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Milwaukee Bolt Cutters with Extendable Arms!

Milwaukee Tool has (yet again) expanded there hand tool offering. Available in 14” and 24”, these new bolt cutters are designed with forged steel blades and bolts that won’t loosen. Just like any other Milwukee tool, their built to last. They’ve also included an all capitalized POWERMOVE™ Extendable Arms. If you need even more power and versatility, you can extend the arms! (more…)

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Empire e90 Magnum Level 48″ E90.48 Gets Shot

If you look for the Empire e90 series level on a few different websites the word unbreakable will be thrown around by whoever is describing it. I don’t take things being called unbreakable lightly. I distinctly remember upon getting my first “unbreakable” plastic comb I bent and twisted it until it was in two pieces. For me, getting an “unbreakable” level was no different. Unfortunately for me, this level is a lot harder to break than an unbreakable comb. Short of shooting it (see video) or cutting it with a saw, this level could take almost anything I could dish out. It did get a little bit of a bend to it, but as far as I could tell it still read consistent to the reading it had fresh out of the box. You can see a video of the CopTool durability review team abusing the level below. (more…)

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