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ICS Concrete Chain Saw Update FORCE4 Cross-LINK Diamond Chain

The next generation of concrete cutting chains are here. ICS didn’t stop at revolutionizing concrete chain saws—here comes the revolution of diamond chains. 25+ years of development and honing their craft, by the people who invented the technology, ICS Diamond Tools and Equipment have outdone themselves with their FORCE4 Cross-LINK Series coming June 7th in limited quantities, so make sure you get yours—Pre-order Here


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Core Cut Electric Concrete Saws 14” & 16” – Wet or Dry

14" Electric Concrete Saw

We will continue to search out concrete tools and accessories to help our audience meet the upcoming OSHA Silica Dust standards, June 23, 2017. Cutting concrete outdoors with a gas cut-off saw and water hookup probably won’t change much however for indoor concrete cutting or dry cutting we will definitely see some new challenges. These new Core Cut C14 ($599) and C16 ($999) Concrete Saws are electric but offer serious power much closer to gas than we have seen in the past and can be used wet or dry. Many 14”+ electric saws currently don’t have water hookups or dust collectors and aftermarket attachments can be questionable. The new OSHA spec for dust collection require near HEPA filtration, automatic filter cleaning and 25 CFM per 1” of blade diameter in cutting. For a 14”saw that’s 350 CFM, you’re not going to find that at your local hardware store.


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DEWALT Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blade DW8500 to Cut Metal


We first learned about the DEWALT’s diamond blade DW8500 ($249, Amazon) for cutting metal at last year’s STAFDA trade show and instantly it seemed like a no brainer. Using a standard cutting abrasive disc just has so many flaws. For one they don’t last very long, they get smaller as they are used so it makes cutting large diameter pipe very inconsistent, applying to much pressure binds up the blade, blades can break fairly easily sending shrapnel everywhere and the list goes on. We had a chance to test out the DEWALT Diamond Edge blade a few weeks ago and we were really impressed. Similar speed to an abrasive but no blade binding and no disc shrinkage.  


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