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Inside Look: Milwaukee M18 Threaded Rod Cutter 2872-21

Only a few weeks ago we announced the launch of the Milwaukee M18 Threaded Rod Cutter 2872-21 with this post and video. We had only a little time with it before posting this intro and while we love tools and use lots of them, we are not qualified to give real user feedback on a Threaded Rod Cutter like this. We took this tool over to our friends at Mid-City Electric in their Pre-Fab Shop where they cut literally thousands of feet of threaded rod and that we knew were running the Dewalt 20V Threaded Rod Cutter DCS350 already.

M18 Threaded Rod Cutter (more…)

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Milwaukee M18 Threaded Rod Cutter 2872-21

When it comes to commercial electricians and mechanical contractors working with threaded rod is a part of life, one thing is clear there is a lot of cutting that needs to be made. For an occasional user, no big deal bandsaw or even a grinder will get the job done, although might leave a burr and/or create unwanted sparks. For heavy users when dealing with large high rises or acres of data-centers a specialty tool is really a must have. The Milwaukee M18 Brushless Threaded Rod cutter 2872-21, launching in March 2019 for around $399 Kit, $329 Bare Tool 2872-20 could potentially pay for itself in a matter of days.

M18 Threaded Rod Cutter

Saving a lot of time with quick, burr-free, nut ready, cuts this unit really is ideal for overhead use or lying down on any flat surface. Check out our video above as well as full Milwaukee Press Release below, more info to follow and Pre-Orders will be available on Ohio Power Tool under Milwaukee M18 Tools very soon. (more…)

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Milwaukee Tool New Product Symposium NPS17

Milwaukee tool NPS17

Well 2017 marked the 10th year of Milwaukee Tool New Product Symposiums and the anticipation was very high. With tool competitors launching technologies with higher voltages, new cells and multiple batteries the expectation was that the red team might have something big to announce but alas no big news on the battery tech. When pressed why they have not gone to 20700 cells for their batteries the general consensus was the cells don’t offer enough performance gain over the 18650. Perhaps holding out for the new 2170 cells but that means at least another year before we might see something.

Tools we didn’t see: M18 track saws, M18 chainsaws, M18 table saws, M18 battery bank power stations or M18 (6”, 7”) grinders. Perhaps these are waiting on the new battery tech to catch up or maybe duel batteriers but certainly something has got to be in the works on these fronts. That being said we did see a ton of very exciting tools and accessories targeting many different trades and users. (more…)

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Milwaukee M18 Brushless vs M18 FUEL

M18 Brushless

We’ve been fighting for a few years now to tell everyone there is NO difference between Brushless and FUEL but that’s all about to change. Starting in February (2015) Milwaukee will add 3 new “M18 Compact Brushless” tools to the lineup which will have much less power than their M18 FUEL Brushless Tools. FUEL is still Brushless but means the top of the line Brushless. It was only about a year ago Milwaukee updated their compact tools with the brushed motors, drill/driver 2606, hammer drill 2607 and impact 2650. The new Milwaukee M18 “Compact Brushless” have almost identical torque ratings to brushed, with very similar size and just a bit higher price. The new units are M18 brushless drill/driver 2701-22CT ($199), M18 brushless hammer drill 2702-22CT ($229) and M18 brushless impact 2750-22CT ($199).

Milwaukee Brushless (more…)

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Free Battery Deal & New Impact Drivers


The New Milwaukee Fuel Brushless system has now been in the market place for a short time and already having tremendous success. These new drills in combination with the RedLithium battery platform are reportedly leading to some of the longest runtimes of any tool, even against higher voltage 28 volt and 36 volt tools. Ohio Power Tool will be providing a FREE M18 Battery instantly with the purchase of any of the new M18 FUEL tools while limited supplies last.

M18 Fuel Drill/Driver 2603-22 ($279, Ohio Power Tool) and Hammer Drill/Driver 2604-22 ($299, Ohio Power Tool) will each come with a FREE M18 XC battery ($119 value). These tools are also offered from Milwaukee as 2603-22CT and 2604-22CT kits which includes the same tool but (2) compact batteries. We would strongly advise using the XC batteries with these tools! When used with the compact M18 batteries these tools drop from 725 in-lbs torque to 650 in-lbs torque because the smaller battery does not have the juice to power the brushless motor properly. These kits were clearly a result of bowing down to the large box stores that demand a price point and are far less concerned with tool performance. We’d compare this to buying a Porsche and then putting 87 octane gas in it and wonder why it doesn’t perform like you’d hoped. As a tool lover it’s just painful to watch.


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Field Testing the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hammer Drill 2604-22


We talked about the excellent job Milwaukee did launching the M18 Fuel back in November at the 2011 STAFDA trade show. However we have seen big power tool launches that have not lived up to the hype. The first two M18 Fuel Tools are on the shelves now; Hammer Drill 2604-22 ($299, Ohio Power Tool) & Drill/Driver 2603-22 ($279, Ohio Power Tool) and already moving fast. The big question remains, how do the Milwaukee M18 Fuel tools handle in real world field testing?


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