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Milwaukee 5 core Video/Data/Voice Hand Tools

Punch it out with the Milwaukee Video/Data/Voice Hand Tools. As you know, that internet thing really took off. Data cables are being pulled everywhere, it’s the fastest growing segment of the electrical industry. Introducing 5 core hand tools that will allow you to cut, strip, and terminate CAT3-CAT6 Ethernet cabling more efficiently and effectively. There is a lot of Data Comm tool options out there. However, if you’re pulling/punching cable and love that Milwaukee red, this is perfect for you!

48-22-2165 Punchdown Tool with Extended Blade $79.99
48-22-2145 4-in-1 Multi Pick $14.99
48-22-4045 Electrician Snips $24.99
48-22-3075 Ratcheting Modular Crimper $69.99
48-22-3065 Universal Twisted Pair (UTP) Stripper $14.99
48-22-2166 Extended Punchdown Blade $24.99
48-22-2167 110/66 Punchdown Blade $15.99


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Milwaukee Bolt Cutters with Extendable Arms!

Milwaukee Tool has (yet again) expanded there hand tool offering. Available in 14” and 24”, these new bolt cutters are designed with forged steel blades and bolts that won’t loosen. Just like any other Milwukee tool, their built to last. They’ve also included an all capitalized POWERMOVE™ Extendable Arms. If you need even more power and versatility, you can extend the arms! (more…)

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Milwaukee Backpack Ideal for Electrician Apprentices

Milwaukee Backpack

The NECA-IBEW Electrical JATC offers a five-year apprenticeship program, which combines both on the job and related classroom training. If accepted into the apprentice program, apprentices are assigned to an electrical contractor for a minimum of 8000 OJT hours; there is no guarantee of 40 hours per week.  Apprentices will complete a total of 10 terms of school; classes are currently one day per week at the NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center.

Every student is required to start the program with a list of hand tools that looks pretty much identical to the Milwaukee Electrician’s Hand Tool Set 48-22-0100 ($249). Partner that with the new Milwaukee Backpack 48-22-8200 ($99) and you’ve got everything an electrical apprentice would need in package that can also safely store laptops, books and other supplies. Above is the two together.

*** July 2015, this Electrician’s kit 48-22-0100 was updated with 2nd generation hand tools and from 15 to 17 pieces. It now includes the Electrician’s Tool Pouch 48-22-8100 ($49). (more…)

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