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Bosch 18V Brushless Angle Grinders GWS18V-45 vs Corded

We had a great time playing with different Bosch Angle Grinders in the metal working room at the Idea Foundry! We took some time to discuss the new GWS18V-45C/PSC Brushless Angle Grinder to see how it matches up to their corded models, such as the 1375A and GWS10-45PD. Also looked at the new Bluetooth connectivity options available with these new grinders. (more…)

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Future of Shop Classes in High Schools

Our schools should teach shop class again.

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When I was 13, in middle school we had shop class, everyone had to take it, everyone made a screw driver, wooden tool box and even an electric motor which I thought was pretty awesome. Now shop class is not even offered in many schools, even though it is proven many students don’t learn particularly well from text books. This seems very shortsighted, not everyone is going to go to college and certainly there are many paths to be very successful in skilled trades. It’s also ridiculous to think going to college means skills learned in shop class don’t offer a ton of benefits to compliment STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) curriculum. Our friends at TIME and FORBES do a lot better job of articulating the finer points, why we need these programs. But where do we go from here? (more…)

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Columbus Idea Foundry, Continues Conquest for World Domination

Columbus Idea Foundry

If you’ve been a reader of Coptool for a couple years you might remember back in 2009 when we started talking about the Columbus Idea Foundry an interesting concept for a local community workspace (original CIF) which at the time was 2500 sq ft of industrial space that occasionally flooded and the landlord didn’t know what to do with. The place was a mess, equipment was all donated and definitely more of a club than a business. The idea however was very powerful and people wanted to be a part of it. (more…)

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5th Annual Power Tool Drag Races Returns to Columbus Maker Faire

Power Tool Drag Racing

Officially announced, the second annual Columbus Maker Faire will be held at COSI (Center of Science & industry) on Sunday, October 13th this year. The event will be FREE, which is typically the price we find people enjoy paying for stuff. This weekend also happens to be Columbus day weekend and is part of a larger city wide celebration of innovation & design called IDus (www.idus.us) which include a lot of other cool stuff on Friday & Saturday. The Maker Faire will also be the host to the 5th annual Ohio Tool Racing Championships (www.ToolRaces.com) which was a terrific success last year, see the Facebook Photo Album (84 photos). (more…)

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Popular Science Article – Invent Your Own Anything

The hard working folks at Columbus Idea Foundry (we are members) got some love today in the online Popular Science article “Invent Your Own Anything” which is a simplified step-by-step guide to becoming a successful inventor. This would probably be a nice time to also mention the Columbus Idea Foundry and COSI (Center of Science & Industry) will be teaming up to host Columbus’s first Maker Faire in late September. More info to follow!

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Woodworking Show – Columbus, Oh This Weekend Feb 3-5

The woodworking show travels around the country each winter and has become a very popular destination for live educational seminars with some of the bigger names in woodworking. It has also become synonymous with some really great deals. Ohio Power Tool will again be at the show with Bosch, Rotozip and Dremel featuring some of the most aggressive deals we have honestly ever seen. No joke, not a sales pitch, they are weird.

On top of the Ohio Power Tool already low internet prices the show also brings instant rebates on most woodworking related tools ranging from $10-75 off instantly. For accessories the instant savings is $5 off for every $30 spent at the show. In addition several “Door Buster” tools have been selected with even better deals, for the Columbus Show there will be a limited number of each of these: 12v drill/driver PS31-2A $85 – 18v drill & impact kit CLPK232-181 $175 + Mail-in Rebate for Free 3rd fatpack battery or cordless jigsaw – Variable Speed Colt Router PR20EVSK $89 – Oscillating Tool Kit MX25EK-33 $129 – Router Combo Kit MRC23EVSK $259.


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August 20th – The Third Annual Tool Racing Championships

That’s right boys and girls it is that time of the year again for your favorite frankensteinesk sport, power tool drag racing, www.ToolRaces.com. This is the third year for the Columbus event and we could not be more excited about the all the great things going on. For KickStarters the Idea Foundry is expanding into the neighboring space for a total of 20,000 sq ft!!! The race on Saturday, August 2oth will mark the opening of the new space to the general public. The fun starts at 4:00pm then goes late with live music and lots of fun to be had at the official race after party.

The Players
The 2011 event has also picked up some really terrific new sponsors including Bosch Power Tools who will be providing some serious prize packages for the winners as well as Buckeye Vodka, a local distiller of premium spirits. Additionally thank you to our returning sponsors Pabst Blue Ribbon, Ohio Power Tool and Liggett Stashower, for creating the amazing graphics and website!


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Build a Cigar Box MIDI Controller for Max/MSP


It’s interesting being a part of a community workshop; all day long the message board is a flicker with posts and random comments from folks offering up materials and other interesting stuff. Such as, does someone want 30 cigar boxes? Then a few days later a project like this pops up on adafruit.com on how to “Build a Cigar Box MIDI Controller” and you say wait a minute I recognize that laser cutter.


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Show Us Your Shop – Columbus Idea Foundry


The Idea Foundry was the Brain Child of Alex, Mandy & Nikki with the cooperation of a dozen others who helped build the place a little over a year ago. Since then the space has morphed and transformed itself almost weekly to accommodate new equipment and ideas to the point some of the more exotic non-working equipment had to be edited out. As it stands today the shop is a very functional space for many different avenues of creativity including: woodworking, welding (mig, tig, stick), plasma cutting, blacksmithing, sand casting, CNC/CAD (Shopbot, Bridgeport, Makerbot), screen printing, electronics, jewelry making and much much more.


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