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ToolBoxBuzz 10” Sliding Miter Saw Head to Head with 7 Top Brands

10" Slide Miter Saw Showdown

We know the guys at ToolBoxBuzz have been hard at work on this 10” Sliding Miter Saw compareo with 7 of the most popular brands. We think it turned out very nicely. As an avid reader of any and all comparison tests, especially in the tool category, we always hope to come away with a better understanding of the differences in the various products but hopefully learn more about the options in the market in general. Very well done, but don’t take our word for it check out their video below then head over to their site for the full review.

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Dewalt XR Brushless Compact Drill/Driver & Single Speed Impact Driver

Dewalt XR DCD790 Brushless

Earlier this week we attended the Dewalt media event where the stars of the show were the new Dewalt XR Compact Drill/Driver DCD790 as well as the single speed XR impact driver DCF886. The compact Drill/Driver is Dewalt’s first brushless drilling product and will be accompanied shortly by the XR compact hammer drill DCD795. The single speed impact will be their second brushless impact to launch and will be the more cost effective counterpart to the three speed brushless XR DCF895 ($259) impact we saw launched last year.

Together the compact drill and single speed impact will be available in the combo kit DCK281D2 launching at $279, while the hammer drill combo DCK286D2 will hit shelves at $299. These are the most popular combo kits and price points that customers demand, which is exactly why Dewalt made these units the priority for their XR brushless platform with additional tools to follow. (more…)

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12V Recip Saw Showdown, Milwaukee v Bosch v DeWalt v Makita


As we had mentioned in this previous post, both DeWalt and Makita have just launched new 12 Volt reciprocating saws so we thought it was time for a little showdown to answer some questions we had. We matched them against the Bosch and Milwaukee units, which have some similarities to say the least, see this previous post. We took multiple cuts in the following materials until each battery was completely dead: pine 2×4”, pressure treated 2×2”, steel, steel pipe, copper tubing and threaded rod. We also looked at a variety of other important features from comfort to value to battery life.

We had a few tough decisions to make for the competition, one was do we use the provided blades (each came with a 4” wood and 4” metal) or do we set them all up with standardized blades in a more common 6” size. We decided to use the provided blades and let each manufacturer’s blade quality add/subtract to the complete package, as each will certainly recommend using their own accessories.


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Dewalt 40-Pound Demolition Hammer with SHOCKS D25960K

It is amazing to us the battle going on in demolition hammers to get the vibration levels continuously lower. The Dewalt D25960K now is as low as 6.8 m/s² vibration level which is actually lower than many cordless hammer drills on the market. Previously the 42lb Makita HM1317CB ($1170, Ohio Power Tool) had the lowest vibration in the range at 7.2 m/s² and both significantly beat the 35lb Bosch 11335K ($999, Ohio Power Tool) which is probably due for an upgrade in power and vibration control.


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Dewalt 6.5” Track Saw DWS520K – Review


Most of the time the first thing that pops into anyone’s head when they hear track saw is ripping down 4×8 sheets of plywood. The DWS520K ($449, Amazon) is ideal for just such a job when compared to a table saw. For stock this large there really is no comparison in accuracy, consistency, safety, not to mention it only takes 1 person to do it right. Where the track saw may get over looked for those not as familiar is the high level precision this tool adds to the convenience factor.


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