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Every Impact Driver Needs A Right-Angle Attachment

Shockwave Right Angle

A decade or so ago there were no such thing as a cordless impact driver, today they are the most popular power tools on the jobsite. We’d argue nearly every single one of them should have a Right Angle Adapter within reach, getting into tight spaces, there simply is no better option. These have been around for some time from Milwaukee, Dewalt and others, however none of the right angle adapters designed 5+ years ago were built to handle the higher torque of today’s impact drivers. That is until now with the launch of the new Milwaukee Shockwave Adapter 48-32-2390 ($19) which is designed to handle the 2000 in-lbs torque or more from impacts like the M18 FUEL 2853-20 ($129)! Shipping in the next few weeks these should be a big hit for summer. (more…)

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Milwaukee 30 Degree Pivot Head Knuckle Bit Holder 48-32-2301


When we first got a look at this new 30 degree pivoting head bit holder 48-32-2301 ($21, Ohio Power Tool) we have to admit we were not overly excited. It is a very simple design and only has the single offset position unlike the Milwaukee Right Angle attachment 48-22-8510 ($49, Ohio Power Tool) which does all kinds of funky positioning.


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