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Milwaukee Jobsite LED Lighting from NPS19

M18 Search Light LED

For the past 8 years Milwaukee Tool has been the industry leader in jobsite lighting with over 40+ job lighting solutions. Milwaukee doesn’t take this lightly, so they have expanded upon, and further developed their entire work light line from hazard awareness and remote-controlled spotlights to wearable lighting. Ditch the extension cords because this entire line is synced up with their cordless battery technology.


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The M18 Radius Site Light Wants to Show You the Way


The Radius light from Milwaukee is engineered to provide an area lighting solution that replaces its halogen and fluorescent predecessors.

The M18 radius light  can be used as a cordless light or using Milwaukee’s M18 batteries, features a maximum output of 4,400 Lumens and a maximum runtime of 10 hours (with 9.0 high output batteries). The AC on the light is pass through, so at the worst you don’t totally occupy a cord you may want to use for something else (providing that other thing has low amp draw, like a radio or charger) and at best you are able to string multiple lighting solutions together.  Up to 12 lights can be strung together. However, the light is not a charger, and no power comes from the AC outlet when the light is running off of its battery.  (more…)

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Milwaukee Cordless LEDs Are Lights Out

LED Worklights

As far as lighting goes, it certainly appears that LED lights are the way of the future. Never one to be left behind, Milwaukee Tool has currently offers an adapter that changes their old cordless incandescent lights over to LEDs, as well as a cordless stick light that runs on the M12 platform and a worklight that runs off of their M18 platform that is quickly becoming wildly popular. (more…)

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