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Next Generation of Milwaukee M18 FUEL Nailers

Milwaukee has completely outdone themselves at NPS 2019. There is just a laundry list of teasers with items coming out from now into 2020.  We are going to kick off our coverage with some long-awaited nail gun announcements, Pre-sale going on NOW at Ohio Power Tool.


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Milwaukee Tool New M18 Cordless Caulk Gun 2641-21CT

We had a chance to test out the new Milwaukee M18 Caulk Guns recently and the most impressive feature was certainly the control this gun provided. Not only does the trigger offer very sensitive variable speed control but it also has a dial gauge to really fine tune the flow rates. If you have ever used cordless caulk guns in the past this is normally the biggest complaint, they are just sloppy. Also the Anti-Drip feature cuts off flow right when the trigger is released so you don’t get that last glop of material. With a claim of 200 tubes per charge this is the perfect tool for heavy caulk and adhesives. Read the full Milwaukee Press Release below and check out this video from our Friends at Chales & Hudson.


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Milwaukee M18 Free Tool Mail-In Rebate for 48-11-1828

From now until September 30th, 2010 when you buy (2) Milwaukee M18 XC Batteries 48-11-1828 ($129, Ohio Power Tool) you can also get your choice of a FREE M18 TOOL. This promotion is a great deal if you are already shopping for an additional M18 XC battery or if you are looking to expand on your current M18 Cordless Tools.

Bare Tools Available in this offer:
M18 Sawzall Recip Saw 2620-20 – $199
M18 Hackzall Recip Saw 2625-20 – $109
M18 Grinder 4.5” 2680-20 – $219
M18 Impact Driver 2650-20 – $99
M18 AC/DC Wall & Vehicle Charger 2710-20 – $99

Obviously the Sawzall & Grinder look to be the best dollar values here but only if those are going to be the tools you use most often. The new M18 Hackzall is a really nice handy one handed recip saw which in many cases might serve you better than a Sawzall. If you have any questions on any Milwaukee Tools or this rebate in particular call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help!

Download the Milwaukee Mail-In Rebate PDF for Full Details.


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