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Milwaukee’s Work Gear is Coming Just in Time for Winter

Milwaukee does a great job working hand-in-hand with professionals to fully understand your needs. They know that professionals are working in some of the most difficult weather conditions, so they’re delivering new heavy-duty work gear that looks cool and offers all-day comfort—and most importantly protection. All these cold weather solutions will be available at Ohio Power Tool in August of 2019—just in time for winter.


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Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets Get an Upgrade

M12 Heated Jacket

Milwaukee Tools learned a few things since launching their wildly popular M12 Heated Jackets in 2010 (see our original Heated Jacket post here). First they needed to produce more of them, lots more! Second they needed more color options in black and a functional Class 3 Safety version for the pros. Third they needed to add more sizes, Smalls because ladies are HUGE fans of these heated jackets, and 3X (4X high-vis) because folks like to layer up in the winter. Forth people apparently like to listen to iPods. Fifth if heat is good, more heat is better when it comes to heating in a jacket. Finally people want more runtime than 2-6 hours. The new M12 Heated Jackets are now in-stock and we think they definitely addressed many of these items. (more…)

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