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Milwaukee’s Work Gear is Coming Just in Time for Winter

Milwaukee does a great job working hand-in-hand with professionals to fully understand your needs. They know that professionals are working in some of the most difficult weather conditions, so they’re delivering new heavy-duty work gear that looks cool and offers all-day comfort—and most importantly protection. All these cold weather solutions will be available at Ohio Power Tool in August of 2019—just in time for winter.


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Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Now Available in Camouflage

We were lucky enough to be one of the first to get to test Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets last year, early in the season. Unfortunately not everyone was as lucky; many of the jackets did not make it to stores in time for the holidays… or even by the end of winter. Heated jackets don’t do a lot of good in March or April when the last of the back orders were finally cleared. It seemed that the small size was really popular and perhaps unexpected that women might really like a heat jacket as well?  

Next winter this will not be the case as the Milwaukee Jackets 2331 ($169, Ohio Power Tool) will be in plentiful supply as well as in a new color, Camo. This makes sense to us because the most benefit we found with this jacket last year was when we were sitting outside not moving around, like you would be when you are hunting. But what about a BLACK jacket fellas? (UPDATE: Realtree AP Camouflage Jacket ready to order 2332 Jacket Only or 2333 Jacket Kit with battery)


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The Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket 2331 & Ohio State Tailgating


We were lucky enough to get one of the M12 Heated Jackets 2331-XL ($169, Ohio Power Tool) just in time for what we saw as the perfect testing grounds. The Ohio State vs Michigan football game and while not the rival it once was (because of the obvious overwhelming talent we see from the Buckeyes each year) never the less a few hundred thousand nice folks still show up each year to participate in game and merriment that accompanies just such an occasion.


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