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Milwaukee M18 SuperCharger 0-60 in 12Ah

Milwaukee SuperCharger

You just got home with your brand new Milwaukee M18 High Output Battery 12.0Ah and like an excited kid on Christmas tear open the box and through it on your standard red charger… then wait. Yes 241 minutes later your M18 battery with all 12.0Ah of juice will be fully charged. Even with the M18 RapidCharger 48-59-1808 you are still over 2 hours with this monster. Enter the new Milwaukee M18 SuperCharger and presto down to 60 minutes from zero to full, the new M18 6.0Ah High Output in just 35 minutes. All the speed does not come cheap however the new 48-59-1811 which does charge both the M12 & M18 is a hefty $159 and launching in July. It looks as thought the Rapid charger will remain the charger included with the high performance tools, this SuperCharger will be an add-on for now.

Milwaukee Battery Charge Times (more…)

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FREE Milwaukee M12 Red Lithium Batteries at Ohio Power Tool

Hey we all love a Free battery promo! This one is an instant gratification deal on Milwaukee M12 Tools, no Mail-in rebates to mess with. The free battery will get added to your phone or online order automatically; it will not show up in the shopping cart but don’t worry. See the list below for all the kits that include the Free M12 Red Lithium 48-11-2401 ($39, Ohio Power Tool). There are also 2 kits that include the M12 Red Lithium XC 48-11-2402 ($69, Ohio Power Tool) which are the M12 Grease Gun 2446-21XC and the new M12 Band Saw 2429-21XC.


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New High Capacity Milwaukee M12 XC Battery 48-11-2402

With all the new Milwaukee M12 tools we have been talking about it only makes sense they would offer a new high capacity M12 battery 48-11-2401 ($79). The XC M12 battery will have double the run time of the standard M12 48-11-2401 ($59). The regular M12 battery offers a good amount of run time already but Milwaukee is really targeting the professionals with the new M12 tools and battery life is always an issue when you depend on your tools 8+ hours a day. The new design has some advantages and disadvantages; the positive is run time & some of the tools will now have a wider more stable platform to rest on. The disadvantage is the compact tools are no longer as compact; a M12 2410-22 would almost be as large as the M18 2601-22. Also some of the M12 tools designed for the smaller battery can’t fit the larger XC 48-11-2402 such as the Plumb Laser or Sub-Scanner. For more details checkout the Full Milwaukee Tool Press Release below.


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Milwaukee M12 Free Batteries & Tools – October 31st

From now till the end of October you can use this M12 Rebate to get either a free M12 Battery or Free1 M12 Tool, depending on the M12 tool you order. This is a great deal which can be used in addition to other great deals such as a M12 Pocket Driver 2401-22 ($99 Ohio Power Tool) or the new M12 3/8” drill/driver 2410-22 with Free M12 Power Port 2349-20 ($149 Ohio Power Tool). Total orders over $199 are also eligible for Free Shipping from Ohio Power Tool just use coupon code: AUGUST (expires at the end of the month). Check out the complete line of Milwaukee M12 Tools including several new items with more on the way.


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