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Milwaukee M18 Switch Tank Backpack Sprayers

Another huge launch from Milwaukee Tool this week, stepping into a new category with a ton of applications for concrete and landscape professionals. Shocking to us this and other huge launches are all coming out before the big #NPS19 event which leads us to ask, what is bigger than these are they saving to launch at the event? This M18 Switch Tank System really is going to be a game changer and has a ton of very smart features. Of course being on one of the most popular battery platforms is a huge advantage over anything out now but they did some very smart things here including building the tanks & hoses to be completely self-contained so there is no chance of mixing chemicals anywhere in the tank, pump, hose or wand.

M18 Switch Tank Water

Basically there is one M18 Switch Tank Base and 3 tank options (pesticide, concrete chemical, water supply) depending on which tank you want first you’re looking at $399-$439 for the kit which includes 1x 3.0Ah battery (enough charge for 12 tanks). From there additional tanks are $149-$164 so it’s very easy to keep everything totally separate. Many of the Kits will be launching early March, Pre-Sale up on Ohio Power Tool M18 Tools page starting February 1st if not sooner. (more…)

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Concrete Cutting with CS Unitec Diamond Chain Saws

January is always a fun time to talk concrete because of the World of Concrete show at the end of the month. If you have a chance to go one interesting demonstrations you will probably see is the guys cutting perfect square windows in solid wall slabs of concrete using diamond chain saws. It still amazes us everytime we see it. There really is nothing that compares to these concrete chain saws when you are looking at cutting power to weight and the ability for one person to control it.


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Diamond Saw Blades – Final Day of 12 Days of Bits & Blades

There is still time to register on 12 Days of Bits & Blades to win one of today’s 4 great prizes as well as the Grand Prize of a 4 Tool Bosch Cordless Combo Kit CLPK41-120 ($374, Ohio Power Tool). When all is said and done there will be 20 winners of Bosch tools & accessories and we wanted to thank the nice folks at Bosch for providing all the goodies and Ohio Power Tool for handling all the shipping & logistics. We Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season. Don’t forget Ohio Power Tool has great pricing on all Bosch Tools with Free Shipping until the end of the year.

Today’s Featured Product & Giveaway – Diamond Blades: Segmented 4” DB441 ($18, Ohio Power Tool), Turbo 4” DB442 ($15, Ohio Power Tool), Continuous 4” DB443 ($21, Ohio Power Tool), Turbo 7” DB742 ($26, Ohio Power Tool)


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