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ICS Concrete Chain Saw Update FORCE4 Cross-LINK Diamond Chain

The next generation of concrete cutting chains are here. ICS didn’t stop at revolutionizing concrete chain saws—here comes the revolution of diamond chains. 25+ years of development and honing their craft, by the people who invented the technology, ICS Diamond Tools and Equipment have outdone themselves with their FORCE4 Cross-LINK Series coming June 7th in limited quantities, so make sure you get yours—Pre-order Here


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Dragon Saw – New Diamond Products 20” Concrete Ring Saw

And it looks like we have a winner for the craziest looking, most cartoon/video game like new tool for 2011! It is the new HDS60 Dragon Saw ($7480, Ohio Power Tool) and as if it didn’t look scary enough it even has a wicked name. We got to see one in person at this year’s Diamond Products University, a several day training event for professional concrete cutters, and honestly it’s even more impressive in person. This hand held unit can cut up to 16” into concrete and 12” without any overcutting.


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