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Milwaukee and Empire are Leveling the Playing Field

Empire celebrated their 100-year anniversary at the 2019 Milwaukee NPS. Empire is continuing their tradition of creating, innovating, and revolutionizing practical tool solutions focused on leveling and layout applications with two new products being revealed at the event. And Milwaukee has followed suit with two new levels of their own.


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New Empire Digital Levels e105 & em105 Magnetic

Empire EM105.24

Empire has had digital levels for some time as the e100 series but these new series e105 and em105 bring some nice improvements which really make these arguably some of the best digital levels around. Historically digital levels have been required to verify grade for certain tasks such as setting ADA pads on sidewalks or wheelchair ramp spec in a project. We are however seeing digital levels becoming more and more common place simply for accuracy of any task, setting hand rails on stairs, putting a slight slope on a floor, looking for perfect .00 level, etc. It’s a digital world, if you are looking for accuracy in a level and willing to spend $99-$199 range, certainly you should consider going totally digital.


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Empire Industry’s First Auto-Calibrated Digital Level e105


As part of the Milwaukee company, Empire has earned the trust of construction trades by engineering innovative solutions for over 90 years. Their “MADE IN THE USA” products are sold and recognized throughout the globe. Digital Levels are a true testament to Empire’s continued focus on developing advanced layout solutions that offer world class accuracy, performance and innovation. Recently, Empire has announced their largest breakthrough with the introduction of their new e105 Series True Blue® Digital Box Level. The e105 Digital Level offers Inspector Grade high-precision accuracy & is the industry’s first Auto-Calibrated Digital Level for immediate digital readouts when powered on.



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Milwaukee RedStick vs Stabila Levels

New Milwaukee Redstick

It was not been a secret that with Milwaukee’s acquisition on Empire Levels as well as another measuring tape manufacturer they had their eyes focused heavily on building a full range of measuring hand tools. With Empire already covering economic to mid-high range levels, squares, caution tapes, utility detectable tapes, measuring tapes, bobs, calipers, etc the only direction to go was up. Stabila has held the market for high end, extremely accurate levels for many years in US and Milwaukee has not been shy where the Milwaukee RedStick Torpedo & Box Levels will compete in the market (they even put it on their packaging).

Milwaukee Redstick Levels

What Makes the REDSTICK Box Levels Better


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Empire Innovating with New e105 Digital Level

e105 box level presentation

Milwaukee‘s acquisition of Empire is starting to result in changes to their tried and true products.

Empire’s next generation digital box level is the e105. The e105 promises a best in class solution that provides the key features users look for in a digital level. Built on Empire’s mist advanced box level platform, it features dual screens and an audible indicator confirming the desired level position and allowing for sight-free leveling. AN IP65 rating protects the level from dust and water.


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New Laser Etched Squares from Empire Level


If any tool company I know of is not afraid to innovate, it is Milwaukee Tool. Whether they are producing markers, different types of utility knife blades, or the latest and greatest bottle opener, Milwaukee is not afraid to put a new tool on the market. When Milwaukee acquired Empire Level last year, it was only a matter of time before new Empire products started hitting the shelves. Lo and behold, the new Empire laser-etched, high-visibility squares have been announced. (more…)

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Milwaukee Tool to Acquire Empire Levels

Milwaukee Acquire Empire

We recently got wind of this Acquisition from our friends at Contractor Supply Magazine. It looks like the Empire brand will continue to stand as an independent brand similar to Milwaukee’s Stilleto Hammer Line. This after their recent acquisition of one of the largest measuring tape manufacturers sure makes it seem like Milwaukee is serious about being in the hand tool manufacturing business. No word yet on if Milwaukee will also launch their own full line of levels to accompany the torpedo levels they launched last year. Certainly the trademark “TRUE BLUE” vials used on the Empire Levels will not match the color scheme if so. Can’t wait to hear more on the Milwaukee Tool and Empire Level!

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Empire e90 Magnum Level 48″ E90.48 Gets Shot

If you look for the Empire e90 series level on a few different websites the word unbreakable will be thrown around by whoever is describing it. I don’t take things being called unbreakable lightly. I distinctly remember upon getting my first “unbreakable” plastic comb I bent and twisted it until it was in two pieces. For me, getting an “unbreakable” level was no different. Unfortunately for me, this level is a lot harder to break than an unbreakable comb. Short of shooting it (see video) or cutting it with a saw, this level could take almost anything I could dish out. It did get a little bit of a bend to it, but as far as I could tell it still read consistent to the reading it had fresh out of the box. You can see a video of the CopTool durability review team abusing the level below. (more…)

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Empire Digital Levels Now with Freakin Laser Beams

We got this interest video from our friends at ToolSelect.com testing out the new Empire Digital Level e100.48 ($159, Ohio Power Tool). Not only is it a high quality digital level it also has lasers to extend the measurement much farther than the 48” of the laser itself, nice video as well. Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of Empire Levels; if you have any questions give the pros a call 800-242-4424.


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