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Milwaukee Jobsite LED Lighting from NPS19

M18 Search Light LED

For the past 8 years Milwaukee Tool has been the industry leader in jobsite lighting with over 40+ job lighting solutions. Milwaukee doesn’t take this lightly, so they have expanded upon, and further developed their entire work light line from hazard awareness and remote-controlled spotlights to wearable lighting. Ditch the extension cords because this entire line is synced up with their cordless battery technology.


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Bosch 18V LED Floodlight 1900 Lumens GLI18V

Bosch 18V LED Lighting

It looks like 2017 will be the year Bosch 18V Cordless jumps back aggressively into the game. We recently saw the launch of new brushless compact and brute tough drills, coming soon new CORE high capacity batteries, new brushless recip saw and now a pair of LED flood lights are coming as GLI18V-1900N ($99) and GLI18V-1900C ($119, few months later) will offer Bluetooth connectivity to control multiple lights at once. (more…)

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The Milwaukee M18 Rocket Tower Is Also a Charger

rocket light

The new Milwaukee M18 Tower Light has integrated AC Power and charges batteries.

The older Milwaukee M18 Stand light was a reasonable success, largely due to its runtime, brightness, and the fact that it collapsed down into an easily transportable package quickly and without tools. In September of 2016, Milwaukee will be launching their update to this product with a couple of key feature changes. (more…)

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Upgrade your Milwaukee Flashlight to LED 49-81-0090

Tired of your Flashlight dying while on the job? How about 3 times the run time. Bulbs are a pain to replace; how about 250 times the life span (50,000 hours). Ever dropped your flashlight and the bulb broke; how about a bulb that won’t break (or that is at least as strong as or stronger than the plastic housing it). One bulb (the last bulb you’ll ever need) to work with all M12, M18, V18, V28 & all 9.6-28V Milwaukee incandescent flashlights. Also works with most DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Ridgid, Ryobi and other brands as well!  

It’s all true for your current flashlight if you get the new LED upgrade kit from Milwaukee 49-81-0090. The cost for the upgraded LED bulb kit will be around $33 but could be worth it for all benefits it provides. With all the advantages and continuously cheaper LED bulbs hopefully it won’t be long until all work lights are LED. Probably never guessed your flashlight bulb would out live your children’s children did you?

The Upgrade to LED kit 49-81-0090 will be available soon on Ohio Power Tool category: Cordless Worklights.      


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