own against the corded Bosch RH228VC. The 36V Bosch is not a Brushless motor so we would think this might be better compared to the Makita 36V Rotary XRH05Z ($359, Bare) also not brushless.  Historically Milwaukee has not been a big player in rotary hammer drills but in world of cordless tools easy access to battery packs can sometimes be the deciding factor and M18 batteries are powering more and more tools these days. For serious all day applications in concrete many users would probably prefer a true cordless Bosch bulldog hammer but it’ll be interesting to see how price and access to batteries factors in. A full size cordless SDS-Plus hammer showdown is definitely in the Coptool pipeline.   (more…)

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New Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Max SDS-Plus Hammers RH228VC

The original Bosch Bulldog 11224VSR ($164, Ohio Power Tool) is still the most common SDS-Plus drill we see on jobsite even with so many more powerful options on the market. Bosch certainly does not want to be out gunned in this category however so they have launched the latest edition to their D-handle rotary hammer drills Bulldog Xtreme Max RH228VC ($259, Ohio Power Tool)     


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Free Bosch Grinder with Bulldog Rotary Hammer 11224VSR

While supplies last you can get a FREE Bosch 1375A ($69, Ohio Power Tool) grinder instantly when you order a 11224VSR ($218, Ohio Power Tool) 7/8” rotary hammer drill. If you are interested in learning more on the difference between a hammer drill & rotary hammer drill there is a nice article up on toolsnob, written for Popular Mechanics, check it out.


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