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Week In Review Ep. 136 | New Ridgid Octane, Stihl Blows Our Mind, & A Bosch Giveaway!

Join us every weekend for everything you should be paying attention to in the world of Power Tools! Sponsored by Ohio Power Tool(more…)

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Power Tool Week In Review Ep112 | Home Depot vs. Lowes, Fein 18V Mag Drill, Bosch 400′ Laser

Wow! We’re 12 episodes in and the response has been amazing. Thank you for watching every weekend and the support. In episode 12 we look into the new Bosch Blaze Laser, search for the Electrician of The Year, pulling a truck with Fish tape and watch Home Depot & Lowes duke it out. To view all of this and more, watch the video above or scroll through the content below. (more…)

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Bosch Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tools

GUEST POST – Dwain is one of the experts behind oztooltalk, from Australia . You can find more of their video tool reviews on their Youtube Channel.  

Most Coptool readers would know that Bosch and FEIN worked together to create Starlock, an innovative system for attaching oscillating multi-tool (OMT) blades and bits. Currently only Bosch and FEIN tools employ the the Starlock system, though it will undoubtedly start appearing on other brands in the near future.

Tool-less bit changes have already been increasing the flexibility of OMTs for a few years, making tradespeople more likely to use them for multiple tasks (like sanding). But apart from making the blade change even faster, Starlock makes a huge difference because users don’t have to handle the blades. Why is this this useful? Because OMT blades get hot! It’s quite common for users to want to rotate a blade several times, but the hot blades are painful to handle.

Coptool discussed the Starlock system was a while back – (previous coptool post). The new OMTs come in two variations, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax. A summary of the blade compatibility is listed below:


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Bosch OIS Oscillating Blades – (Day 9) 12 Days of Bits & Blades

Oscillating tools are all the rage these days and the 2010 holiday season is no exception. Oscillating tools and accessories will again be one of the most popular tool gifts given/gotten this year. An important thing to consider when giving a tool gift however is how easy will it be to get the accessories. Some brands only work with their own accessories which means it will be very hard to find them. Bosch has created the universal OIS system for these accessories and with adoption from Milwaukee, Ridgid, Skil and other big names coming it looks like this may easily be the standard within the next year or two. Register on the 12 Days of Bits & Blades today, this is not a prize you will want to miss out on!

Today’s Featured Product & Giveaway – 25 Piece of OIS Accessories ($123, Ohio Power Tool)


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Dremel Multi-Max Project Videos

The Dremel Multi-Max was the most popular power tool of 2009, which is truly an amazing fact. The oscillating tool category is one of the fastest growing and it has become a staple in most tool cabinets, Pro or DIYer. Dremel has some new accessories recently launched with more coming out later this year. If you still aren’t sure all the different applications for the Multi-Max, here are several videos that should cover most of the current accessories.

Multi-Max Videos:
Cutting an Electrical Outlet in Drywall
Removing Broken Floor Tile
Fixing a Stuck Door
Removing Glued Down Carpet
Flush Cutting Copper Pipe
Removing Grout
Flush Cutting PVC Pipe
Removing Old Caulk
Flush Cutting to Install Flooring
Removing Vinyl Flooring
Flush Cutting Wood Dowels
Repairing Grout Around a Bathtub
Install New Door Casing
Restoring Old Windows
Installing a Floor Vent
Sanding Wood Furniture  


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Dremel MM920 New Grinding Accessory for the Multi-Max

Hopefully this is the first of many new attachments for the Dremel Multi-Max, as oscillating tools become a staple among many of us and we are constantly looking to get new uses out of our tools for just another $5-$30. The new MM920 ($29, Ohio Power Tool) adds a more substantial grinding option, currently there is a MM900 ($33, Ohio Power Tool) diamond paper option but this is a 60 grit and uses the hook & loop pad MM11. The MM920 is an attachment that actually connects to the tool and the 24 grit Carbide can handle a little more abuse. Both attachments are better for different jobs and materials but it is nice to have the option.

Still waiting for a good strong metal bit that can cut harder metals…


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ToolSnob – Oscillating Tool Accessories: What Fits What?

The Oscillating tools have become the biggest new categories of tools to hit the market in years. I though last year was going to be the biggest Christmas push but this year has possible been even better for these vibrating tools. I even heard the Dremel Multi-Max was the most popular tool sold in the entire world this year (although it did come from the mouth of a Dremel rep)! It seems like everybody will have one here shortly but with all the different models and different accessories there has been A LOT of confusion about which accessories work with which tools.

The great guys over at ToolSnob.com helped us all out by making a handy little chart for the most popular models of oscillating tools and what accessories will work with which tools. The post looks at the adaptors and which tools lock in place vs simply “fit”. It also links to all their reviews on each of the tools which are all pretty comprehensive reviews. I would encourage everyone to take a minute and check it out.


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Making a Dremel Multi-Max Adaptor for Fein Accessories


The Dremel Multi-Max has received plenty of positive press from tool blogs, forums and national news sources and for good reason. This tool has been a huge success for Dremel, possibly bigger than they expected. It has been eating into Fein sales of the MutiMaster, I haven’t even seen the infomercials recently. One problem for the Dremel however is that it is not yet really compatible with Fein accessories. The Dremel tool does have a good selection of accessories at very affordable prices however they need to add many more and until these are released over the next year, Fein still has some nice specialty attachments not available from Dremel.

The Bosch PS50 Multi-X was smart enough to include an adaptor with every tool which allows them to work with Dremel & Fein accessories. The Bosch PS50, a very well built tool, has been less popular than the Dremel Multi-Max simply because the cordless oscillating market is much smaller than the corded version. Run times for sanding and scraping are pretty low however nothing beats the convenience of cordless for certain jobs. Bosch may also come out with its own corded version within the next year but I have not heard anything official yet.     

If you don’t want to wait until Dremel comes out with an official adaptor, which I’m sure is on the way, you can always make one. Recently I saw a post from a fellow Power Tool Blog on Tool-Rank.com where they make an adaptor from an old Dremel blade. From the pictures you can see the Fein blades fits perfectly over the Dremel mounts but with nothing to hold it in place it just won’t work. An additional washer of the right size could do the job but this keeps everything much more secure and what else are you going to do with a used Multi-Max blade?


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Dremel Multi-Max Accessory Breakdown

The Dremel Multi-Max 6300-01 (avoid the Big Box 6300-02L) has been a huge seller over the past few month and it will continue through the holidays and beyond. This tool is very handy, has a great price and has been very popular with the tool press along with the other new oscillating tools.

While the oscillating tools have many possibilities obviously you need the right accessories to take full advantage of all that potential. Below is a quick reference for all the Dremel Multi-Max Accessories currently available, hopefully this will help you get the most of your new tool.

MM450 – 3” Wood & Drywall Saw Blade – $8.75
The round saw blade is really great for precise cuts in drywall, plaster and plywood. The MM450 is ideal for cutting openings in walls or floors for venting, repairing damaged floors or installing electrical boxes. Depth of cut is ¾”. One of the most popular blades so far this is included in the 6300-01 kit but not the 6300-02L sold at your local big box store.

MM440 – ¾” Wood Flush Cut Blade – $10.94
This blade is ideal for soft materials such as wood, drywall and plastic. Typical applications for this blade would be cutting doorjams, windowsill or trim work while installing flooring. Depth of cut is 1-1/4” giving it a full ½” over the MM450 or MM422. This is included in the 6300-01 kit.

MM422 – ¾” Wood & Metal Flush Cut Blade – $12.63
Very similar to the MM440 however this blade is also rated to cut non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass or copper. The blade also does a great job of cutting wood, drywall, etc however the depth of cut is only ¾”.

MM411 – 3/8” Wood Flush Cut Blade – $10.10
This blade is identical to the MM440 with a smaller width. Still a good choice for cutting doorjams, windowsill or trim work while installing flooring, this blade is better for the more detailed cuts. Best as a secondary blade.

MM500 – 1/8” Grout Removal Blade – $30.65
Oscillating tools in general have made the task of grout removal so much easier than this has ever been in the past. This blade makes it very easy to cut out and replace a broken tile in minutes. Watch Grout Removal Video

MM501 – 1/16” Grout Removal Blade – $30.65
Identical to the MM501 blade except it has a thinner cutting surface. Ideal for smaller grout lines common with smaller tiles or wall applications.       

MM610 – Flexible Scraper Blade – $10.10
The flexible scraper blade is ideal for removal of softer material such as caulk, glue, paint, etc. The scraper has rounded corners and blades on both sides so it is good at getting into hard to reach spaces. This is included in the 6300-01 kit.     

MM600 – Rigid Scraper Blades – $10.94
Similar to the MM610 but this blade has an even larger scraping area and as the name would indicate is much more rigid. This blade is a great option for removing vinyl flooring, carpet or tile adhesives which can be particularly difficult to remove.

MM11 – Hook & Loop Pad – $8.75
This pad is included in the 6300-01 kit so you will probably not need a replacement for a little while unless you accidentally loose it of course. It is an important item because it’s required for all sanding and grinding.

MM70W – 60, 120 & 240 Grit Sanding Paper for Wood – $5.24
This sand paper is for direct contact of bare wood, nothing stained or painted. Each pack includes 3 different grit sanding paper to take your raw wood from rough to very fine. One of each of these pads is included in the 6300-01 kits.

MM70P – 80, 120 & 240 Grit Sanding Paper for Paint – $5.24
Each pack includes three levels of sanding paper. The 80 grit is ideal for removing paint. The 120 grit is for sanding primer, removing brush strokes and paint runs or drips. The 240 grit paper is best for final sanding of primers before coating.

MM900 – 60 Grit Diamond Paper for Grinding – $38.52
The Diamond Paper is for rough grinding, shaping and smoothing of masonry, stone, cement, plaster and thin-set mortar. This pad is also good for preparing surfaces for tile replacement and other installations.  

I have been in contact with the nice people at Dremel and it looks like this list will possibly double by the first quarter next year. We can’t wait to see more accessories come out for the Dremel Multi-Max and make this tool even more multi purpose.    


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Milwaukee M12 vs. Bosch 12V Max

I’m sure most people are fully aware of the new compact tools being launched by both Milwaukee and Bosch, and possibly tired of hearing about them. Apparently I can’t shut about it but there is a lot happening all at once after what seems like a long drought of no new tools. Obviously these tools have a huge potential for gifts around the holidays so it’s no wonder they delayed the launch until October just in time to get the word out and all the products on the shelves for holiday shopping season.

Finally I think we have the full picture of what tools are available for each of these lines at least until first quarter 2009. At this point I think it’s probably more important to look at the full lines vs. simply comparing tool for tool as we did previously with Bosch Pocket Driver vs. Milwaukee Micro Driver. When it comes down to it most people are probably going to assume the drivers, impacts and flashlights will work fairly similar with both lines. These will probably not drive the buying decisions but the two lines do have some different tools available that are very unique.

Milwaukee M12
Micro Driver 2401-22 – $132
Impact 2450-22 – $179
Flashlight 29-24-0145 – $19
M-Spector 2310-21 – $239
Copper Tube Cutter 2471-22 – $219
Hackzall 2420-22 – $179

Bosch 12 Volt Max
Pocket Driver PS20-2A – $132
i-Driver PS10-2A – $155
Impactor PS40-2A – $183
Flash Light FL11 – $39
3/8” Drill PS30-2A – $159
Multi-X PS50-2A– $199

They match up fairly evenly with 6 tools each but some big differences in what they do. In just looking at the unique tools Milwaukee has the M-Spector, Pipe Cutter & Hackzall while Bosch has the i-Drive, 3/8” Drill & Multi-X. My first reaction is that the Bosch products have more broad appeal, if we are talking about the regular user or DIY guy I think these might make more sense. The Milwaukee products however are focused on professionals and do a good job of using the small size to create great new supplemental tools for someone who already has an 18 volt drill and other tools. The ace in the hole for Bosch is really the Multi-X PS50, there has been a lot of buzz about this one. The tool has so many uses and really can do jobs no other tool can. If you are already committed to the Milwaukee M12 line you can always pick up the Dremel Multi-Max for $99 which can tackle the same basic jobs but it has also got a cord.     

Milwaukee has some nice multiple tool kits which make a lot of sense as the tool only versions of most of these new tools will not be available until later (I am assuming after the end of the year) and how many batteries and chargers do you really need. Also I hate to discredit the Hackzall, I think this thing has a ton of use for everyone; it’s very powerful, incredibly easy to use, part jigsaw, part Rotozip, part Sawzall and very small. The 2490-22 kit with Micro Driver and Hackzall for $249 will be extremely popular for Pros and DIY guys alike.   

It’s a very tough call. I don’t think the decision would be that easy for anyone. For plumbers, HVAC, electricians and other tradesman I would have to give an advantage to the Milwaukee M12 line for some of their specialty tools. For everyone else I think it’s going to be hard to pass up the PS50 Multi-X tool. This thing is going to be all over those “Top 10 Gifts for a Guy” lists this holiday.


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