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Dewalt 20V Max XR Brushless Jigsaw DCS334 | Should You Upgrade?

Dewalt’s DCS331 has been on the market since 2012, and over 6 years later, Dewalt has finally released a long-awaited upgrade. The DCS334 Jigsaw has arrived, and it’s engineered for the XR battery platform, offering a lot of new upgrades over the 331.

For many Dewalt fans, especially those who may be approaching year 7 on their original 20V MAX jigsaw, the question now is, “should I upgrade?”  (more…)

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Dewalt 20V Woodworking Tool Expansion

Dewalt 20V Woodworking

Dewalt jumped right in with an impressive upgrade to their cordless woodworking arsenal, new brushless jigsaws (top handle & barrel grip) are a no brainer but also now had 5” random orbital sander, planer and trim router which we’ve found to be extremely handy cordless tools. None of these are new to the cordless world but for those on team yellow these are a very welcome addition. We are excited to get our hands on all of these, some launching pretty quickly, others early 2019. Check out the full Dewalt press release below, more info to follow!

Dewalt 20V Wood Working

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Around the World – Milwaukee V28 Jigsaw

I was snooping around Milwaukee’s German site and found this little gem. I personally like this design for a jigsaw better than a traditional one. I’ve heard nothing about this coming to the US but hopefully we will see this sometime soon as it would be a very welcome addition to the lineup.

If you are interested in picking up some other Milwaukee V28 cordless tools in the mean time Ohio Power Tool is still running the free battery promotion on any tool kit or combo kit. That is a $150 value instantly. The promo will be good until the end of the month unless supplies run out before then.


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Milwaukee M18 Grinder & Jig Saw

When the Milwaukee M18 line of tools was launched last year there was the promise of a cordless grinder and jigsaw coming first quarter 2009. True to their word these two new tools should be available very shortly. Both new tools are available as tool only or in a kit with 2 XC batteries, case & charger. The M18 Grinder/Cut-Off 2680-22 features many of the same advances as their new corded grinders including 4-pole motor, overload protection, debris baffles, tool free burst resistant guard and the only cordless grinder on the market with a paddle switch design. The M18 Jig Saw 2545-22 was designed from the ground up to be one of the most powerful cordless jig saws on the market. We are looking forward to both of these much needed new additions and can’t wait for additional cordless tools coming later this year.  

Both of these new M18 tools are available now at Ohio Power Tool for pre-order and should be arriving in stores in the near future. Video demos on both of these tools are already in the works, so stay tuned.     


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Free Bosch Tools with Accessory Orders over $250

Until the end of the year you can get free tools from Bosch simply by ordering the accessories you would need anyway. Each $250 increment gets you to the next level of free tools. With a $1000 order you can even get a 4 tool 18v Combo Kit. Yea, a grand is a lot to spend on new Bosch DareDevil Spade Bits or T308B super clean jigsaw blades which have been very popular items recently. However there are lots of accessories that will get you at least to the $250 free grinder pretty quickly. Many of the concrete products such as the SDS Max attachments and Brute hex point chisels add up pretty quickly with any quantity. The Bosch Speedwave Diamond Abrasive Saw Blades are another product which range in price from $59-$114 for the larger 9” blade. These blades work on a worm drive saw or grinders and they do a terrific job of cutting cinder blocks and other hard materials. Bosch batteries of every variety are also included in this offer so if you need to pick up a few extra batteries it can all add up pretty quick.

Ohio Power Tool carries a wide range of Bosch Tools and Accessories. If you have any questions about what Bosch accessories are right for you or if they will work on other models etc, feel free to give us a call 800-242-4424.

Download the PDF Mail-in rebate form here: Bosch Zone Tool Bonus


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