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Next Generation of Milwaukee M18 FUEL Nailers

Milwaukee has completely outdone themselves at NPS 2019. There is just a laundry list of teasers with items coming out from now into 2020.  We are going to kick off our coverage with some long-awaited nail gun announcements, Pre-sale going on NOW at Ohio Power Tool.


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Milwaukee Media Event, New Product Symposium 2015 #NPS15

NPS15 Milwaukee

Each year Milwaukee Tool brings in a large group of media folks from various magazines and tool focused blog sites. They really gear their following 9 months of product launches around this annual event so they invest the time and energy into making the event a big deal. This year was again bigger than ever before and the Red team really showed us some impressive leaps forward in cordless tools as well as expanding their trade focus for hand tools and accessories.

Cordless SDS-Max

For our “predictions” post we missed the mark completely still no M18 FUEL Hackzall or M18 10’ Mitersaw or Remote Controlled Cooler… at least not for the rest of 2015. Great news is our hope for events several years from now cometh early with the launch of the 9.0Ah High Demand battery. We thought that might be 2017 or 2018 before we would see cordless tools with demands of higher outputs and run-times. The 9.0Ah battery makes possible the first ever cordless 1-9/16” SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Drill which can chip non-stop for 20 minutes on a single battery. This thing uses the same front end as their corded model and hits just as hard, incredibly impressive!

M18 9.0Ah batteries

On M18 FUEL 7-1/4″ circluar saw or M18 FUEL Sawzall this battery will go all day long. Charge time with the new M12/M18 RAPIDCHARGE charger can fill these huge fuel tanks in about 90-100 minutes which is certainly reasonable.  (more…)

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Win A Milwaukee M18 FUEL High Torque Impact Wrench


There are only a few days left (expires October 27,2013) to enter the Milwaukee FUEL Tool Giving Away for a chance to win one of the new Milwaukee M18 Fuel High Torque impact wrenches. If you win you will get your choice between the high torque  ½” pin 2762-22, ½” friction ring 2763-22, ¾” 2764-22 or 7/16” Hex 2765-22 which you can actual win before you can buy them! We do expect these to hit the shelves early to mid November and we would certainly recommend pre-ordering them on OhioPowerTool.com if you want to ensure you get them as early as possible.

To enter the contest simply go to the Milwaukee Tool’s Facebook Page: http://api-apps.com/s/1iM9If

For more info on these high torque M18 FUEL Impacts checkout this great videos from Milwaukee Tool below.

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel vs M18 Red Lithium Technology

Earlier this week we attended the STAFDA tool trade show but before we ever stepped foot on the show floor we saw many signs announcing Milwaukee M18 Fuel. Our curiosity was immediate sparked and eager to learn more about what it was. Could M18 Fuel be replacing Red Lithium which was the big buzz just one year before? When we got to the Milwaukee section of the show it was no more revealing, there was a huge M18 Fuel sign and a curtained off room only select customers and media folks were allowed to go into.

Wow was this strategy effective in getting all the other tool brands fired up on what was behind the curtain. By this time we had already gotten the full press release and the M18 Fuel website was live so it was not like this was really privileged information anymore but it didn’t matter. Our hats off, when it comes to making a splash the Red Team really knows how to do it right. 


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