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Bosch MegaWatt Crew, New 18V Tools 2019


At World of Concrete 2019 last week Bosch 18V Tools went from a distant horse in the cordless tool race to one of the potential contender again with a large expansion of exciting 18V tools. They’re getting a little cute and naming all the tools which we have mixed emotions on, we’ve all loved calling the SDS-Plus hammer the Bulldog for years, it’s a great trade name, have they gone too far some of the other names, The Goon, The Surgeon, a little bit of a stretch but we’re talking about new amazingly powerful 18V tools so we’re on board. The new Bosch 8.0Ah batteries with 21700 cells and 1600 watts output are really the hidden hero here that allow these 18V tools to compete with other 36V and 54V (60V max) tools. Here is a rundown of what’s coming!


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Bosch Bulldog SDS-Plus Hammer Now 18V Cordless

Today at the World of Concrete our friends from Bosch Tools have announced that the world’s most popular SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer will be going cordless. The first ever Cordless Bosch Bulldog GBH18V-26DK24 $449 will be very similar to the corded 11255VSR with a 1” capacity at 1.9 Ft. Lbs. but reports that it’ll outperform its corded counterpart. Additionally a new 18V HEPA dust collection unit GDE18V-26DN that’ll work with this Bulldog or really any SDS-Plus rotary hammer with similar handle setup. Will this cordless D-Handle unit find similar success to the 20+ years the Bosch Bulldog corded models have, that really depends on 2 big questions which still remain unanswered?


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Easy Build Project – Kentucky Stick Chair

Kentucky Stick Chair Build

In our recent project, the Cordless Circular Saw Shootout, we had the opportunity to put 3 great circular saws to the test: the Milwaukee 2731-22 ($429), the Makita XSH01X ($419), and the Dewalt DCS575T2 ($355). In this test we wanted to rank the three in power, run-time and several other parameters which naturally involves lots of wood cutting. We built a simple jig to rip 2X4’s in half, so we could run all 3 of these saws in nice long rip cuts to gauge power and see if any might bog down (no bogging down with any of these saws). And of course, after our test we had plenty of freshly cut 2X2’s which can be useful for building book shelves or framing basements or any number of other projects but we already knew what to do with them, we were going to build a Kentucky Stick Chair.


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Bosch Tools to Sell Direct

Remastered Bosch Recon

(Post Updated 8/13/2016: Bosch’s Official response added below)

If you’re shopping for Reconditioned tools, Bosch has cut out the middlemen of retail and is now selling direct to customers through their website Bosch Remastered. Of course reconditioned power tools are always sold for less because they have been used or the package was damage or something went wrong but is now fixed. That being said reconditioned tools can often be a great value as they can easily last as long as brand new. Additionally they are selling brand new Bosch Accessories direct to customers through the website which has a lot of their local dealers pretty nervous. (more…)

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Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio Finally Gets Bluetooth PB360C

Bosch Power Box 360C

The Bosch Power Box PB360S has been one of our favorite products for years, how many other jobsite radios you can play Corn Hole with (see our 2011 video below) while the radio is still playing. But times they are a changing and Bluetooth is the undeniable feature everyone is looking for these days. Answer the new Bosch PB360C ($199) which looks to basically be the same radio but with built in Bluetooth of course. This will be a rolling change away from the PB360S, perfect timing for the holiday season.


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Bosch 18V Interchangeable Head Drill/Driver, SDS-Plus & More

Bosch 5-in-1 cordless

The video below popped up on YouTube last week on the Bosch UK. The GSR 18 V-EC FC2 comes with several heads for a variety of drilling and fastening applications. Festool has offered this for years in the premium tool category and more recently we’ve seen less expensive options that can interchange out all kind of saws, sanders and other types of tool heads. It looks like this is definitely a trend that is not going away so it’ll be nice to see other professional brands get involved so the tools actually perform and it’s not just a gimmick that make a nice infomercial.


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Bosch 12V Barrel Grip Compact Jig Saw JS120

Bosch 12V Jig Saw

Earlier this year we got a chance to try out the Bosch 12V Circular Saw (released in Europe not US) and we disappointed because we could not have imagined what use it could possibly have. We could not feel more opposite about the new Bosch 12V jig saw JS120 ($119, bare) we recently had the opportunity to demo. We are very happy to say this Bosch 12V saw will be the next release in the US.

The extremely compact size makes this tool very easy to hold and maneuver highlighting the best aspects of the barrel grip design. It has a smaller 3/4“ stroke, variable speed, orbital option and LED all which work together to provide a very high level of control and precision to the user. Motor and cell protection prevent overheating and ensure longevity of the tool. Overall we think this compact jigsaw is going to be a huge success for woodworkers, remodelers and homeowners alike. A perfect addition to the Bosch 12V Cordless lineup.  (more…)

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Bosch 36V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer RH328VC-36 & 4.0Ah 36V Batteries

Bosch RH328VC

One of the first new Bosch 36V tools we’ve seen in a while is this 1-1/8” SDS-Plus RH328VC-36 ($749) which will feature the same power output as the very popular corded Bulldog Xtreme RH228VC ($259) and almost identical to the RH328VC ($299). This new 36V rotary hammer will also come with the new 4.0Ah 36V batteries for one of the largest full tanks available for a cordless power tool. Additional features include the Active Response Technology (ART) a nice safety feature which keeps the tool from spinning out of control when it binds up. The Electronic Precision Control (EPC) utilizes soft-start and a reduced output for more precise drilling in cinder block or fine chiseling.

Interestingly we saw this tool demoed against the popular Milwaukee M18 FUEL rotary hammer 2715-22 ($549) which sports the same 1-1/8” rating and in testing seems to be able to hold its own against the corded Bosch RH228VC. The 36V Bosch is not a Brushless motor so we would think this might be better compared to the Makita 36V Rotary XRH05Z ($359, Bare) also not brushless.  Historically Milwaukee has not been a big player in rotary hammer drills but in world of cordless tools easy access to battery packs can sometimes be the deciding factor and M18 batteries are powering more and more tools these days. For serious all day applications in concrete many users would probably prefer a true cordless Bosch bulldog hammer but it’ll be interesting to see how price and access to batteries factors in. A full size cordless SDS-Plus hammer showdown is definitely in the Coptool pipeline.   (more…)

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Bosch Tools Father’s Day Promotion $20 Off & Free Shipping

Bosch Fathers Day

For those looking for a great Father’s Day gift idea Bosch Tools and Ohio Power Tool have teamed up to make the choice pretty easy on you. Starting tomorrow, May 23rd and going until a few days after Father’s Day (June 22nd in case dad doesn’t get what he wanted) you can get an instant $20 off plus your order plus free shipping! For any Bosch order of 12V cordless, 18V cordless, Click-N-Go storage or measuring tools as long as the total is over $100 simply enter coupon code FATHERS to get an instant $20 off and Free Shipping!

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Bosch Focus On Safety with Torque-Control on 18V Hammer Drills HDH182X & DDH182X

Bosch Torque Control

A few years back Bosch announced a newly designed Brute Hammer Drill with 4 Pole Brushed Motor and it really was, in our opinion the best brushed heavy duty cordless drill on the market, a title we think they retain until today. The problem is however since that time brushless has become the technology everyone else has begun to adopt for several advantages in runtime, tool life and power. Bosch has also announced their own brushless drills however they are in the compact category along with Makita, Dewalt, Hitachi and others. For the heavy duty brushless category Milwaukee remains pretty much unchallenged for a few years now which is truly shocking.

At the World of Concrete when we saw a new Bosch Brute Tough Drills DDH182X and HDH182X we thought for sure we were looking at new brushless heavy duty drills. These drills will get improvements in safety first with brushless versions coming later, our guess would be 2015. At first we felt a little disappointment however when we actually saw what this new feature did we realized how many injuries the technology will prevent and understood the priority of getting this into the tools as quickly as possible. (more…)

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