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Bosch 18V Brushless Angle Grinders GWS18V-45 vs Corded

We had a great time playing with different Bosch Angle Grinders in the metal working room at the Idea Foundry! We took some time to discuss the new GWS18V-45C/PSC Brushless Angle Grinder to see how it matches up to their corded models, such as the 1375A and GWS10-45PD. Also looked at the new Bluetooth connectivity options available with these new grinders. (more…)

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Columbus Idea Foundry Move to Franklinton, to be Largest Maker Space on Earth

Columbus Idea Foundry

We have been a long time member & supporter of the Columbus Idea Foundry, donating tools and gear from our reviews whenever possible (and agreeable by the manufacturers of course). In that time the organization has grown from a 2500 sq. ft. club house to what will end up somewhere around a 75,000 sq. ft. Mecca of Creativity. At that size it will be the largest Maker Space of its kind anywhere in the world but with the Maker movement continuing to gain speed we think there could be spaces of this size all over the country eventually. The official Columbus Idea Foundry Ribbon Cutting will be May 30th at 3:00pm!

This is a great video from the move to the new home in Franklinton, very nice video work from our friends at Merlin Productions but this is just the tip of the iceberg from what’s to come…

Check out more on the Columbus Idea Foundry.

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2012 Ohio Tool Racing Championship Winners

Power Tool Drag Racing

When it comes to the sport of power tool drag racing aren’t we all winners, well at least that’s what we are saying because our racer never actually made it all the way down the track. An overcomplicated porta-band chain drive and suspension proved to be just too unreliable. A special thanks to the wonderful sponsorship of Columbus Idea Foundry, Bosch Tools, The Adcom Group, Ohio Power Tool and COSI for making it all possible. (more…)

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Third Annual Tool Racing Championships, A Big Success!


Thank you to all the fans, vendors, racers and terrific sponsors that made the third annual Tool Racing Championships (www.ToolRaces.com) an overwhelming success for the 2011 season. Weather worked with us this time around and a lot of folks came together to support the event in so many ways. For about half the crowd it was their first time visiting the Idea Foundry and in addition to the media exposure a great way to introduce more people to the kind of fun we have there every day.  


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Double the Size of the Columbus Idea Foundry Workshop

For those who don’t know, the Idea Foundry is a community workshop located in Columbus, Ohio. Currently at 10,000 square foot of workshop, educational center, hackerspace superieur, artist and business incubator as well as providing general public community access to all manner of tools (welding, woodworking, CNC machining, laser cutting, 3D printing, and more). 

On August 15th, the shop has the opportunity to expand into the neighboring industrial unit (additional 10,000sq ft). By doing so, will be able to split the workshop into a "dirty" space (current location) with welding, woodworking, metal casting, metal fabrication, CNC machining, and other dust- and chip-making processes; and a "clean" space (new wing) with, among other planned resources, a photographic dark room, a videography stage, a textile/upholstery, a proper lithography room for etching/engraving circuits, metal, and screenprinting masks, and about a dozen more studio spaces for artists. 

To celebrate once the target goal is reached, there will be a huge party on August 20th, 2011, in both the old and the new space.  On that day, the Idea Foundry will also be host to its 3rd Annual Tool Racing Championships (more info to follow shortly); interactive demonstrations of design and fabrication; provide tours of our new wing; and throw an after party with live music, "Burning Man"-style performances and much more.

Visit the Idea Foundry KickStarter Page to learn more and donate!!!!

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The Woodworking Show 2011 Columbus, Ohio Review & Photos

Last weekend we spend a good amount of time over 3 days at The Woodworking Show basically to learn how little we really actually know about woodworking. The show covers all levels of woodworking from very basics that even young kids can get started with, up to very advance techniques, processes & equipment. Booths ranged from teaching workshops to cutting lumber to bulk supply dealers to every kind of product demonstrations and of course one of the highlights the Bosch Tool booth from Ohio Power Tool. Check out this photo album for all our pictures from the show.


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Columbus Idea Foundry 2.0 – Grand Opening January 22nd

This Saturday night 6-10 pm the Columbus Idea Foundry is having its grand opening event for the new space which is now 400% larger than the previous space. You may have heard about this awesome community workshop as the host of the Ohio Tool Racing Championships (www.toolraces.com) along with several other really fun events. There will be live flaming demos, blacksmithing, welding, ShopBots, metal art gallery, Free PBR & Cupcakes… if you live within 100 miles of here and don’t show up you should probably just stop reading now, there is nothing for you here.


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Power Tool Drag Racing Tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio

Yes just one day away is the 2nd annual Ohio Tool Racing Championship (www.toolraces.com) and things are getting pretty exciting around the Columbus Idea Foundry this week. Lots of people are piling in this week to get their projects finish. It will probably be a very late night at the shop tonight for some but we’d expect nothing less.

Our Coptool racer is 95% complete and a fairly menacing looking creation; after all there are some pretty big expectations on us. "The Reaver" is welded out of 1” steel tubes, powered by a 9” Bosch grinder pushing a 10” Milwaukee saw blade. See more pics in this Facebook Album. We are pretty confident she will smoke down the track and take any hits that come her way (although pretty inexperienced welder so watch out).


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PTDRC – Now that was a Fun Time!

The first annual Columbus Power Tool Drag Races went off without anyone losing major limbs… Success! We also managed to have a ton of fun doing it. Typical of a first year event there was some kinks to work out and attendance wasn’t huge but overall the event went very smoothly. In total there were 10 racers and 50+ spectators but with the enthusiasm after the event you know the event is only going to grow by leaps and bounds next year and beyond. 

I taught a workshop before the race on how to build one of these racers and the design I came up with was simple but actually worked very well. In just 3 hours even the most inexperienced builder had put together a racer that was able to zip down the track and even look good doing it (stock cars 1 2 3 4).

My creation “The Flying Toaster” was heavy but fast, powered by a Bosch 9” grinder motor (see video). It was 90% welded together but as build time ran out (I also helped build the track, create a stock car design & teach a class) I had to use some zip ties to hold the side guide wheels on. After the one run the ties broke and the toaster never ran the same again. Unfortunately I was unable to beat TJ’s pig and his taunting fans… I shall have my revenge next year!     

There were high hopes for a few other racers including Mike’s “Little Cranky” which was definitely the most complicated design, almost 100% custom fabricated including gears and frame. The chain drive racer ended up being underpowered with the high RPM, low torque router motor.

One of the fan favorites was Alex’s “Bratzmobile Cruiser”; it actually fell apart during the first run but managed to drag its pieces parts across the finish line anyway and go on to make several more runs as is. It was a toss up weather that was the funnies run or when the Pig got Decapitated. It was a clean cut, who knew cardboard could do that.  

There will be more pictures and videos coming in, check http://www.powertooldragracescolumbus.com/results.html for all the links. The local Channel 10 news was there as well and had some good coverage on TV that night, I am working to get online. Thanks you again to everyone who helped put this together from the Idea Foundry, Fuse Factory and especially to our event sponsors who donated all the fabulous prizes Ohio Power Tool, Skil Power Tools and CH Hanson.


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Power Tool Drag Race – Columbus, Ohio

Recently I joined a great community workshop, www.ColumbusIdeaFoundry.com, to collaborate on some different projects, meet interesting people and learn some new stuff. One of the ideas being bounced around as a collaborative effort with the www.thefusefactory.org was a Power Tool Drag Race. I am happy to say the event has come together and hopefully it will draw a nice crowd, be a ton of fun and build awareness for these two great organizations.

Most of you have probably heard about Power Tool Drag Racing before, there have been a few events on the west coast, plenty of youtube videos, news stories and other coverage of these events. On Saturday June 20th there will be an all day event in Columbus to build and race your own power tool drag racers.

This event has an optional workshop early in the day if you are interested in learning to build a racer and don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own. All building materials will be available although you are also encouraged to bring your own power tool, wheels and style elements. The actual race will start at 4:00 pm and open to everyone as spectators or racers. Racers need to register before but spectators can just show up. Check out this website for more info:  www.PowerToolDragRacesColumbus.com     

Stepping up as the main event sponsor Ohio Power Tool jumped in to supply power tool prize packages for the winners, materials for the tracks, advertising and other materials needed for the event. If your company is interested in also sponsoring the event I know they are open to more sponsors.  


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