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Diablo’s Carbide Tooth Hole Saws Are Here

We’ve seen the market shift over the years from bi-metal to carbide blades, first with circular saws, then pretty recently with recip blades and now transitioning into the hole saw category. The new Diablo Carbide Hole Saws brings long life expectancy and faster cutting through wood and metal. Unlike other carbide hole saws we have seen just for wood which could also handle plastic and perhaps aluminum, these new Diablos can handle actual steel. We have been extremely impressed with the performance of Diablo Carbide Recip Blades in wood & metal and these new Diablo hole saws are very similar.


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Diablo Red Fire

Each year Freud Diablo launches and/or updates several of their main products for a media event just before the STAFDA tradeshow. This year the event was named the Red Fire Media Event although it was a bit confusing because we were expecting to see some new product named Red Fire. Not the case. We did get to see some cool stuff including updates to their carbide recip blades, new carbide hole saws (coming soon), a carbide pruning blade, new Cerment II metal circular blades and finally the Track Point technology added to the Demo Demon Blades with some additional improvements. (more…)

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Freud Diablo Track Point 7-1/4” Framing Saw Blade D0724PX

Freud Diablo Track Point

We heard about this new Diablo blade about 6 months ago but it was a “rolling change” for their most popular Freud Diablo 7-1/4” Framing Circular Saw Blade keeping the same part number. Great news is you can now get the new Diablo Track Point 7-1/4” saw blade D0724PX ($10, limited time BOGO), but be careful to make sure you see the “New Tracking Point” graphic on the left side of the blade or you might actually be buying the older version of the D0724PX. The older version is still a great blade but hopefully after you read this article and watch video you’ll have a better idea why the new blade with Track Point is better.


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Freud Diablo PERGO Blades for Bamboo, Hard Woods & Engineered Flooring

Pergoblade Diablo

If you do a lot of flooring installation you are probably already aware of the Freud PERGO Blades, available in 10” D1012LF ($164) and the 12” version D1216LF ($199). We saw these blades in action late last year and were really blown away. While a little pricy upfront just one of these blades should save you thousands in replacement blades and wasted time. These blades are finally hit shelves a month or so ago and the initial reports have been very positive. Bad news for Freud however as it’s going to be pretty tough to get repeat sales on a blade that never dies…

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Carbide Recip Blades vs Bi-Metal Recip Blades – Freud, Milwaukee, Lenox & Dewalt

Freud Diablo Carbide

Carbide toothed circular saw blades have pretty much completely replaces bi-metal circular saw blades so why don’t we see the same phenomenon in reciprocating saw blades? At a recent Freud Media Event we had the opportunity to see the Diablo Carbide Recip Blades go head to head with the likes of Dewalt, Milwaukee and Lenox and smoke them (see video below) with this test. The first couple things you might be thinking are 1) All these tests are fake I can’t believe any of them. 2) If the carbide teeth are so much better why haven’t we seen all recip blades go to carbide? 3) Should I make the switch to Carbide?


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Circular Saw Blade Showdown – DeWalt, Freud, Bosch, Irwin

Right off the bat we will be the first to say this test and most others we have read on circular saw blades are pretty flawed. To do it right we would love to take off a week of work and do nothing but cut stuff morning, noon and night. Say 20 of each blade that we could use until they went completely dull ina variety of materials 2”x4” pine, chipboard, shingles on plywood and a test with a nail every 100ft. We would then make a grid and score each blade by application, that way a roofer could judge what is most important to them while framers could see what they care about. In real life for most applications people are not as hard on blades as we have seen in testing so it would be great to get an idea how these blades would handle in several different real world environments. You unfortunately aren’t going to read that here, we have instead put these blades through one of the most abusive test we could think up because of limited time and resources.


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