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ICS Concrete Chain Saw Update FORCE4 Cross-LINK Diamond Chain

The next generation of concrete cutting chains are here. ICS didn’t stop at revolutionizing concrete chain saws—here comes the revolution of diamond chains. 25+ years of development and honing their craft, by the people who invented the technology, ICS Diamond Tools and Equipment have outdone themselves with their FORCE4 Cross-LINK Series coming June 7th in limited quantities, so make sure you get yours—Pre-order Here


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Which Walk Behind Concrete Saws is Right for You?

Core Cut Concrete Saws

When it comes to selecting the right walk behind concrete cutting saw there are a lot of important considerations including: costs (upfront, operating, repair), capacities/speed, reliability, features, maneuverability just to name a few. Below we’ve highlight a couple of what we think are very good options from a Small to X-Large size Walk Behind Saws for cutting concrete or asphalt. (more…)

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ICS New Utility & Metal Cutting PowerGrit Chain for Concrete Chain Saws

ICS PowerGrit

For a long time ICS Bestway has been the leader when it comes to concrete cutting chains saws. These saws use diamond segmented chains to cut strait through concrete like a hot knife through butter and can do so on up to 25” thick. There really is not better way to make these types of cuts however the diamond chains are pretty pricey even when compared to conventional diamond circular saw blades.  This is probably why you don’t see them used more often however the good news for this technology is that manufactured diamond are getting cheaper each day and with ICS’s new PowerGrit diamond chains it really opens up a whole new market for these concrete chain saws. Instead of embedding the diamonds in the segment the PowerGrit segments braze the diamonds to the outside. We’ve seen this with the other Metal Cutting Diamond Blade that fit onto grinders or chop saws. This means these chain saws can now cut ductile pipe, cast iron, pvc, concrete and just about anything. (more…)

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Diamond Saw Blades – Final Day of 12 Days of Bits & Blades

There is still time to register on 12 Days of Bits & Blades to win one of today’s 4 great prizes as well as the Grand Prize of a 4 Tool Bosch Cordless Combo Kit CLPK41-120 ($374, Ohio Power Tool). When all is said and done there will be 20 winners of Bosch tools & accessories and we wanted to thank the nice folks at Bosch for providing all the goodies and Ohio Power Tool for handling all the shipping & logistics. We Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season. Don’t forget Ohio Power Tool has great pricing on all Bosch Tools with Free Shipping until the end of the year.

Today’s Featured Product & Giveaway – Diamond Blades: Segmented 4” DB441 ($18, Ohio Power Tool), Turbo 4” DB442 ($15, Ohio Power Tool), Continuous 4” DB443 ($21, Ohio Power Tool), Turbo 7” DB742 ($26, Ohio Power Tool)


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New Bosch Fiber Cement Saw Blades

Recently Bosch has introduced 2 new circular saw blades specifically designed for cutting fiber cement siding and backerboard. The CB704FC & CB706FC blades are specifically designed for cutting through this tough material and also to keep dust to a minimum. One of the most common problems working with fiber cement products is the large amount of dust produced when making cuts. To combat the problem other companies have actually produced saws with vacuum attachments. This is a good solution but pricy and you end up with more tools on the job.

The new Bosch Fiber Cement Blades are much more cost effective and do a significantly better job at reducing dust when compared to traditional blades. The new blades feature less contact points and deep gullets to divert the dust. You can see in the video below the dust in a well ventilated area is kept to a minimum.       

CB704FC – $50.40
4 Diamond Impregnated Carbide Teeth
Extra Long Life

CB706FC – $11.65
6 C4 Carbide Teeth
Long Life

“Professionals who cut single sheets have been looking for a cost-effective blade that can meet the rigorous demands of cutting these dense materials affordably and productively,” states Jon Howell, Product Manager, Bosch Power Tools and Accessories. “Almost everyone has a circular saw so users don’t have to buy any new equipment.”


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