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Ingersoll Rand Delivers on New and Improved 20V Compact Impact Wrenches

Ingersoll Rand has listened to their end users who demanded more performance out of the 3/8 and ½ inch compact impact wrenches. They have delivered on an updated line of 20V tools with focus on power, control, durability and access. Both come in 1 or 2 battery kits as well as bare tools in 3/8″ or 1/2″ so there’s something for someone at any level. Let’s dive into what they’ve done—and as always you can pre-order these new tools and everything IR you’ll need at Ohio Power Tool.


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Ingersoll Rand W7152 IQv20 ½” Impact 1500 ft-lbs.

W7152 IR IMpact

Clearly Ingersoll Rand has a focus on mechanics, being the name brand in air tools for many years we were not surprised when their first cordless impact W7150 hit the market years ago it was truly innovative. Even years later when we compared high torque impacts (see post here) it held its own pro cordless brands with Milwaukee, Makita, Dewalt and others. With a narrow focus on mechanics IR wants to be the leaders in Impact wrenches, Air Tools or Cordless so we were not surprised they would come out with the new W7152 which promises best in class 1500 ft-lbs Nut Busting torque.


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Jet Compact Impacts 3/8” & 1/2”, 500 ft lbs Torque

Compact Impact Drivers

Jet just launched 2 new compact impact wrenches which has been a very popular trend with Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Proto, AirCat and others all with great options. The JET R8 JAT-106 ($159) 3/8” impacts and the JAT-107 ($165) ½” impact have some tough competition but took a little different approach to give them more power which should make them popular with some users. (more…)

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Ingersoll Rand IQv 20V Brushless Impacts W5132 & W5152

Ingersoll W5132

For the folks at IR the focus for their IQv cordless tools is clearly very much automotive. It’s no secret cordless tools are cannibalizing much of the pneumatic tool business so to stay competitive traditional air tool brands are going to need to figure out how to compete with products designed for the trade. We like what Ingersoll Rand has done with these new brushless impact tools, 3/8” W5132 & 1/2″ W5152 which will replace the W5130 & W5150 respectively.


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Ingersoll Rand to Add 50% Impact Torque with PowerSockets

IR PowerSocket

This is a very interesting new socket concept from Ingersoll Rand which we can’t honestly say we fully understand how it generates so much additional torque, then again we didn’t do so hot in physics class. For launch the IR PowerSocket is only going to be available in 19mm size for crank shafts, lug nut removal and other applications. With this socket a standard 1/2″ impact can perform pretty close to a 3/4″ impact more than justifying the $66 price point of the S64M19L-PS. We would imagine if this is a success we will see various other size PowerSockets to follow.


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Ingersoll Rand IQv20 Cordless Hammerhead W5330 3/8” & W5350 1/2” Impacts

Ingersoll Rand W5350

For years there has been a struggle to get the torque of an impact wrench together with the functionality and reach of a ratchet. A few years ago Ingersoll Rand was able to marry the two together nicely with the IR Hammerhead Impacts. At 180 ft lbs these units produce a significantly more torque than other 3/8” or 1/2″ confined space tools, several times a traditional ratchet. Ingersoll Rand will be launching new IQv20 Cordless right angle impact tools in Mid-May (pre-sale starting May 1 HERE) although it does not look like the cordless tools will share the Hammerhead trade name. The W5330 3/8” & W5350 1/2″ tools do look almost identical (from the knees up) and will have the same 180 ft. lbs. torque rating as the pneumatic Hammerhead tools currently. (more…)

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Ingersoll Rand IQv12 Cordless FREE Battery BL1203 Promo

IQv12 Deal

We had originally posted on the new Ingersoll Rand 12v cordless tool line before the SEMA show in October which has got many folks very excited. Launching a more compact tool line targeted at the same professional mechanical trades the bigger brother IQv20 tool are built for seems like a very smart idea to us. There are a lot of applications that don’t require all the power of those large units but still want the durability for everyday use. To kick the new line off right Ingersoll Rand and Ohio Power Tool have teamed up to provide an extra FREE 12v battery BL1203 ($60 value) with every IQv12 kit purchased until the end of the year or while supplies last, whichever comes first.

For more information on Ingersoll Rand tools give the professionals at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 a call and they will be happy to help you out whether air tools, compressors, accessories or whatever.

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Ingersoll Rand IQv12 Cordless 12V Tools to Launch at SEMA 2013

IR IQv 12V Cordless
It’s clear that when it comes to cordless full size 18V/20V like the IQv 20V Tools are still the most popular however more compact tools are quickly becoming the tool of choice for many. This is especially true for professional tools where there might have been some initial hesitation to go for a smaller lower voltage tool a few years ago. Today this category has really exploded in terms of performance, runtime, compactness and variety of applications. Ingersoll Rand may be late to the 12V party but it looks as though they are bringing a full line of very impressive compact IQv professional tools to the mix.


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Ingersoll Rand 2135TiMax Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Limited Edition Impact

2135timax Anniversary

Call me a sucker but I love it when tool companies make limited edition tool runs and nobody does it better than Ingersoll Rand. The extremely popular ½” impact 2135TiMax ($299, Ohio Power Tool) is now celebrating its 10th anniversary this year in production. Over this same time frame we have seen some great advances in cordless tools, like the Ingersoll Rand IQv W7150-K1 ($424, Ohio Power Tool) but when it comes to pneumatic power the 2135TiMax is still the industry leader with its compact size and extremely high torque output. The limited edition tool also comes with a very nice IR pen light (LED of course) and nice IR metallic badge that would look great on any tool box. (more…)

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Ingersoll Rand 20V Cordless Tools Welcome Their New Additions

Ingersoll rand 20 volt cordless ratchet wrench

The Ingersoll Rand IQv20 Impact Wrench is a pretty awesome tool. In fact, it is so awesome, that I have fielded calls from customers who have told me that this tool is far too strong for them, and they need an older, not-quite-as-awesome version of it to do their job. While it is true that the crushing 1100 ft-lbs. of torque that the W7150 offers may not be ideal for every situation, the older and less powerful tools in the Ingersoll-Rand IQv Cordless were never very widely adopted, and are possibly on the way to a phase out after these new tools hit the market. (more…)

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