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Milwaukee M12 & M18 Rapid Charger 48-59-1807

Milwaukee Rapid Charger

Several months back we were privileged enough to attend the Milwaukee New Product Launch Event and of all the innovative new items we reported on, the most asked about has been this multi-bay rapid charger 48-59-1807 ($169). There are several impressive features of this new charger that may justify the expense over the M18 Sequential 6-Bay charger 48-59-1806 ($99) even if you don’t have any M12 batteries to charge. (more…)

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Hole Hawgs 2707-22 & 2708-22

M18 Hole Hawgs

For years the Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1675-6 ($299) has been a staple for electricians, plumbers and many other tradesmen alike. This is the workhorse for professional drilling applications and in its current form is remarkably similar to the tool launched 45+ years ago. Milwaukee is making some big leaps forward in 2014 however with the M18 FUEL Hole Hawgs, Chucked 2707-22 ($449) & Hex 2708-22 ($449). For starters the drills are 4 lbs lighter than the older corded versions but they don’t sacrifice anything in the way of drill speed. The M18 FUEL cordless drills actually consistently beat the corded version in our testing with it. With 2 fully charged M18 batteries, Milwaukee is claiming an electrician can do a full 2500-3000 sq ft residence so run time shouldn’t be an issue either.


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Milwaukee Tool 2014 New Product Launch Event in Videos

Milwaukee Crew 2014

Last week Milwaukee Tool had their annual “New Product Symposium” media event where they showcased many of their latest and greatest tools that had either just launched or will be available in the next 3-6 months. This event starts at 6:45am and packed the day full with never before seen (by the public at least) tools and accessories. We wanted to hit the new product highlights and have left out most of the items we’ve already covered in previous posts such as M18 Band Saw, Pressing Tools, etc. not to discount these products in anyway.

Below are some of the YouTube Videos we managed to put together pretty quickly (pardon the shaky camera work and choppy edit job). We will follow up with more in-depth reviews, videos and comparison testing for many of these products. We really just wanted to let you know what new tools are coming as well as the promise Milwaukee is making for each of these new tools. What better way to do that than get a few clips from the Milwaukee Team pitching it themselves.

These products should all be available soon, if not already, on the Milwaukee Tool page of Ohio Power Tool. Feel free to contact the experts 800-242-4424 on any existing Milwaukee Tools and certainly they will do their best to get you info on any products not yet available. For more pictures also check out our Facebook Photo Album with an additional 120+ pictures from the event. You can also search the hashtag #NPS14 on other social media networks for coverage from a wide range of quality news outlets.  (more…)

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Circular Saw 7-1/4” Faster Than Corded 2731-22

M18 Cordless Circular Saw

Sometimes we don’t think anyone is listening, other times we think perhaps they are. We previously posted this Cordless Circular Saw Article comparing the 18Vx2 Makita 7-1/4” with the M18 Milwaukee 6-1/2” cordless circular saws and gave props to the Makita because we found professionals demanded a full 7-1/4” saw which could use the 7-1/4” blades they’ve got piled up on the jobsite. Perhaps they listened or more likely they saw sales leaving to the Teal Team, regardless Milwaukee now has an answer in the 2731-20 ($219), or 2 battery kit 2731-22 ($429) and it’s a pretty compelling answer.


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Milwaukee FUEL M12 & M18 FREE Battery and Charger with Bare Tools

From now until the end of this month (April ‘14) you can take advantage of some very sweet deals from Ohio Power Tool & Milwaukee on M12 & M18 FUEL cordless tools.

Milwaukee M12 Promo

On EVERY Milwaukee M12 FUEL bare tools you purchase you will get a FREE 1.5Ah battery and M12 charger. This will ship out with the M12 products, not a mail in rebate. The only exception is the PRE-Order on M12 FUEL Hackzall 2520-21XC but you can get a free 2.0Ar battery free with the Kit (also expires at end of month). On all the FUEL kits you can also get a FREE LED stick light instantly so pretty good either way.    (more…)

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How Milwaukee is Leading the Way in Cordless Power Tools

Milwaukee Fuel Brushless

Recently we attended the Milwaukee Tool media event and we very surprised to see just how many cordless tools the red team was coming to market with by the end of 2013. As things stand today, if cordless tools were a horse race, it would be hard to argue that Milwaukee isn’t the horse to bet on against Pro brands such as Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Metabo and others. Taking into consideration not only sheer volume of new products but also price, quality, promotions, technology and plans for the future Milwaukee is the clear frontrunner. Of course we only know what the brands have already launched and what they tell us, perhaps Milwaukee is just the first to show their full hand. We are of course confident they are all working on new cordless projects. (more…)

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel vs DeWalt 20V Brushless – Showdown


While neither of these two were the first to the brushless party, Panasonic launched their first Brushless tool in 2006 with many others since. However most of these tools have been priced in the $400 plus range which puts them a little out of the comfort zone for most of us. As these kits and bare tools start to fall into the range of other tools many people are going to take a more serious look at upgrading.


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Milwaukee M18 Batteries – Compact vs XC High Capacity

The Milwaukee M18 line of cordless tools has been very successful for several reasons including their focus on professionals and high performance as well as a very broad range of tools that is continuously growing. Milwaukee M18 Batteries are also the only power tool batteries on the market today that feature a power gauge to let you know exactly how much juice is left on the battery. Yet another reason for their success is the M18 line features a Digital Power Management System which will shut the batteries off when the tool becomes overloaded saving the tool from overheating. There is however one thing that has caused a little confusion within the M18 Line which is the 2 sizes of batteries and certain tools not working with the compact batteries.


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Milwaukee M12, M18 & V28 Free Tool Deals

Typically Milwaukee will run a promotion for a free tool or battery deal a few times a year with a lot of success. Currently they are running this deal on all their cordless tools simultaneously as well as launching several new products.

Milwaukee M12 Free Tool Deal

The M12 deal applies to most tools and combo kits in the line up although I did not see the M-spector or Micro Driver on the list. This deal is available until June 30th.  Milwaukee has also included 2 new products that work with this deal, the 2410-22 3/8” M12 drill/driver and 2320-21 M12 2-beam plumb laser level. More info to come on those…  There are 5 available FREE items to choose from including the new (available in a few days) M12 Power Port 2349-20. The most value for this deal would be the Hackzall 2420-20 ($110). – M12 Tools & Rebate PDF

Milwaukee M18 Free Tool Deal

This deal was available last month and runs through June 30th along with the Milwaukee M12 Deal. This deal includes almost all the M18 tool kits and combos except the compact kits like the 2691-22 which is only $199 anyway. The 2680-20 Grinder ($219) is probably the best value in the deal but another tool maybe more useful in your situation. – M18 Tools & Rebate PDF

Milwaukee V28 Free Tool Deal

This deal is a little more limited than the M12 or M18 deals. It only applies to the 4-tool combo, 3-tool combo and V28 Hammer Drill. The free tool option is also more limited to the ½” square impact, V28 battery or V28 wet/dry vac. The best deal here is the Impact ($271) but with a new combo kit a 3rd battery is also a good choice. I’m not sure who would choice the vacuum as they typically retail for under $100 but these are great add-ons in specific applications. – V28 Tools & Rebate PDF   

The reason these deals are so rich is simple. Statistically people don’t take the time to send in the mail-in rebate. Commonly 25% or less of mail-in rebates from tool vendors get used. Why??? I have no clue but if you take advantage you can potentially see up to 40% back in FREE TOOLS. Think of it this way, Milwaukee is putting 10% of all sales back into a rebate pot. If only 1 in 4 take advantage, that 1 guy gets a much bigger deal and their marketing teams get to field day. Be that guy, send in the rebate and get awesome stuff free.


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New Milwaukee M18 Cordless 3/8” & ½” Impact Drivers

In addition to the new M18 Jig Saw & Grinders, Milwaukee very quietly introduced two other new M18 18 volt tools as well. Now available are the 2651-22 3/8” square drive ring type anvil which puts out 2000 in-lbs torque and the 2652-22 ½” square drive detent type anvil that puts out 2200 in-lbs torque. Both of these tools are similar to the ¼” hex impact in size, weight and price but they put out significantly more torque, typically need for these larger applications. All the M18 impact driver kits sell for $299 with 2 XC batteries on Ohio Power Tool. These new impacts can also work with the slim pack M18 batteries as well.

M18 Cordless ½” Impact Driver 2652-22
– 1/2" Detent Type Anvil
– Torque of 2200 in.-lbs.
– Fastest speed – 0-2200 RPM, 0-3200 impacts/minute
– Compact – 5-3/4" length, 4.1 lbs. weight w/ battery
– Milwaukee 4-Pole Frameless Motor-Maximum Efficiency and Run-time
– Powered by 18V lithium ion batteries
– Comes with: 2652 Impact Driver, (2) XC Batteries, Charger, Carrying Case

M18 Cordless 3/8” Impact Driver 2651-22
– 3/8" Ring Type Anvil
– Torque of 2000 in.-lbs.
– Fastest speed – 0-2200 RPM, 0-3200 impacts/minute
– Compact – 5-3/4" length, 4.1 lbs. weight w/ battery
– Milwaukee 4-Pole Frameless Motor-Maximum Efficiency and Run-time
– Powered by 18V lithium ion batteries
– Comes with: 2651 Impact Driver, (2) XC Batteries, Charger, Carrying Case


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