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Milwaukee’s Work Gear is Coming Just in Time for Winter

Milwaukee does a great job working hand-in-hand with professionals to fully understand your needs. They know that professionals are working in some of the most difficult weather conditions, so they’re delivering new heavy-duty work gear that looks cool and offers all-day comfort—and most importantly protection. All these cold weather solutions will be available at Ohio Power Tool in August of 2019—just in time for winter.


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Competition Heating Up: Milwaukee, Bosch & Dewalt Heated Jackets

Dewalt Heated Jackets

Just announced Dewalt Heated Jackets will be coming in 4 styles: Soft shell work jacket (black) DCHJ060 $209, hooded work jacket (black) DCHJ061 $199, True Timber Camoflage jacket DCHJ062 $229 and True Timber Blaze Orange Camoflage jacket DCHJ063 $229. The Dewalt jackets will all work with both their 12V/20V platform and the battery unit itself is the first to include 2 USB outlets. However, this does mean the battery unit is a little larger. The heating zones are also a little different than what we’ve seen with heating elements in the chest, back and collar (vs chest, back & pockets on Milwaukee)(more…)

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