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Milwaukee’s Work Gear is Coming Just in Time for Winter

Milwaukee does a great job working hand-in-hand with professionals to fully understand your needs. They know that professionals are working in some of the most difficult weather conditions, so they’re delivering new heavy-duty work gear that looks cool and offers all-day comfort—and most importantly protection. All these cold weather solutions will be available at Ohio Power Tool in August of 2019—just in time for winter.


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Week In Review Ep. 135 | Best Tool Comparisons of 2018

Join us every weekend for everything you should be paying attention to in the world of Power Tools! Sponsored by Ohio Power Tool. Also, it’s Black Friday! Be sure to swing by ohiopowertool.com and check out some great deals running through the weekend! (more…)

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Milwaukee 2018 Update for Heated Jackets & Gloves

Milwaukee 2018 Heated Gear

Milwaukee has been leading the Heated Jacket Game since 2010 and we have seen a lot of advances over the years for more options and better equipped for the jobsite. Having had many conversations with their product managers in this category they really understand fabrics, design and what it takes to make great clothing at this point, no longer just throwing batteries and a couple of heating wires in a jacket. For the 2018/2019 Heated Gear Season we will see some incremental changes to what has worked, along with several new innovative items like Heated Gloves! (more…)

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Milwaukee Season 6 Heated Gear Has Arrived!!

M12 Heated Gear 2015

Season 6 Milwaukee Heated Gear is here and brings some exciting new products to the lineup to improve on what has already the most popular heated gear line up. The biggest additions are the new RipStop items, which include the 3-in-1 jacket/hoodie combo and the RipStop vests. The grey hoodie gets a more stylish darker shade of gray (should hide wear a little better) and the women’s jacket also gets an upgrade for a better fit and hand warmers. These are all in-stock now and as we’ve seen each year prior we’d expect to see popular models and sizes sell out well before the holidays.


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Bosch Announces a Women’s Fit Heated Jacket PBJ120

Women Heated Jacket

Last year the Bosch heated jacket hit the shelves with probably the most stylish of all heated jackets we’ve seen. The fit is more European which may not appeal to some power tool user or tall guys like myself who need a longer fitting arm and torso. Bosch is hoping the sleeker style with find some additional appeal with women, so for this season they are launching a new cut of the Women’s PSJ120 obviously tailored specifically for women. Priced the same as the Men’s PSJ120 ($199) but only available in 4 sizes, S-XL vs Men’s which goes all the way to 3XL. (more…)

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Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Now Available in Camouflage

We were lucky enough to be one of the first to get to test Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets last year, early in the season. Unfortunately not everyone was as lucky; many of the jackets did not make it to stores in time for the holidays… or even by the end of winter. Heated jackets don’t do a lot of good in March or April when the last of the back orders were finally cleared. It seemed that the small size was really popular and perhaps unexpected that women might really like a heat jacket as well?  

Next winter this will not be the case as the Milwaukee Jackets 2331 ($169, Ohio Power Tool) will be in plentiful supply as well as in a new color, Camo. This makes sense to us because the most benefit we found with this jacket last year was when we were sitting outside not moving around, like you would be when you are hunting. But what about a BLACK jacket fellas? (UPDATE: Realtree AP Camouflage Jacket ready to order 2332 Jacket Only or 2333 Jacket Kit with battery)


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Milwaukee Tool Booth Visit at STAFDA 2010 Trade Show

The folks at Milwaukee have been very busy over the past few years; currently it looks like they have as many as 30 different tools in the M12 line that didn’t exist at all 3 years ago. We have already talked about many of these new products after our recent trip to Milwaukee a few months ago. A few to mention again which are either just now out or coming very soon (before the holidays I’m told) would include: M12 ProPex Expansion Tools, M12 Palm Nailer, M12 Hammer Drill, M12 Oscillating Multi-tool & M12 heated Jacket all of which you can order from Ohio Power Tool at Milwaukee M12 

The newest items we got to see for the first time at the show from Milwaukee were from their full line of rotary hammer drills. A few years ago Milwaukee discontinued many of their older SDS-Plus, SDS-Max and Spline drills. Currently there are really only a few models and no spline drive hammers to speak of, which is pretty funny because they are apparently the second most popular brand of Hammer Drill Bits & Accessories. In 2011 it looks like Milwaukee will correct this by adding a Spline, 1-9/16” (most popular size), SDS-Max 1-9/16”, SDS-Plus D Handle 7/8” (think Bosch Bulldog), SDS-Plus 5/8” as well as an M18 cordless SDS-Plus 7/8” hammer. We haven’t seen any specs yet but we were told to expect these tools to be category leaders with anti-vibration integrated on all of these units.


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