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Milwaukee Jobsite LED Lighting from NPS19

M18 Search Light LED

For the past 8 years Milwaukee Tool has been the industry leader in jobsite lighting with over 40+ job lighting solutions. Milwaukee doesn’t take this lightly, so they have expanded upon, and further developed their entire work light line from hazard awareness and remote-controlled spotlights to wearable lighting. Ditch the extension cords because this entire line is synced up with their cordless battery technology.


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Jobsite LED Lighting Is Now a Cheaper Option

LED Jobsite Lighting

Temporary jobsite lighting for tasks and larger areas has always had problems. In such a tough environment we have become extremely dependent on light sources that the lightest little bump will leave you in the dark. LED seems like the obvious solution but until now have just been far more expensive. LED lighting has now become much brighter and finally gotten to similar upfront costs of other lighting solutions. If you factor in the durability, bulb life, electrical usage, replacement frequency and lost time trying to get them working again we would argue LED is now the cheapest lighting option for the jobsite.

String Lights LED

Light strings are now available as LED 100’ 08-01188LED ($159) which includes 10 LED Bulbs (850 lumens each) for a total of 8500 Lumens. Compare that to other 100’ light strings $120ish without any bulbs and you are in the ballpark. Factor in cost of how often incandescent (even CFLs) bulbs get damaged/need replaced and that time savings knowing they will be ready to go for the next job. The LEDs are only using 1/4 electricity so save money and can be connected together for longer light runs. Add all these pieces together and it start to add up to real savings! (more…)

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Milwaukee Continues to Expand Cordless Lighting Solutions

Milwaukee’s expansion of their cordless lighting line has made them a major player in cordless L.E.D. lighting. They have continued their innovation with the introduction of their new cordless high output lighting systems. The lineup includes 4 all new cordless lights to suit a variety of workplace conditions and uses. Utilizing the M18 and M12 systems, these lights are designed to perform all day and offer unmatched true-color lighting.


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Voltec 180 LED Cordless Work Light 08-00703 Review

We are all familiar with the 500w halogen work lights around that are the standard in lighting any unfinished space. These things are cheap, a heavy duty grade version goes for around $12 at Ohio Power Tool and certainly they can drop well below that for the lower quality units. The problem is these things get knocked around, become wobbly and quickly unsafe. Not to mention the flaming hot bulb inside that can start a fire within seconds of contact to anything flammable. Couple that with the bulbs that break if you sneeze too hard around them and it seems to be a pretty inefficient light source but cheap no question so we put up with it. The new Voltec 180 LED Worklight 08-00703 ($79, Ohio Power Tool) does offer some serious improvements over the status quo.


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