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Ingersoll Rand Delivers on New and Improved 20V Compact Impact Wrenches

Ingersoll Rand has listened to their end users who demanded more performance out of the 3/8 and ½ inch compact impact wrenches. They have delivered on an updated line of 20V tools with focus on power, control, durability and access. Both come in 1 or 2 battery kits as well as bare tools in 3/8″ or 1/2″ so there’s something for someone at any level. Let’s dive into what they’ve done—and as always you can pre-order these new tools and everything IR you’ll need at Ohio Power Tool.


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Milwaukee M18 SURGE Hydraulic Impact Driver 2760-22

M18 SURGE Impact

There has been a lot of hype around the SURGE impact driver 2760-22 ($329) from Milwaukee that will be launching this month so what is so revolutionary about it? What you hear is quieter, smoother, less vibration but then you’ll see the specs of only 450 in lbs, and very much like we thought, who is going to give up 2/3 rds of the torque for a quieter impact, no thank you. But then we gave it a change and had a chat with the product team at Milwaukee only to realize the story that they should be telling about these tools is faster driving on 90% of your fastener applications.

Hydraulic Impact Rating

This is not an apples to apple comparison with the M18 FUEL 2753-22 ($299) or M18 FUEL ONE-KEY 2757-22 ($349) both with 1,800 in lbs peak torque rating. The hydraulic impact has a much lower peak rating but actually maintains that force much longer in the driving process. We verified this ourselves when driving small and medium size fasteners into wood or metal the speed is about the same or slightly faster with the SURGE. A 3-1/2” lag into a pressure treated 4×4 for instance is actually noticeably faster with the SURGE impact. The only difference is since you don’t have that really high peak torque you cannot do some of the very high torque applications like using an adaptor to take lug nuts or a truck. This picture illustrates the power much better than we can describe it. Our friends at Tools in Action did a great video with the Milwaukee Product Manager on this tool which helps explain some more about the SURGE technology.


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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Free Battery Deal & New Impact Drivers


The New Milwaukee Fuel Brushless system has now been in the market place for a short time and already having tremendous success. These new drills in combination with the RedLithium battery platform are reportedly leading to some of the longest runtimes of any tool, even against higher voltage 28 volt and 36 volt tools. Ohio Power Tool will be providing a FREE M18 Battery instantly with the purchase of any of the new M18 FUEL tools while limited supplies last.

M18 Fuel Drill/Driver 2603-22 ($279, Ohio Power Tool) and Hammer Drill/Driver 2604-22 ($299, Ohio Power Tool) will each come with a FREE M18 XC battery ($119 value). These tools are also offered from Milwaukee as 2603-22CT and 2604-22CT kits which includes the same tool but (2) compact batteries. We would strongly advise using the XC batteries with these tools! When used with the compact M18 batteries these tools drop from 725 in-lbs torque to 650 in-lbs torque because the smaller battery does not have the juice to power the brushless motor properly. These kits were clearly a result of bowing down to the large box stores that demand a price point and are far less concerned with tool performance. We’d compare this to buying a Porsche and then putting 87 octane gas in it and wonder why it doesn’t perform like you’d hoped. As a tool lover it’s just painful to watch.


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Brushless Tools the Next Step for DeWalt 20V Max Cordless


It was only last June when it was announced DeWalt would release a new line of 20V Max tools, see our post here. So why are they already redoing their Impact Driver and soon to follow drills and hammer drills? The answer is Brushless technology which seems to be all the craze in power tools as of late with Makita, Hitachi and Milwaukee already on board. No question the technology is better, by removing brushes there is less friction and energy lost to heat buildup so it can transfer more energy to actual power in the tools. This also means less wear parts to fail and need replaced. So will the new Brushless technology take over power tools?


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