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Milwaukee Jobsite LED Lighting from NPS19

M18 Search Light LED

For the past 8 years Milwaukee Tool has been the industry leader in jobsite lighting with over 40+ job lighting solutions. Milwaukee doesn’t take this lightly, so they have expanded upon, and further developed their entire work light line from hazard awareness and remote-controlled spotlights to wearable lighting. Ditch the extension cords because this entire line is synced up with their cordless battery technology.


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GloBug Balloon Lights from Multiquip

GloBugs are ideal for emergency lighting, night time road work, outdoor events, and movie/television production. Multiquip GloBugs provide the absolute whitest, brightest output with 360 degree glare-free light. These Balloon Lights come with collapsible stands that can easily be set up and taken down by 1 person in only a few minutes and plug into any 120v standard outlet.

For a more portable style light tower solution Multiquip also makes GloBug Carts which are easy to pull and maneuver with 1 person unlike a trailer light tower. The carts are also compact enough to fit several in the back of a pickup or trailer and can work with any standard generator (although are ideal for Multiquip Generators).

Checkout this YouTube video below to see the actual size of some of these balloon lights and light towers. If you have no interest in Balloon Lights but love cheesy synthesizer music you may also enjoy this video.    


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